It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 943

Chapter 943 Frustration

Chapter 943 Frustration!

Master, Little Blossom is back. The moment Little Blossom left Yao Minyis mind, he merged with Ling Lans spiritual power in the air and used it to return to Ling Lans mindscape.

Ling Lan smiled. She tapped Little Blossoms cold and chubby face then complimented him. Little Blossom, you did well.

Little Blossom followed Ling Lans command and destroyed all the memories that werent related to the real Yao Minyi. All the information that was left was all related to the real Yao Minyi. These memories in her head would make the woman believed that she was the real Yao Minyi.

Since they destroyed a Yao Minyi, she would return another Yao Minyi to the family and make this family perfect again.

Little Blossom finally smiled when he heard his master praising him. Little Four saw the smile and his chip surprisingly became hotter. He almost shutdown again just like that time when he saw his Boss smiling.

Little Four managed to regain his sense after he recuperated for some time. He suddenly realized that he had a fetish towards smiles. That was why he couldnt handle his Bosss smile in the past and now, he couldnt handle Little Blossoms smile too. Thinking back, he really couldnt resist against people who always wore a smile on their faces, for instance, Ling Xiao, Lan Luofeng, Luo Lang, Luo Chao

Based on this theory, he should like Li Lanfeng too. However, Little Four weirdly didnt have a good impression of Li Lanfeng. It must be because that fellows smile was too fake. Only real smiles had effects on him.

Little Four felt at ease after he found the reason for the rise in the temperature of his chip. He just had a liking for real smiles. He wasnt enchanted by Little Blossoms smile.

In the learning space, Number Five saw Little Blossoms smile and said to the air above him, Look, your teachings are useful. Its just that the effects couldnt be seen last time.

Hmph. The space beside Number Five split open, then a sexy and charismatic woman walked out of the cracked space. It was Number Four.

You didnt tell me that Little Blossom would evolve to become like its master. Number Four glanced at Number Five coldly. It was a mesmerizing glance. Number Fives heart wavered for a moment. If he wasnt focused enough, he might have already succumbed to Number Fours charisma. Number Five really respected Number Ones resistance against Number Four. Is what Ling Lan said the truth? Is Number One actually asexual?

Number Four didnt know that Number Five was thinking about the relationship between Number One and her. She was just immersed in her own thoughts. She remembered the setbacks she faced in front of Little Blossom. That time, she actually tried her best to groom a seductive and charismatic person who could use any expressions to curb his opponent. However, she didnt expect Little Blossom to start evolving.

Before Little Blossom evolved, he could still perform some of those various expressions. She was not satisfied with them but he could at least do the expressions when she asked him too. After he evolved, Little Blossom only had one expression. He only kept that cold face on him all the time. Number Four almost wanted to vomit blood when she saw that.

Number Four couldnt understand what was happening so she dragged Number Five out of his space and forced him to explain the situation to her.

Number Five told her the truth. Little Blossoms evolution path was based on his master. Little Blossoms master was Ling Lan and since Ling Lan constantly had a cold face after Number Ones teaching, Little Blossom would move towards that direction too. Whether this path could be broken depended on Number Fours teaching.

Number Four almost went crazy when she knew that her disciple would become like Number One in the future. Damn it, I have enough of that ice-cold face. I dont want to see another cold face anymore. That was why she wanted to come out and teach Ling Lan. Number Four felt that Ling Lan was led astray by Number One. She needed to save Ling Lan.

In order to not lose to Number One, Number Four spent much time and effort teaching Little Blossom. However, Little Blossoms evolution path was strong. The more effort she used, the colder Little Blossom became. In the end, Number Four couldnt take it anymore and kicked Little Blossom back into Ling Lans mindscape.

Damn it, Im not playing with emotionless people anymore!

Number Four gritted her teeth in anger as she thought about this. She turned around and went to Number Ones space. She wanted to vent her frustration on Number One.

Number Five didnt know how Number One dealt with Number Four. He was extremely curious but he knew that if he tagged along, he would be thrown into the little black room by Number One and be locked up inside for a few years. If he was locked inside for a few years, he would be unable to get close to Number Nine and touched her hand. Thus, Number Five decided to give up on following Number Four.

He needed some fun in his life. If not, what was the purpose of his life?

Ah, something is happening! Haha, so many things are happening at the same time. How is our Little Ling Lan going to solve all these? This is excitingNumber Five, who was thinking about Number Nine a moment ago, got attracted by what was happening in the real world. He took out a bag of sunflower seeds from somewhere and created a table out of nothing. Then, he sat on the floor and watched the show excitedly while munching on the sunflower seeds.

A fair hand grabbed a bunch of sunflower seeds and asked indifferently, Whats the situation now?

Haha, Little Ling Lan is alone while there are many enemies on the opposite side. They caught those people who are important to Ling Lan. Little Ling Lan is in a bad state now. She cant split herself up so who will she save first? Number Five was schadenfreude.

So, are you happy? The voice was cold with a tinge of anger.

Number Five suddenly woke up. He looked at Number Nines cold face and shook his head firmly. No, Im not. Im very worried for Ling Lan too.

He couldnt let Number Nine know his real thoughts. Number Five knew that Number Nine treated Ling Lan as her own child. He couldnt provoke a mother, especially when he had romantic thoughts towards the mother too.

Hmph! Number Nine knew that Number Five didnt mean what he said. However, she didnt have the time to bother about Number Fives thoughts for now. Just like what Number Five said, Ling Lan was in trouble now.

As Ling Lan and Little Four looked for Liu Aijun and Little White, Wang Baozhuang, whose real name was Luo Yi, was seriously injured. He got carried to the Liu family with the help of his neighbours. If Ling Lan didnt feed him a bottle of the restorative agent, he would have died by now. After he woke up, he told Ling Lan that Wang Qi and Liu Aijun got kidnapped by some unknown people. He wanted to stop them but he was almost beaten to death.

A trap after a trap. What a cunning scheme. Ling Lan frowned deeply. Planet Muyang was an unfamiliar planet to her. She finally understood how frustrating it was to be curbed by her opponent. The sudden enemy, the sudden change, and the secrets hidden for 15 years made her confused and her mind be in a whirl.

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