Journey Of A Hero Chapter 1

2 Basics And Some Rants.
I won't dive in too much. For all of you hardcore Fate Franchise fans, sorry but I'm not TOO familiar with the Franchise. I think it's been a few years since I kept up with it. Not to mention how many novels I've read over the past few years, It's safe to say if you are hell-bent on one route only then you're going to be disappointed.

Curses/Language? Yeah, definitely going to have some. But not the kind that curses every 5 seconds. I'll use it when it's appropriate. I'll be using it a lot here in this "Basics and some rants." though.

Romance? Yeah, definitely going to be there. Harem? Not too sure, I'll see in the future I guess.

Keep note though, I can't promise anything absolute about this.

Shirou here is going to have a few memories of his counterparts. Reason? I don't have one. Think of it similar to like jumping into one dimension, and having to fuse small parts of your other counterparts memories before you reach your destination.

Will the grammar be so shitty that you won't be able to comprehend what the hell I'm saying? No, it won't. Let me say that while I'm not a Grammar God, I'm at least decent with it knowing my spelling errors, punctuation, along with how to not fuck up names and things like "then", "than", "there", "their".

Fairy Tail? It's going to have some changes.

Keep this in mind that I'm not going to shove romance all over your face and force you to digest "Oh, I just fucked this girl here and got a harem in 3 chapters!" It's not something I'm aiming for. I have respect for those who try there best to constantly update, I can't say I can be like them in that department since I have school to worry about and still have a life ahead of me along with a few friends.

Reading fanfics on this website though, while there are amazing ones, there are also interesting yet annoying ones, and the annoying ones with just a tiny hint of interest but ultimately killed you from the inside out since it's so hard to understand what they are trying to say because the grammar is absolutely fucked up. Like, how the hell do you misspell the name of your main character or even the MC of, for example, Naruto, Bleach, Against The Gods, Tales of Demons and Gods, Sword Art Online and Highschool DxD (Don't even get me started on this shit), and make your MC so hypocritical unintentionally! Freaking unintentionally! I'm fine if being a hypocrite is part of his personality, but there is a limit! I'm fine with OC characters, but a girl who "falls in love" with an MC after a single day and have lustful thoughts of fucking and getting married in a week simply doesn't happen. MC who even falls in love back also shouldn't happen either. Lust, yes, one night stand? Possible. But love? You can shove a freaking Hershey bar in my ass and I still won't believe it. Also, it seems some people don't understand that Japanese and Chinese shouldn't usually be mixed together. I've seen only one or two fanfics doing it correctly and correct yet not correct but still something not to be too triggered over. For example, Let's take Nie Li. Keep this in mind that Nie is a surname. Li is the name given to him by his parents. Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto is a first name and Uzumaki is a surname. Simple thing to do is switch it around, yet the author makes it (not going to point their names or anything, just saying) where the other characters instantly know his first name is Naruto. Seriously? Are you kidding me? They are both two completely different languages for god sakes! At the very least change it to "Uzumaki Naruto" that way, they understand the Uzumaki is the god damn surname! Like how fucking hard is it to do that! For some people, it's acceptable, but for me, I get fucking pissed off everytime the main character is introduced like that and they instantly know Naruto is his first name. I'm fine with self-inserts and everything, you do you, but when you self-insert yourself and completely removed the part where the previous MC emotions and his character made him the MC... I can't even tell you how much you enraged me. Do you want to bash? All good, but fucking don't fucking OOC him you god damn bastard! It seems some people don't realize "Hey, isn't this too out of character of that guy?". I would've been fine if the characters change over time, but giving a complete 360 of there character in less than 50 words is god damn bull shit.

Anyways, that's about it for the most part. Sorry for the long rant, I just get pissed off at this.

Sorry if this offends some of you authors out there who strived to improve. This is mostly dedicated to the ones that gave no fucks to bother going through their writing and double checking there work. (AKA, the ones that misspell the main characters name like 20 times)
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