Journey Of A Hero Chapter 5

3 Realization And Corrections
Looking at Laxus, Shirou untraced the two Pridwen that was in his hands. At the very least, he confirmed that the Noble Phantasms he traced can last longer than before since Gaia had practically no influence here. If that was the case though, then that meant one more thing...

The age of the gods had not ended in this world...

Taking a quick peek at Makarov, he furrowed his brows. The old Guild Master was still drinking his beer as if his Guild Building just wasn't about to be destroyed a few minutes ago.

'Strange, he still never acted. Did he had a plan to deal with this before or did he simply just didn't care?' Even if the old man had a plan, he still thought it wasn't right to have a whole building collapsing on the rest of the Guild Members. Not all of them were as strong as him, Mira, or the blonde over there.

"What's your name, brat?" Shirou traced a simple sword and pointed it at the blonde. A commotion broke out after he traced the sword.

"What the hell? Does he use re-equip like Erza?! Wouldn't that mean he might be or will sooner or later be as monstrous as both her and Mira?!" One of the members cried out in fear as he stared at Shirou.

"Are you an idiot or what?! Of course he used Requip magic! HE DID IT FREAKING IN FRONT OF US!" Another guild member grabbed his friend frustrated and yelled at him shaking him nonstop for pointing out the obvious!

"No, he will probably close to that level, but he won't be to equal footing as Erza, Mira, or even Laxus. Didn't you notice something? If it was Erza, she would've re-equip her thunder empress armor to deal with Laxus's attack and used her titanium shield to simply block Mira's! The guy seems to not even have a single armory on his body at all so if I were to guess right, that means his Requip isn't like Erza's and is more focused on weaponry." Levy said appearing calm on the outside but shaken on the inside. While she said this, she still wasn't sure if she was right or not. The display of his "Requip" Magic was simply stunning. It was just about the same speed as Erza's, if not even faster than her! Those two shields he summoned too, it practically terrified her as well. Keep in mind that Mira and Laxus were both at S-class! The fact the two shields came out unscathed after their attacks were simply godsend! She only knew of one shield that was capable of that, but that was within Erza's closet.

'Name's Laxus huh?' Shirou heard their conversation in the background. They were quite loud so it was pretty easy to pick it up. It seems the blonde's name was Laxus Dreyar, son of the Master of the guild. He had to admit, that was actually a pretty high status he's got there. Still, that didn't excuse him for nearly destroying the Guild Building.

"You're still quiet? If your fight was as simple as breaking a few benches or chairs, I wouldn't care honestly. It's my master's fight after all. If she were to lose, it was simply because she was weaker than you and needed more training. If she won, then she was simply stronger than you. Sadly though, it seems both you and my reckless Master seemed to focus a little bit too much in the fight. Look around." Shirou commented as his cold persona took over him. As much as he didn't want to, he needed to act like this, else, they would simply shrug off what he said and thought he was too nice for his own good!



Which was sort of true... But still, not the point here.

Both Laxus and Mira subconsciously looked around the building after that. What both of them saw was the building that held all of Fairy Tail's glory practically nearly torn apart. Holes were everywhere, on the roof, the sides of the buildings, and there was even a bunch of rubble and dust all around the building making a sorry-sight.

Mira was surprised and slightly shaken, as the realization that she nearly destroyed the very place that gave her and her siblings a "Home" with her very own hands.

Laxus, however...

"So what? We could simply replace the building. While I'm sure we are in debt, it was never really a problem for us." Laxus snorted. Deep down though, a sense of guilt appeared in his heart before disappearing completely. He reminded himself that they could've just made another building or even repair their current one so it didn't really matter.

"Really? While you might be able to repair the building, would you be able to repair the relationships you had in this guild if some lives are lost?" Shirou snapped dropping a cold bucket on the two of them.

"You have to understand! Master, while I'll follow you through the ends of this world, I will absolutely, and I mean this, ABSOLUTELY will not let you go against the very ideals I stand for! Both of you are around my age, yet you seemed to forget one important fact. Not everyone is as strong as you. If by chance if there was a civilian in the guild and the guild building collapses..." Shirou spoke sternly. As he continued, each thing he mentioned practically scared the Guild to death and turned them all pale as the realization of their actions finally kicked in.

"If what you told me is true, the guild is in debt yes? Then that means we still didn't give money to the people's buildings or properties we damaged. So right now, if I were to guess, they are either doing 3 of the following things. 1. Burrowing money from the Capital or the Royal family. 2. They are renting a hotel or an apartment or a house but lost their valuables due to their items being destroyed along with there buildings. Either of the 3. Or worst case scenario, they are living out in the streets." Each and every word he had spoken was rational and common sense so far as he could tell. Although it's only been 3 days since he came to this world, he was capable of finding information about the world by either tracing some weapons out in the streets one by one before piecing the information together, or he could simply go into the Guild Library. He had a basic understanding of this world and knew that the financial situation is quite different.


A small bang noise was heard as everyone turned to look at one man who dropped to his knees. Tears appeared in his eyes as they slowly fell from his face dropping onto the floor.

"By the gods, what have I done?" He whispered in horror as memories flew through his mind. A nice and small family of 4 house was smashed by his hands... They weren't that rich, as they used practically all of their money to request a mission to take down some ruthless bandits roaming around. During the mission though, the family was held captive. While he did save them, he destroyed there home and took the Jewels happily without being any the wiser as to how life would be for them after that... The smiles on there face as they thanked him, he was sure now that while it might be genuine. Those smiles will definitely turn into a scowl of hatred soon after when they realize he destroyed there home leaving them out in the streets. Especially when he took most of their money.

Looking at the beer he once held in his hands, he couldn't help but look at it with disgust and guilt.

He wasn't the only one like this though. Almost everyone in the Guild had memories appearing in there minds instantly before immense guilt began clouding their hearts.

"It seems you all finally realized." Shirou nodded his head seeing the rapid progress. Even though this was cruel, he had no choice. This wasn't like the Modern world where there were not as many dangers. Some may say ignorance is a sin, Shirou will argue it isn't. After all, if his world were to know about magic or magecraft, what kind of catastrophe would happen? Sadly, this world has a bit too much of an understanding of magic, and even uses it daily throughout there life. Not to mention that there were even monsters roaming around the whole world terrorizing a dozen towns every day or every week!

Still, if there was one thing he couldn't deny, then it would be that this world was PERFECT for someone like him. His whole life may be hypocritical, but it would ultimately be one worth it of because of a beautiful action and dream...

A Hero.

"It's best you all tone it down a bit. If you want some destructive jobs to use your magic at it's the highest capability, go find ones in mountains or forests a distance away from civilization. It's also about time some of you learned how to control it and manipulate it to your will." Shirou advised wisely. Many people in the Guild thought Shirou was around Mira's age which was 16 and just matured faster. The truth of the matter though was completely different. His body somehow reverted back to around the time of the Holy Grail War. Many of the previous scars he gained as an Enforcer disappeared leaving only the ones he gained in the Holy Grail War and his memories and his counterparts. While he wasn't sure why it had happened, he at least knew why his whole body felt like it was tearing apart when he was summoned here.

"Hmph, this is getting boring. I came back to this guild to see some fun, not to get a life lesson. I'm going out to get another job." Laxus grumbled walking away but not before glaring at Shirou one last time. Unlike the rest of his Guild, he knew when to control himself when it came to property damage and everything. The only thing though is that he didn't look at it as deeply as Shirou! He simply only thought about how much it would add to the debts in the Guild. Rather he liked it or not, he was impressed. If he wasn't Mira's servant, he would've invited him to join his team.

"Huuu..." Letting out a sigh, Shirou untraced the sword in his hand and walked towards the request board to grab a mission. Grabbing a random one from the board, he went over towards the Guild Master as everyone watched him quietly including his Master.

"I'd like to do this job." He showed it to Makarov who looked at it for a moment before looking back at him.

"What you did was rather impressive. I have to admit, not everyone your age would be able to see the problems at hand. Not even the adults of this guild. Here, the job is in Burling Village. A group of unknown mages appeared and disturbed the peaceful village. Your job is to capture them and hand them over to the Fiore Army. This is a B-class mission so be careful." Makarov praised and explained the contents of his job. Shirou only nodded silently before he walked out of the doors of the guild.

The doors shut right when he walked out, leaving everyone in the Guild to contemplate on what they just heard.

"Look brats, don't worry about it." Makarov suddenly spoke as his voice echoed throughout the guild. Everyone's head turned towards their Guild Master in hopes of finding an answer from him.

"While it may be true what he just said, that doesn't mean in your heart you are naturally evil. As human beings, we had all made mistakes, whether we liked it or not. But listen, that's what makes us HUMAN! While mistakes are considered bad, it can also be considered good as well! We make mistakes so we can improve and don't repeat the past! Don't just laze around there all day, you all worry for the wrongs you have done right? Then just go out and get more jobs to help support the people you had hurt! Remember, we, Fairy Tail members, aren't proud just because of our strength, we are proud because of our bonds and our hearts! Don't let this destroy you in your path! Let this advance one more step towards the path you seek!" Makarov majestically said with his hands behind his back before raising it up with the infamous Fairy Tail hand-sign.

"He's right! As humans, we had all made mistakes before! We can't reverse the past, but we can change the present and future!"

"We Fairy Tail members aren't going to be whining wimps right? Let's go out and take some jobs! I'm going to help everyone that I had harmed even if it's the last thing I do!"

"Once again an amazing speech by the guild master! He never fails to raise our spirits! Come, let's all head to the request boards right away!"

Every single member of Fairy Tail rushed to the request boards grabbing any job they could find on there. It was chaotic, but it was a good kind in this case. Makarov watched all of his children walked up to him one by one to head out to there jobs. Soon after, there was nearly no one left except for a few.

One of them was Mirajane Strauss. Otherwise known as The Demon of Fairy Tail.

"Hmph, seems like I have no one to fight now. I'm going." Mira humphed and left. Both of her siblings looked at Mira as she left before looking at each other. The both of them knew that deep down, Mira was having an internal strife with herself after she had heard what her servant said.

"Wait a minute... Master, isn't Burling Village where Erza's heading to too?" Lisanna finally remembered her sister's rival Erza. She had left a few hours ago too to head out and do a job request. From what she knew, the request was something about taste testing?

"Ah, right. The two of them meeting should be interesting. Shirou's job is about capturing unknown mages so nothing bad should happen unless Erza was back at it with her an..tics..." Makarov's face started turning more and more pale as he realized something. Wouldn't the two begin to fight as soon as they meet? Although Shirou seemed wise and didn't approve of destruction, what would happen when he meets someone using a magic similar to his? Especially with his mission being about capturing some unknown mages. If he didn't know any better and Erza was back at it with her antics, wouldn't that be a massive catastrophe?! Shirou may haven't shown any of his weapons except for that one simple sword in his hands, but the shield was definitely something. If he had any weapons that were comparable to his shield then...

"What have I done?"


"I'm home..." Mira stepped into her house. Looking around, she indeed saw the Shirou didn't stop by their home so with a sigh she went back into her room. Was her servant right? Were they too destructive for their own good? Although she put up a tough front in front of all the guild, it was nothing but an act. In act to make sure no one bullied her siblings, not even that prick Laxus. She knew she was strong, yes. But was her way of doing things wrong? She accepted the fact that people might call her a demon, but did she want the people close to her to think of her as nothing but a demon?

"Will I become a demon just like the people in the village accused me of?" Sure, she was reassured by the Guild Master himself that it was just her magic. A part of her. But that didn't mean she fully accepted it. What kind of person would want to become a demon even if it was a part of it? She wasn't power-hungry thank you very much.

"Whatever... I'll talk to him once he gets back from his mission. I think it's about time I take someone with me to an S-class mission." Mira said to herself as she laid down on her bed closing her eyes. That day, unknown to Shirou, she dreamt about a hill of swords and a man that stood at the top.



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