Journey Through The Universe Chapter 1

1 Chapter 1
I found myself in a black space all of the sudden, causing me to remember how I was just stabbed to death by a madman. I was just walking home after shopping while going through the alleyways near my house since it is faster.

Everything was normal until the madman with a mask on his face suddenly jumped out from behind a dumpster and stabbed my chest with a dagger. As if one stab wasn't enough, he stabbed me four more times for a total of 5 stabs.

Knowing I am dead, I look around the black space curiously, wondering where I am. As the typical otaku, I read plenty of novels where situations like this happen, with the protagonist being sent to a black space or white space to meet god and get powers.

Wondering if this will happen to me, I stay in the same spot for who knows how long and I figure nobody will be coming here so I let out a sigh and decide to walk around the black space. Well, it is more like float around the black space since I am just a soul right now.

I floated around for what I think to be about a year, but it was most likely much longer than that, simply due to the fact that time probably doesn't work in this black space as it would back on Earth. After all, Earth is Earth while this is probably the void or something. I stopped floating around when I suddenly heard a mechanical voice.

[Please choose one of the following options...

1. Obtain a System with 5 functions: Status, Shop, Mission, Roulette and Inventory, 3 Abilities and creation of your own body.

2. Obtain a System with 2 functions: Status and Shop, 5 Abilities and a random body created by the System.

3. Obtain 7 Abilities and being put into a body from someone in your next world.]

"Eh, this is easy. I choose the first option. Having that System will be great, not to mention I can create my own body which is cool."

[You have chosen the first option... Please wait...]

I wait and wait for a while before I suddenly felt myself being sucked somewhere. The next thing I knew, I was no longer in the black space from before, but I was now inside a white space that looks more like a small square room.

[Please create your body.

1. Gender.

2. Body.

3. Hair.

4. Hair Color.

5. Eyes.

5. Eye Color.]

"Oh~ Let's create my body then."

I open the gender option and choose female right away. I did this because I was a male in my last life, so I wanted to live as a female in this next life of mine to see the difference between the bodies. A body with an average face and short hair appears in front of me and I notice it is a female by looking between the legs of the body.

I open the body option next and notice a bunch of different models inside which I scan before I find a good one that I choose. The body changes to being 5'7" now with C-Cup Breasts, long legs and snowy white skin.

The face became extremely beautiful as if it was sculpted by God, which it can be considered to of been since I am personally creating the body even though I am not a God. Next I make the hair longer until it reaches the butt of the body while changing it to black instead of being brown.

As for the eyes, I opted to choose extremely emotionless and cold eyes while changing the brown eyes to blue, making the eyes look extremely scary to whoever stares directly at them, which is just like my last life. I just had black eyes instead of blue ones in my last life. i press the confirm option and felt myself suddenly inside of the body I just made.

[You have completed your body... Transferring Soul to the body... Transfer complete...]

I nearly fell to the ground from the sudden change in gravity from being a Soul, but I managed to stabilize myself before I fell. The body I am in now feels quite different from my male one back on Earth, so I was about to examine it before the voice interrupted me.

[Please choose your 3 Abilities.]

"Right, I nearly forgot about that. Let's see... I got it! My first Ability will be for me to be Immortal! I won't be able to die no matter what, not even if my Soul get's extinguished. If my Soul was extinguished, it would just take a long time for it to heal and for my to come back to life."

[First Ability chosen... Please choose your Second Ability.]

"Nice, that means it was allowed. Good, I want my second Ability to be able to use every single element there is. Like Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Lightning and whatever other elements there are out there."

[Second Ability chosen... Please choose your Third Ability.]

"Great! I want my third Ability to be for my to be able to cultivate 100 times faster than the strongest genius in the world! For example, if he takes exactly 1 year or 365 days to get from Stage 1 to Stage 9 in a cultivation rank, I will only take 36.5 days to do the same!"

[Third Ability has been chosen... Please wait...]

"Wow, I didn't expect that those 3 overpowered abilities would actually be allowed! I guess this is going to be a fun life for me, haha."

I laugh as I wait for the voice to do whatever it is doing. I felt extremely happy when it didn't decline either of my three Abilities, meaning I can get all three of those overpowered Abilities at the same time, meaning I would be really strong in the next world.

I said cultivation for my last Ability simply due to the fact that I will choose a cultivation world in to go to in my next life, and if I can't choose what world I go to and it isn't a cultivation world then that voice will hopefully change it to whatever that world uses.

[Thank you for waiting. Your Abilities have all been accepted and your are able to choose your world to go to. Please choose one of the following worlds...

1. Fantasy World(Magic)

2. Fantasy World(Qi)

3. Fantasy World(Magic & Qi)

4. Anime World

5. Manga World

6 Novel World

7. Modern Day World

8. Mechanical World

9. Apocalypse World

10. Random World]

"Great, I can actually choose the world. That is a relief. I choose the Fantasy world with only Qi in it."

[World has been chosen... Transferring you to the world... Please have fun.]

I suddenly felt everything around me change extremely, even more than when I was sent from the black space to the white space. I blink my eyes and found that I was suddenly within a forest instead of the white space, meaning I was already sent to the world I chose.

"So I am in a Cultivation world, huh... Right, I should have a System, but how do I use it?"

[Host only needs to think about it to use the System.]

'Oh, like this?'

[Host is correct.]

'Nice, tell me how to use you, then.'

[With pleasure, Host. As Host knows, the System has 5 functions: Status, Shop, Mission, Roulette and Inventory. The Status function allows Host to observe his progress in this world as well as a few other things. The Shop function allows Host to buy anything as long as Host has enough points. The Mission function allows Host to earn points and items after completing the given mission. The Roulette function allows the Host to spin a roulette wheel and have a chance to obtain anything from it by using Roulette Tickets. The Inventory function allows Host to store anything inside of it as long as it isn't a living thing.]

'Great, I am glad I chose the first option, haha. If I chose the second option, while I would still get a System, I would be missing out on the infinite storage of the Inventory, the Mission to obtain items and points and the Roulette to obtain items from. How do I use the Status?'

[Host just needs to think about it.]

'Simple enough. Status.'


-Name: N/A

-Gender: Female

-Race: Human

-Age: 1825

-Cultivation: N/A

-Strength: 7

-Agility: 5

-Dexterity: 10

-Endurance: 5

-Vitality: 10

-Intelligence: 14

-Wisdom: 12

-Points: 0

-Stat Points: 0

-Missions Completed: 0

-Missions Failed: 0

-Skills: Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Wind Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Lightning Manipulation, Metal Manipulation, Wood Manipulation, Space Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Magma Manipulation, Dark Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Nature Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation

-Perks: Immortal, Godly Genius

-Inventory: N/A]

"Holy shit that is a lot of elements! Also, why the hell is my age over 1000?!"

[Host was within the Void Dimension for 1805 years, resulting in the Host's age being 1825, as Host was 20 years old in her last life.]

"Oh, that makes sense, I guess. Well, age doesn't matter much to me. Why don't I have a name though?"

[Host has to give herself a name.]

"Oh, I can name myself? Since I am a female, I will name myself Jun Xiaoyu then."

[Host name has been set to Jun Xiaoyu.]

[Host has completed the Hidden Missions: Obtain a name.]

[Host has obtained 3x Roulette Tickets.]

[Host has obtained 100 Points.]

[Host has obtained 10 Stat Points.]

"The heck? Why did I suddenly complete a hidden mission?"

[Host completed a Hidden Mission by chance.]

"Oh. Well, it works for me I guess. Let's use those Roulette Tickets then."

[Host has used 3x Roulette Tickets...]

[Host has obtained 7 Stat Points.]

[Host has obtained a Heaven Grade Sword.]

[Host has obtained a Emperor Grade Robe.]

[The Heaven Grade Sword and Emperor Grade Robe have been stored within the Inventory.]

'Uh, what is this about Heaven Grade and Emperor Grade? I don't know anything about this world, so can you explain the world to me?'

[Understood, Host. This world is known as Eijen, a Cultivation World with 2 Realms, being the Lower Realm and Upper Realm. Host is currently in the Lower Realm within a forest known as the Devil forest, where countless Demon Beasts live.

The Cultivation Ranks for the Lower Realm are as follows: Warrior Rank, Great Warrior Rank, Soldier Rank, Commander Rank, Knight Rank, Holy Knight Rank, Baron Rank, Viscount Rank, Count Rank, Earl Rank, Marquess Rank, Duke Rank, Prince Rank, King Rank, Emperor Rank, Monarch Rank. Each Rank has a total of 10 Stages, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

The Grades are as follows: Common Grade, Uncommon Grade, Rare Grade, Epic Grade, Legendary Grade, King Grade, Emperor Grade, Monarch Grade, Heavenly Grade, Immortal Grade and God Grade.

The Lower Realm has a total of 5 continents, namely Eastern Continent, Western Continent, Northern Continent, Southern Continent and Central Continent. Central Continent is the strongest Continent while the other 4 are about even with each other.

Demon Beasts can understand human language at Knight Rank, speak human language at Baron Rank and transform into a human at King Rank. Normal Cultivators and Demon Beasts can fly once they reach King Rank. This world uses Qi, which Host should know. That is all.]

"What the fuck... Why are the Cultivation Rank so damn weird? Whatever, they could be weirder..."

I sigh at the weirdness of this world and finally notice that I am naked as heck right now, so I simply brought out the Emperor Grade Robe from my Inventory and put it on my body. It is a nice black robe that matches with my black hair.

I felt quite tired for some reason, which I contribute to me being in the Void for over 1800 years or something. Noticing that it is also nighttime right now, I decide to simply sleep for the night. Using my Earth Manipulation I create a small cave in the side of a mountain I appeared nearby when I came to this world and entered it, closing it off again once I got inside.

I use Light Manipulation to create a small light source inside the cave while I use Nature Manipulation and Wood Manipulation to create a simple bed made out of grass and the likes to sleep on.

I waste no time in laying down on the grass bed as I felt exhausted from using my skills like that, and added onto my original tiredness, I fell asleep quickly after I lay down on the grass bed.
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