Journey To Become A True God Chapter 10

10 Su Mengxin

Seeing the woman sleep peacefully Ye Chen didn't want to wake her up so he went and saw the mercenary, when he got there Ye Chen saw everyone had been killed. There was a wound on their neck. Everything was still there except for the bald man.

Ye Chen saw that there were new footprints. It was estimated that this was the friend of the bald man, in more than 20 minutes. It was estimated that they had gone very far. Ye Chen wanted to catch up, but he still had to guard the woman. He would not be afraid. this if they still had brains they could no longer dare to provoke Ye Chen.

so Ye Chen immediately returned to the tree where the woman slept.

"Oh yeah I almost forgot my roast chicken" Ye Chen almost forgot his roast chicken so he took his roast chicken first before going to the tree, fortunately the chicken was not eaten by wild animals around here so Ye Chen could still eat the roast chicken .

When he reached the top of the tree he saw that the woman was still sleeping with a peaceful face. Ye Chen wanted to eat the chicken meat immediately. So he took the chicken thigh dagging and ate it.

At this time, the eyelashes of her little woman trembled slightly and she opened her eyelids and she woke up and looked around until finally found the man who helped her was eating chicken very greedy.

"Who Are You" there was only one sentence in the mind of the adult woman.

Ye Chen was currently enjoying this roasted chicken until he heard a sweet voice from the side, Ye Chen saw the woman. It was awkward, unfortunately the woman did not know The blanket covering it fell so that Ye Chen could see the two big rabbits again, so Ye Chen turned his face.

Seeing Ye Chen not answer and instead turned her face away, she was rather annoyed "hi I'm asking you"

"Ehemmm before that Cover Your Body first I can see it clearly" Ye Chen warned the mature woman.

Hearing Ye Chen's words finally the woman was Easy That was screaming "Ahhhh" He took the Blanket and tried to close his body

"Turn around I Want To Wear This Blanket" the woman ordered Ye Chen.

"Heh I've seen everything become what you hide, Oops" Ye Chen let slip in saying.

"Pervert Quick Turn" The adult woman looked very angry with Ye Chen's eyes in his eyes As if to kill Ye CHen.

Seeing this woman's gaze Ye Chen immediately turned "The book I read was really scary to provoke a woman especially a beautiful woman".

Ye Chen began to think what if he provoked a strong goddess, wouldn't Ye Chen be immediately killed, Ye Chen would start understanding why Teacher told him to go to earth instead of going to the God realm.

The rustling sound of clothes Sounded "It's Done You Can Turn", Ye Chen then turned around. He saw the woman wrap her blanket like a towel and her underwear she folded beside her hand.

Seeing where Ye Chen's eyes were looking at the woman was a bit dissatisfied when he wanted to scold her, he saw the handsome face of Ye Chen in his heart beating very fast and made him confused.

Need to know that Su Mengxin grew up in a rich man's environment and he had seen countless handsome men, but compared to Ye Chen they could be said to be rubbish.

Seeing that woman's face was a bit confused Ye Chen finally tried to call it "Miss, you're fine"

Hearing Ye Chen calling out that woman finally woke up from her daze, "sorry I'm a little confused just now" the woman said with a red face.
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"Oh, it's okay." The situation was awkward again. Ye Chen also didn't know what to say.

Eventually the woman decided to pass the atmosphere "thank you for helping me from those people".

"It's okay for humans to help one another, oh yeah what's your name?" Ye Chen tried to ask for her name

Su Mengxin: "My name is Su Mengxin then what is your name?"

"Oh Miss so Miss Su, my name is Ye Chen, nice to meet you" Ye Chen reached out in front of the adult woman

"You don't need to be too formal, you can call me, Su Mengxin again. You're also still a generous woman."

"Then I'll call you sister Su Mengxin" Ye Chen gave a warm smile to Su Mengxin.

Red Su Mengxin's Face Like an apple, for some reason he was very attracted to Ye Chen but because of his high self-esteem he was ashamed to admit it.

Seeing Su Mengxin's face blush Ye Chen was worried that the aphrodisiac still had the effect "do you feel bad maybe the aphrodisiac still has an effect".

Hearing this, Su Mengxin's face turned red even though he was under aphrodisiac control but he still remembered what Ye Chen was doing to his body, Ye Chen almost saw all parts of his body that were naked even though he didn't tarnish him but he was still ashamed to see Ye's face Chen.

"Please forget what you just saw" the woman was embarrassed and the woman's tone was quite small like a mosquito Ye Chen could barely hear it.

Ye Chen nodded "Ok" Ye Chen didn't want to make the situation even more ambiguous so he answered yes, but to forget the things he had done to Su Mengxin's body was almost impossible.