Journey To Become A True God Chapter 100

100 Fu Lanling Uses Forbidden Techniques
"mistress, please let me go, I already told you everything I know to you" because Ye Chen did not know the age of this woman Ye Chen called her a mistress.

Fu Lanling felt displeased at the call of the madam, she was still a girl, Fu Lanling was 200 years old, in the ancient world this age was still said to be very young.

Fu Lanling gave off an extremely strong killing aura.

"Glup", Ye Chen swallowed his saliva, the murderous aura that this woman was bathing in was very strong.

Step by step Fu Lanling approached towards Ye Chen who was currently lying on the ground.

10 meters, 5 meters, 3 meters as Fu Lanling drew nearer, Ye Chen opened his Flame vein.

"Bamm" bursts of power overflowed from Ye Chen's body, he felt that his strength increased several times.

The pressure from Fu Lanling now had no effect on Ye Chen, Ye Chen rushed forward and wanted to touch Fu Lanling's body and use the King's Heart technique.

Unfortunately Fu Lanling was faster than Ye Chen, Fu Lanling immediately retreated hundreds of meters backwards.

Seeing the increase in strength of this young man, Fu Lanling became even more alert.

Ye Chen failed to touch Fu Lanling, now Ye Chen did not have another chance, because Fu Lanling became wary of him.

"Damn it" Ye Chen had no choice but to run away from here, if he fought with this masked woman Ye Chen would definitely lose, even though he had opened the flame vein his power was still far from Fu Lanling.

Ye Chen flew with maximum speed to run away from Fu Lanling.

How could Fu Lanling let Ye Chen run, Fu Lanling was chasing after Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had already used the fastest speed he had, unfortunately Fu Lanling was chasing with a speed that was faster than Ye Chen, Fu Lanling was quickly in front of Ye Chen.

Fu Lanling poked at Ye Chen's forehead.

"Bamm", Ye Chen struck the ground, he rubbed his aching forehead, Fu Lanling's strength was too strong for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen thought about how to defeat this woman, Ye Chen's first plan had failed, even after using the power of the Sage Vein God Ye Chen still could not win this woman.

"Bad boys must be punished" fire emerged from Fu Lanling's palm. Fu Lanling threw a deep fire at Ye Chen.

The flames that Fu Lanling was throwing were getting bigger and bigger, "Bamm" a large fireball hit Ye Chen.

Fu Lanling held back strength so as not to kill Ye Chen.

where Ye Chen was currently in flames was burning like a sea of fire, Ye Chen himself stood in the middle of a sea of fire, not the slightest part of Ye Chen's body was burning.

Fu Langling who saw this was very very surprised, she did not think this young man could withstand her fire attack.

"Hehehe" Ye Chen smiled, the strength of this woman's deep fire could not hurt him.

"Hahaha, is this the only ability you have, I think your fire is very weak" Ye Chen mocked Fu Lanling's fire power.

Fu Lanling was furious when the fire power was underestimated, "Domain of Phoenix", in the sky a fire dome appeared, this time Fu Lanling did not hold back her strength.

He already didn't care whether Ye Chen would live or die after receiving this attack

The temperature around Ye Chen became very hot

"We'll see if you can laugh after receiving this attack." Dome of the fire Down from the sky, when the dome of the fire Down the temperature is getting hotter, even the stones near Ye Chen are melting because of this heat.

"Bamm" Phoenix fire burns everything on the ground, with this technique Ye Chen must be dead.

After the fire disappeared, a giant-sized fire crater appeared, Fu Lanling was surprised to see someone still standing in the middle of the fire crater.

Ye Chen cleaned his clothes from the dust, if he did not have the inheritance from the god Sage, surely he would have been killed by this attack.

Fu Lanling looked at Ye Chen with eyes that did not believe this, after being hit by the mainstay attack Fu Lanling, this person really wasn't hurt at all, wasn't this crazy.

"Still too weak, is your ability only at this rate?" Ye Chen mocked Fu Lanling, it was very fun mocking Fu Lanling.

Fu Lanling clenched his fist, Fu Lanling was never underestimated like this as heir to the god of Phoenix Fu Lanling always received praise from everyone, no one had ever mocked her.

Fu Lanling soared higher into the sky, Fu Lanling let out Fire that enveloped her body, the fire grew bigger and formed an elegant Phoenix Beast in the sky.

Fu Lanling is in the middle of the Phoenix-shaped Fire.

This technique is called "Phoenix Fire God Body" to use this technique Fu Lanling burns Phoenix's blood in her body.

After burning Phoenix blood, Fu Lanling won't be able to use Phoenix fire for a month.

This is a forbidden technique that should not be used, today because it was insulted by someone Fu Lanling used this forbidden technique.

Phoenix dancing on the clear sky, this Phoenix then swooped down towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw that the Phoenix of Fire headed towards him, Ye Chen could feel that the power of the Fire Phoenix was very strong, the Fire Phoenix descended like an Atomic Bomb.

Bang "a very strong explosion occurred in the Kunlun Mountains, the power of this explosion is equivalent to a nuclear bomb.

Half the land in China even shook when the Phoenix Fire God Body crashed into the ground.

A very large crater appeared in the mountains of Kunlun, Fu Lanling was very crazy, she destroyed 1/10 of the Kunlun Mountains.

Fu Lanling's breathing went up and down, she almost used everything she had to use the Phoenix Fire God Body technique.

There was no way anyone would have survived after receiving this technique, now Fu Lanling felt satisfied that he had defeated the person who mocked her fire power.

"That was really really amazing" from behind Ye Chen hugged Fu Lanling's hilt and used the king's heart technique.

Fu Lanling was surprised to see that this young man was still alive after receiving her forbidden attack, she thought this young man was dead.

"Ahh" Fu Lanling groaned, after being touched by Ye Chen ,she felt his body was hot and uncomfortable.

Fu Lanling's body seemed to have no strength left to fight "what are you doing to my body?" Fu Lanling felt her body was very uncomfortable as there were thousands of insects crawling on her body.

"What's more, of course it's time for revenge" Ye Chen smiled wickedly, first Ye Chen took off Mask Fu Lanling to see this woman's real face.

Seeing Ye Chen want to take off her mask Fu Lanling tried to rebel, unfortunately that was of no use at all.

Fu Lanling could only surrender when the mask on her face was taken by Ye Chen