Journey To Become A True God Chapter 101

101 Conquered Fu Lanlings Body And Mind
Ye Chen Surprised to see this woman's beauty, Fu Lanling's face was truly so beautiful, even Ye Chen couldn't help but want to love this woman immediately.

Fu Lanling blushed as the mask she was wearing disappeared, Fu Lanling didn't know what else to do, no matter how much Fu Lanling tried to scrub everything in vain.

Ye Chen hugged Fu Lanling away from the battlefield, Ye Chen found a cave, he immediately brought Fu Lanling into the cave.

Ye Chen took out a cloth from inside the fairy gate storage, he then laid Fu Lanling on it.

Ye Chen let go of Fu Lanling's shirt, Fu Lanling wearing ancient clothes was quite difficult to take off the clothes she was wearing.

Fu Lanling closed her eyes, Fu Lanling did not dare to see what this young man would do next.

After all Fu Lanling's clothes were removed by Ye Chen, Jade's very perfect body was seen in front of Ye Chen.

Right now Ye Chen was like a wild animal that had very delicious prey.

Ye Chen touched Fu Lanling's body, and playing the two perfect Mount peaks, he squeezed, kneaded and played with both of Fu Lanling's soft peaks.

"Ah, stop it, you bastard" Fu Lanling felt her body tremble because of the pleasure that was given by the hand Ye Chen.

Fu Lanling felt the bottom emit a liquid, Fu Lanling who was a pure girl had never felt this sensation before.

Every day Fu Lanling just continued and continued to cultivate, she was never interested in male and female relationships.

"You bastard stop it, otherwise I'll kill you, ummm"

Ye Chen paid no heed to Fu Lanling's shout, Ye Chen immediately kissed Fu Lanling's cherry lips so as not to speak again.

Fu Lanling was very surprised when it was kissed by Ye Chen, for some reason this felt very pleasant, Fu Lanling's consciousness began to disappear due to pleasure, she began to respond to a kiss from Ye Chen.

Fu Lanling hugged Ye Chen's neck, "Ahh, don't be so hard, it hurts, ahh." Fu Lanling whimpered because Ye Chen winced at her two cherry blossoms.

Ye Chen greedily sucked and bited the Fu Lanling Cherry.

For some reason after seeing Fu Lanling Ye Chen was very excited, his passion rose, in Ye Chen's mind he wanted to immediately love Fu Lanling.

"Please stop, I feel something will come out, ahh" Fu Lanling finally reached the climax, Fu Lanling's body shook violently, Fu Lanling's eyes closed.

Ye Chen did not stop and continued to play with Fu Lanling's beautiful body, "ahh. . . . "Fu Lanling, whose body was very sensitive after the climax, felt her body was provoked by Ye Chen, Fu Lanling could not hold her voice and groaned again.

Seeing that preparations were now enough for the main event, Ye Chen removed all the clothes on his body.

The large meat stick had raised its spear ready to break through Fu Lanling's gate.

Fu Lanling looked at Ye Chen's collar that was undressing, she saw a large object that was in Ye Chen's crotch.

Even though Fu Lanling was a pure woman, she knew what this thing was "would she put this thing into mine, it would be impossible it would not match" Fu Lanling was scared to see Ye Chen's giant.

Ye Chen put his meat stick in front of Fu Lanling's already wet honey cave.

Ye Chen immediately put his large meat stick into Fu Lanling's cave with one jerk

"Ah" Fu Lanling screamed in pain, Fu Lanling never felt pain like this, her body seemed to be torn apart, Fu Lanling's tears began to drip.

Fu Lanling gripped Ye Chen's shoulder, her fingernails scratched deeply into Ye Chen's flesh.

"Ah. . . "This time Ye Chen groaned, Ye Chen felt his little brother was suctioned by an endless hole, the walls of Fu Lanling Honey Cave gripped Ye Chen's younger brother very strongly, this feeling Ye Chen had never felt.

Ye Chen started pumping back and forth inside Fu Lanling Honey Cave, and felt a very pleasant sensation.

At first Fu Lanling felt excruciating pain, but after several times Ye Chen poked into her Cave Hole, Fu Lanling felt her body and mind fly into the sky.

This sensation was very pleasant and amazing. Fu Lanling felt that her body and mind really enjoyed it.

Ye Chen continued to accelerate his pumping, at this moment Ye Chen's younger brother was like a bull raging inside Fu Lanling's body.

"Ah, husband, faster, I will reach the top, to hell with your big stick, this is too amazing" Fu Lanling involuntarily started calling Ye Chen as her husband.

If someone in the Holy Land of Kunlun heard the words that Fu Lanling had just said they would be very surprised.

Fu Lanling the goddess in the hearts of many people, was currently under Ye Chen's body enjoying the relationship between men and women.

Fu Lanling's body and mind were completely conquered by Ye Chen, Fu Lanling began to collaborate with Ye Chen to get more pleasure.

after 1 hour Ye Chen finally sprayed White magma into Fu Lanling's womb.

"Splur. . . . ., Splur. . . . . . "Ye Chen began to walk for 30 seconds and filled Fu Lanling's womb.

At this moment Fu Lanling felt that his lower body was full of warm liquid, Fu Lanling felt that he could no longer live without this boy.

When Ye Chen wanted to get out of Fu Lanling Cave, he was stopped by Fu Lanling's two legs hugging his waist.

Fu Lanling got up and sat on Ye Chen's thigh, she put her lips to Ye Chen's ear "husband, you still want it again" Fu Lanling's voice was very tempting for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen's meat stick hardened again, the two immediately resumed the battle inside the silent Cave.

Fu Lanling has been lonely for hundreds of years, after her lust has been triggered she will not be satisfied with just doing one thing.

Fu Lanling started to move up and down by herself "ah. . . , this is amazing, how to do this is very fun. "Fu Lanling looks really enjoyed it

"Goddess, inside you are truly amazing" Ye Chen felt Fu Lanling's honey cave became tighter than before.

"Husband, let's go deeper, make me feel good" Fu Lanling kept on saying Fulgar's words.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling tried various poses, under Ye Chen's domination, Fu Lanling became very obedient and obeyed Ye Chen's words.

In the cave the groaning sound continued for hours, here no one would disturb both of them doing Dual Cultivation