Journey To Become A True God Chapter 102

102 Goddess Charm
Ye Chen finally woke up, he didn't know how long he had slept, all he remembered was a fierce battle with Fu Lanling that lasted quite a long time.

At this moment the beautiful goddess Fu Lanling curled up on Ye Chen's arm, sleeping very peacefully

Ye Chen tried to remember yesterday's events, Ye Chen didn't know what really happened yesterday, yesterday Ye Chen just wanted to give a little lesson to Fu Lanling, the result was he was fascinated by Fu Lanling's beauty and they instead had an intimate relationship.

Every time Ye Chen saw the beauty of Fu Lanling Ye Chen felt his soul be stolen by this beautiful goddess, it was hard to resist his desire to love this goddess.

"Master, finally you wake up too, it seems like you really enjoy connecting with beautiful goddesses to forget time, Hehehe" Chu Yuechan giggled teasing Ye Chen.

"Yuechan, how long did I do it? "Ask Ye Chen, he has already gotten used to Chu Yuechan's temptations.

"Geez, you two have been doing it for almost an entire day," said Chu Yuechan helplessly.

Ye Chen had no idea that he and Fu Lanling would do Dual Cultivation for a full day.

"Your luck with a woman is very high, you're lucky to find a woman who has the charm of a goddess"

"Goddess charm? What is it? "Ye Chen had never heard this name before.

"The charm of a goddess is an innate charm from birth, this makes a woman who has the charm of a goddess be able to make everyone who sees her fascinated, even this can enslave the soul of every man who sees her, a person who has a charm of a goddess is very rarely found even in 100 million years you could only find one. "Chu Yuechan explained to Ye Chen about the charm of the goddess.

"I see." Ye Chen now understood why he felt his soul would be blown away by Fu Lanling

"Master, are you not worried that if this woman wakes up she will immediately kill you".

"Everything has happened, as a man I cannot escape, I must take responsibility" Ye Chen said with a strong determination.

"Hehehe, that's just the master I know, this is for my dear master" Chu Yuechan gave something to Ye Chen.

In Ye Chen's palm appeared a ring with a complicated pattern "what is this?" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

"This is a Nuwa ring, this ring can change someone's appearance according to their wishes, the user can even control who can see her real face, you can give the Nuwa ring to this woman, so that she doesn't continue to wear a mask to hide her appearance" Chu Yuechan explained the use of this Ring to Ye Chen.

"Then how do you use it" Ye Chen asked how to use the Nuwa Ring.

"It's easy, you just have to think what appearance you want, then the wearer's appearance will change.

Ye Chen immediately nodded and put the Nuwa Ring into his breast pocket.

After giving Nuwa Chu Yuechan's ring not to speak again, it seemed like Chu Yuechan left Ye Chen alone with Fu Lanling.

Ye Chen looked at Fu Lanling who was still sleeping comfortably, he rubbed the face of the goddess Fu Lanling

Fu Lanling woke up when Ye Chen touched her, she looked at Ye Chen with a very gentle gaze.

Ye Chent looked at Fu Lanling foolishly.

"Little boy, have you never seen a beautiful woman before? "

Because of the words Fu Lanling Ye Chen had just realized.

his was not the same as what Ye Chen had imagined, he thought when this woman woke up she would immediately attack Ye Chen, apparently Ye Chen's thinking was wrong.

"Who are you calling a little kid I'm a big boy" Ye Chen didn't like being called by this little boy.

"You're still nineteen years old, it's much smaller than me, so I call you a little kid, Puchi" Fu Lanling laughed a little.

"I'm not small, have you not seen this" Ye Chen proudly showed off his lower body to Fu Lanling.

Fu Lanling immediately blushed, Fu Lanling slightly peered towards Ye Chen's crotch.

Ye Chen embraced Fu Lanling's body who was currently completely naked.

"Husband, I'm wrong please spare me" Fu Lanling immediately panicked to see Ye Chen wanted to start fighting again with her.

Seeing Fu Lanling asking for mercy Ye Chen let her go, Ye Chen felt he became even more familiar with Fu Lanling.

"May I know your name? "Fu Lanling doesn't know the name of the man who conquered her body and heart.

"I'm Ye Chen, what is your name? "Ye Chen asked the name of a beautiful goddess.

"So your name is Ye Chen, my name is Fu Lanling, from now on you can call me Linger" Fu Lanling introduced herself to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt Fu Lanling's attitude was different from when they met for the first time, before Fu Lanling would be indifferent to him, now Fu Lanling looked very soft to him.

"Fu Lanling is a beautiful name, suitable for goddesses like you" Ye Chen praised Fu Lanling.

Fu Lanling was very happy when being praised by Ye Chen, his heart felt flowery.

Fu Lanling helped put clothes on Ye Chen, she looked like a filial wife, Fu Lanling looked at Ye Chen's back, which was injured by being scratched by her nails, Fu Lanling felt a little guilty.

she took the medicine bottle from her storage ring, "Husband, I will help you treat this wound".

Fu Lanling continued to insist on treating Ye Chen's wound. From the bottle she poured powder into Ye Chen's wound, in an instant Ye Chen's wound disappeared without leaving any marks.

Ye Chen was very surprised that Fu Lanling was using precious medicine to treat his small wounds.

Fu Lanling smiled at Ye Chen, Ye Chen was confused when he saw Fu Lanling's beauty that had fully bloomed.

"Linger's beauty is too dangerous, I could lose control because of it" Ye Chen tried to calm his heart.

now it was Ye Chen's turn to help comb Fu Lanling's hair, Fu Lanling's long black hair looked very beautiful and very long,

Fu Lanling took the Mask from her storage ring every time she wore it.

"Why do you wear a mask again, you look prettier without a mask," Ye Chen said.

"The teacher said I have a special charm that can make everyone who sees me will be attracted to me, some men who see my appearance are crazy about me and become my slave, therefore the teacher made me a special mask that can block my charm" Fu Lanling explained everything to Ye Chen.

"Oh yeah, I want to give you something" Ye Chen wanted to give Nuwa Ring to Fu Lanling.

" What is that ?" Fu Lanling asked curiously.

"Stretch out your fingers" Ye Chen told Fu Lanling to stretch out her fingers.

Fu Lanling obeyed what Ye Chen said and stretched her fingers forward.

Ye Chen took the Nuwa Ring from inside his pocket and put it on Fu Lanling's middle finger.

Fu Lanling was very happy to receive this beautiful ring

"This is a Nuwa ring, this ring can change its appearance according to your wishes, this ring is strong enough to hold the charm of the Goddess you have, from now on you no longer need to wear a mask to cover your beauty" Ye Chen began to explain the function and how to use the Nuwa ring to Fu Lanling.

"Thank you" Fu Lanling immediately tried the Nuwa Ring to see if this worked or not.

"Husband, how do I look right now? "Fu Lanling is asking how she looks right now.

"Uh, your appearance is still the same as before" there was no change in Fu Lanling's appearance.

Fu Lanling was very confused because she had done what Ye Chen had said about using Nuwa's ring.

Fu Lanling looked in the mirror, her appearance had indeed changed

Ye Chen also looked into the mirror, Fu Lanling who was in the mirror was different from what he was seeing right now, the ring given by Chu Yuechan turned out to function very well.

"From now on only husband can see my appearance" Fu Lanling looks happy to receive a gift from him.

"Let's get out of here" Ye Chen invited Fu Lanling out of the cave.

both of them left the Cave.

"So are you going back to the Kunlun Holy Land? "

Fu Lanling shook her head "no, I want to come with you, anyway my teacher is doing self-exile, she will not come out anytime soon".

"If that's what Linger wants, okay, before that I'll tell you the truth, I have two more women as my wife, can you accept them" Ye Chen didn't want to lie that he had another woman.

"Of course, what's the problem? "Fu Lanling does not seem to mind this.

In the hold of Sacred Kunlun it was normal for a man to have many women, all Ye Chen could love was enough for her.

"Alright, let's go back now." Ye Chen led Fu Lanling to fly to where he lived.