Journey To Become A True God Chapter 103

103 Increased Cultivation Base
Ye Chen felt that his strength had increased greatly after obtaining Pure Yin from Fu Lanling, Ye Chen's strength was currently in the fourth stage of the Overlord Realm.

"Linger what is your current level" Ye Chen asked Fu Lanling's level after doing Dual Cultivation with him

"Now that I have taken half a step towards the legendary stage of the Divine Realm, I did not think I would break into this realm," at first Fu Lanling was very surprised to learn that she had broken through to this legendary stage.

In this life Fu Lanling doubted she could reach this realm, but now that she had reached this legendary domain, this was all thanks to this little boy.

Ye Chen "That's great, I just broke through to the fourth level of Overlord Realm".

"Little husband, what secret do you have on your body, how is it possible to only have relations with you that makes me break through to this level?" Fu Lanling was curious about her little husband.

"That's because, I have an ancient (Yang) body, every woman who does Dual Cultivation with me will definitely get extraordinary benefits," he explained a little to Fu Lanling.

Fu Lanling "Little husband, wouldn't it be very dangerous if known by women in the world, they might immediately pounce on you in bed if you know this".

"If that happens, I certainly can easily take care of them," Ye Chen said with great confidence.

"Really, then I'll tell the women, let's see if the little husband can handle all these women," said Fu Lanling.

"You dare ?, if you do that I will make you unable to get out of bed for days." Ye Chen pointed at Fu Lanling.

"Then try and catch me, hehehe" Fu Lanling flew away from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen tried to catch Fu Lanling, both of them playing chase.

Fu Lanling felt that her world today was different from before, now her world was filled with cheerful and happy colors.

Both arrived above the city, Fu Lanling looked down at the city with great curiosity, many objects that Fu Lanling had never seen before.

This was the first time Fu Lanling had gone to the mortal world, this place was very foreign to her.

Ye Chen brought Fu Lanling to a shopping place, to buy some new clothes for Fu Lanling.

The clothes that Fu Lanling is wearing right now are too obvious to other people's attention.

"Little husband where are we going" she asked where Ye Chen would take her

"I'll buy some clothes for you" Ye Chen brought Fu Lanling to a brand name clothing store.

Seeing someone handsome man coming female employees in the shop immediately came to Ye Chen, unfortunately behind this handsome man there is a beautiful woman female employees feel they have no chance anymore "master and lady there is something we can help".

Fu Lanling's appearance has changed in the eyes of others, despite having changed appearances, Fu Lanling still looks very beautiful.

"I want to buy the best set of women's clothes in this store, can you show me the place?"

"Please come with me" the female employee asked Ye Chen and Fu Lanling to follow her.

The two of them went to follow the female employee, Fu Lanling looked around the shop, she felt the clothes here had a strange design and in some important places looked very exposed.

Fu Lanling is an ancient woman, she doesn't like the type of clothes that are too exposed.

"Linger, let's try this dress" Ye Chen took a white one piece dress and handed it to Fu Lanling to try.

Fu Lanling took the dress Ye Chen had chosen and headed to the dressing room.

A few moments later Fu Lanling came out wearing a one piece dress that was chosen by Ye Chen.

"Little husband, does this look strange to me?" Fu Lanling isn't used to wearing clothes like this.

"Beautiful" Ye Chen was fascinated by the fuzzy Fu Lanling look that looked innocent when wearing a white one piece dress

Fu Lanling was very happy to be praised by Ye Chen, she decided to take this outfit, "I take this dress".

"Uh, are you sure you don't want to choose another outfit?"

"No, I like this dress, let's take this one." Fu Lanling has made up her mind.

after that Ye Chen told Fu Lanling to try out a lot of clothes in the clothing store.

All the clothes that were tried looked very suitable for use by Fu Lanling, Ye Chen bought dozens of clothing sets for Fu Lanling.

"Sir, this is your bill," the female employee bills all the clothes that Ye Chen bought, the total of all the clothes bought is twenty thousand dollars.

After finishing paying for all of his clothes, Ye Chen invited Fu Lanling out of the shopping center.

Ye Chen brought Fu Lanling to fly to his residence

"So we arrived, this is my place to stay," Ye Chen showed his residence to Fu Lanling.

"Let's go inside" Ye Chen and Fu Lanling enter the villa.

"This is your home, very beautiful" Fu Lanling was fascinated by the interior of the modern villa.

"Don't you live in a place like this?" Ye Chen asked.

"During this time I lived in a cave, there is a suitable place for cultivation, this place is only one Sabagus, namely in the royal palace".

"Well, I understand" the Kunlun holy land is indeed still using past civilization, so it's no wonder that Fu Lanling was surprised to see the modern world.

Ye Chen's "Ringing" phone rang.

Ye Chen immediately looked at his cellphone, the one who was calling was Liu Yue.

Ye Chen immediately answered the phone from Liu Yue "Yue's wife, what's up? "

"Where have you been husband for several days ... why didn't you come at that time, didn't you promise to accompany me to the party?" Liu Yue asked for an explanation from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen forgot that he had promised to accompany Liu Yue to the party "Yue's wife, I'm sorry it seems like I forgot about it" Ye Chen sincerely apologized to Liu Yue.

"Huuft" Liu Yue sighed she could not be angry with Ye Chen: "OK, I forgive you, but instead I want you to accompany me to go shopping now".

"What must now? "Actually, he intends to bring Fu Lanling inside the fairy gate.

"Come to behavior now, if the husband does not come, I will start ignoring you,".

"But, Bipp" before Ye Chen finished talking the phone had been hung up by Liu Yue.

" What is wrong? "Asked Fu Lanling.

"Nothing, close your eyes," he told Fu Lanling to close her eyes.

Fu Lanling didn't ask much and closed her eyes.

Ye Chen brought Fu Lanling inside the fairy gate "you may open your eyes".

Fu Lanling opened her eyelids and saw what was in front of her eyes.

in front of her eyes Fu Lanling saw a very beautiful sight, the aura that was here was also very pure, this was far purer than that in the holy land of Kunlun.

"Little husband, where is this? "Fu Lanling is curious where they are right now.

"This is called fairy gates, this place is a training ground for the women I have," Ye Chen explained a little about the fairy gate to Fu Lanling.

"Yuechan" Ye Chen called Chu Yuechan.

"What's the master? "Chu Yuechan is already behind Ye Chen and Fu Lanling.

Fu Lanling was surprised to see a woman who had this beauty, this woman was like a fairy in a fairy tale.

"I want you to explain everything about the fairy gate to Linger, Linger, Yuechan will answer every question you want, I have an important matter, so I must go first" without waiting for Fu Lanling Ye Chen's answer to go out of the fairy gate.