Journey To Become A True God Chapter 104

104 Assassin
After coming out of the Fairy gate, Ye Chen immediately went to Liu Yue's house.

a few minutes later Ye Chen arrived at Liu Yue's residence, Liu Yue's house was very large, this was even several times bigger than Ye Chen's Villa.

Ye Chen descended towards the entrance of Liu Yue's house.

"Ding" Ye Chen rang the doorbell.

"Yes, wait a minute" Liu Yue's voice came from inside the house.

A few moments later Liu Yue opened the door, currently Liu Yue was dressed beautifully, Liu Yue was dressed in a blue floral motif, she also carried a branded bag on her left arm.

"Husband, finally coming. I thought you would not come, let's go." Liu Yue was very excited to invite Ye Chen to go shopping.

Liu Yue looked around and did not see the whereabouts of Ye Chen's car, "Where is your car? "

"My car broke down and I have not had time to fix it" because of yesterday's accident his car broke down, he has not had time to fix it.

"So that's it, then let's just use my car." Liu Yue then invited Ye Chen to go to the garage of the house.

In Liu Yue's garage there are dozens of luxury cars lined up very neatly, all kinds of luxury cars are in this garage.

Ye Chen didn't know that Liu Yue had a hobby of collecting luxury cars. "Yue's wife, do you like to collect cars? ".

"No, most of the cars here are given by partners who work together with the company, I have tried to refuse all these gifts, but they still insist on giving this car to me" Liu Yue said helplessly.

Liu Yue is famous as the queen of business, so many people try to please her by giving various luxury gifts to get close to Liu Yue.

"Choose the car you like" Liu Yue pointed to an angle where all the keys to the car were placed.

Ye Chen chose the key randomly, after all all the cars were the same for him "Bipp" the car key that Ye Chen chose was black BMW.

"Let's go" he invited Liu Yue to go to the black BMW car.

Both of them got into the car, Ye Chen immediately stepped on the car gas out of the garage and left Liu Yue's house.

"How is your condition, is he better now? "Ye Chen asked about Situ Rui's condition.

"Grandma is very healthy, today she intends to go to her old friend's house to play mahjong" Liu Yue was very excited when she said that her condition was getting better every day.

"That's good news" Ye Chen was happy to learn that Situ Rui's grandmother had improved.

"I almost forgot to say, the product at the company was launched yesterday, and it received a positive response, in one day your company has received a net profit of more than tens of millions of dollars," Liu Yue told the development of the Xiannu company.

That's good news for Ye Chen "good news, if there is time I will go there to see progress".

"Now husband has a lot of money, today you will pay for everything, giggling" Liu Yue chuckled.

"Well, whatever you want I will buy" Ye Chen will not be stingy to his wife.

Within minutes Ye Chen and Liu Yue arrived at the biggest shopping center in the city.

Liu Yue immediately pulled Ye Chen's hand away to the various shops in this shopping center.

In the shopping center there were so many eyes staring at them, after doing Dual Cultivation with him, Liu Yue became even more beautiful.

Liu Yue invited Ye Chen to go to the best jewelry store in the city.

"Husband, how does this ring suit me?" Liu Yue tried a very fine jewelry ring and showed it to Ye Chen.

"Yes it is suitable for you to wear, do you want to buy it" Ye Chen asked, this was the tenth time Liu Yue had asked like this.

"I don't think this is good enough for me" Liu Yue then took off the diamond ring, she wanted to try the other ring.

Ye Chen who saw this was helpless, why did Liu Yue have to helpless to him, if the results were decided by sheself.

Ye Chen now understood why many men did not like to accompany women to go shopping, a man's patience was truly tested when shopping with women.

If it continues like this Ye Chen will spend all day in this place "Miss seller, is there the most expensive ring here, please remove it" The female seller immediately goes to get the most expensive ring in this shop.

"Sir, this is the most expensive ring here, this is made by craftsmen in Europe by using the best diamonds in the world, the price of this diamond ring is 5 million dollars," the female seller explained in great detail about this diamond ring.

"Well I take this ring" Ye Chen took out the card he got from Yun Hao to pay for this jewelry.

"Sir, this ring is there." The woman seller handed over this diamond ring to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen immediately accepted it, he then took the ring inside the jewelry box, Ye Chen then took Liu Yue's right hand.

Ye Chen put the ring on Liu Yue's finger, he didn't forget to kiss Liu Yue's hand "Yue wife do you like this?"

Liu Yue nodded at Ye Chen, he really liked the Ring that Ye Chen had bought, what else Ye Chen put on this ring in a romantic way.

"Eh, why hurry, while we're here, let's look at some of the shops here" Liu Yue still wants to go shopping.

Ye Chen helplessly continued to accompany Liu Yue to go shopping.

"Gosh, this is even more tiring than practicing." Ye Chen sat on a bench under a tree, he accompanied Liu Yue until the afternoon.

Right now Liu Yue is buying food and drinks.

An object with high speed headed towards him. Ye Chen caught the object that was heading towards him using both fingers.

It turned out that this thing was a very sharp throwing knife, it seemed like someone was trying to kill himself, Ye Chen immediately got up from the chair heading in the direction this knife was thrown.

The origin of this knife is from above, so this murderer must be on top of the building around here.