Journey To Become A True God Chapter 105

105 Assassin Association
Knowing he failed to kill the target, he immediately left this place.

Too bad the target that he wanted to kill was already in front of him, Ye Chen found a mercenary using his spirit Sensei.

"Where do you want to run off to, tell me who sent you here" he wants to know who sent the assassin.

"You don't need to know, anyway you will die here" Arrogant assassin said to Ye Chen

from behind the Assassin's body out dozens of flying knives, the assassin could easily manipulate the flying Blade's movements.

"With this technique I have killed a lot, and today is your turn." The contract killer proudly showed this technique to Ye Chen.

"Hooo," It turns out that this knife was not thrown but the Flying Knife, this killer was not a normal person but a cultivator.

He measured the level of strength of the Assassins, the Assassins were at the 6th level Spirit Profound Realm "not bad, it seems like this assassin does indeed have the capital to be a little arrogant" Ye Chen said in his heart.

Using a finger, the assassin moved dozens of blades flying around Ye Chen's body, dozens of flying blades quickly spread out in all directions circling near Ye Chen's body.

This knife only swirled around and had not yet attacked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen put his hands behind his back watching what the next hit man would do.

"Feel this" Dozens of flying knives pounced on Ye Chen from all directions.

When the Blade was a few inches from Ye Chen's body, the entire blade suddenly stopped.

" What ? "The contract killer was very surprised that all the knives he controlled were stopped, the hit man tried to pull all the knives back, unfortunately he could no longer control these blades.

"Yawn" Ye Chen yawned, he was tired of seeing this weak weak technique.

Seeing this person stronger than himself, the assassin used a smoke bomb to escape from Ye Chen.

The assassin used the speed he had to escape Ye Chen.

"Bamm" someone hit the killer down the building.

Ye Chen knocked the assassin who tried to escape from him.

The killer lay weak, the whole body of the killer suffered a fatal wound from Ye Chen's attack.

Even though Ye Chen had held back his strength to the maximum extent possible, still it hurt the killer very heavily.

"I don't have time to deal with you, tell me who sent you here" Ye Chen had run out of patience,

"I will not say, Assassins will not be afraid of death" Assassins insist they do not want to tell anyone who sent them.

"Are you sure you don't want to tell me? Ye Chen gave a last chance.

"I'm not afraid of your threat" The Assassin didn't look the least bit scared when Ye Chen kind of.

"Good" it seems like Ye Chen had no choice but to torture this killer, so he wanted to admit who had sent it.

"Bammm" Ye Chen used the aura he had to suppress the assassin.

The assassin is pressured until all the limbs held by the assassin are pressed tightly to the floor.

The assassin felt himself being crushed by a very heavy mountain, all the bones in his body trembled violently, even this bone gave a crisp sound to hear.

"Hurry up and say who has sent you? "Ye Chen said to the assassin who was mopping on the floor.

"Me. . . , will not . . . ever been. . . tell you "when he choked choked, this pressure made it hard to breathe.

Ye Chen praised the persistence of the Assassins, he added the pressure became stronger.

The pressure of Ye Chen's aura was getting stronger, a Assassins who was only in the 6th stage of Spirit Profound Realm, this pressure made him feel like he was in hell.

3 minutes Time passes, Assassin still doesn't want to say the person who sent it.

After 5 minutes blood began to emanate from various parts of the body of the assassin, Ye Chen's aura of strength could no longer be held up by the assassins.

" good . . . "I'll admit it, but please let me go first." The assassin has surrendered, he is no longer able to withstand the strength of Ye Chen's aura, and anyway there is no point in fighting with a cultivator master as strong as this.

The assassin knelt in front of Ye Chen "great master, actually I don't know who is the person who wants to kill you, I received this mission from the assassination association, someone offered a 10 million dollar reward for killing you," the contract killer explained to Ye Chen.

"Why did you accept the mission if you didn't know who paid you? "Asked Ye Chen.

"The rules at the assassination association are like that, the name of the client will be sounded, if the great lord wants to know you can go to the assassination association headquarters".

"Then where is the headquarters of the Assassins Association, I will go there to complete the account" Ye Chen intends to go there to find out who the person who tried to kill himself.

Assassins take a sip of saliva, this is the first time he has heard of anyone who dares to bless such a thing to the Association of Assassins.

"What do you think quickly say where it is" Ye Chen urged the assassin to say where the headquarters of the Assassins Association was located.

"The location of the assassination association headquarters is located west of the city, there is an old mansion, the assassination association headquarters is under the house," the assassin said the location of the assassination association headquarters.

After getting the desired answers there was nothing that Ye Chen needed in this place.

Ye Chen immediately went back to the bench where Liu Yue was waiting for him.

The assassin didn't see any trace of Ye Chen's whereabouts, he was relieved to be saved from this powerful monster.

"Damn, who would dare to fake a mission level, this person might be in the SSS Class Mission" Assassins condemned the people who had put up this mission, because from the start this killer mission only ranked D, that's why he was very confident killing Ye Chen

in the assassination association, the Client must specify the strength and background of the target, so that the association can choose the appropriate killer level category for this mission.

And this time it seems like the Client is really wrong in identifying the target's strength, even if he is paid hundreds of millions of hitmen won't dare to take a mission like this.