Journey To Become A True God Chapter 106

106 Do Artificial Respiration
Ye Chen returned to the place where he was waiting for Liu Yue to buy food, when he returned Liu Yue was sitting

and eating the food he had bought, several times Liu Yue looked around to look for Ye Chen's whereabouts.

"Where is my food", without realizing it, Ye Chen was sitting next to Liu Yue.

"Where have you been" Liu Yue helplessly where Ye Chen had gone.

"There was a group of intruders who came so I had to teach them a lesson." Ye Chen did not say that he just dealt with assassins

"Oh, this is your food" Liu Yue handed over the food box to Ye Chen.

In the food box that Liu Yue bought, there were fried noodles with lots of beef in them, on top of fried noodles there were vegetables and Jiaozi as a complement.

"It looks delicious" Ye Chen took Supit and prepared to eat this food.

Ye Chen used to eat food like this often, the price of food like this was relatively affordable for all walks of life.

Although the food that was bought was quite simple both of them ate it with great satisfaction, sometimes Ye Chen would feed Liu Yue, and vice versa.

After finishing the food both intend to return.

when Ye Chen and Liu Yue headed to the car park, there were a large crowd blocking their way.

"What's that? "Liu Yue wondered why these people were clustered in the middle of the road.

"Let's see, what is happening there" he invited Liu Yue to come closer and see what was happening there.

As Ye Chen and Liu Yue approached there was a woman who was lying weakly on the ground, another woman frantically tried to wake the woman who was unconscious.

Ye Chen knew these two women, one was Su Yuya and another was Feng Xue.

Su Yuya wore a casual dress, while Feng Xue wore a hat cover with large glasses to hide her appearance so that no one else would know.

Feng Xue currently fainted on Su Yuya's arm, Su Yuya tried to wake up the fainting Feng Xue.

"Xue's younger sister woke up what is happening to you" Su Yuya repeatedly tried to wake up Feng Xue who was fainted, but unfortunately Feng Xue did not respond at all which made Su Yuya very worried.

"Is there a doctor here" Su Yuya shouted to the crowd around here unfortunately they are not doctors.

"Isn't that Feng Xue and Su Yuya," Ye Chen said

"Husbands, you know them," asked Liu Yue, Liu Yue felt she had seen both of them but she had forgotten where she had seen them.

"Of course, the one who fainted is the popular female star Feng Xue and the adult woman is Su Yuya the head at the Crucifixion Zhao Yanyan" Ye Chen said the origin of Feng Xue and Su Yuya.

"Oh so she is the famous star of Feng Xue. she is a little familiar" because Feng Xue is currently disguised as Liu Yue, it is difficult to recognize her.

"I will help her " Ye Chen approached Feng Xue and Su Yuya.

"Miss Su, let me check her situation" Ye Chen spoke in front of Su Yuya.

"Mr. Ye Chen, can you help cure it?"

Su Yuya looked at Ye Chen hopefully.

"Let me check it first," he then took Feng Xue's pulse and examined it.

"I see." Ye Chen now understood why Feng Xue fainted, Feng Xue's heart turned out to be weak, he was too exhausted which resulted in a lack of oxygen to the brain.

"How's the situation?" Su Yuya asked Feng Xue's current condition.

"We have to give her artificial breath, when you give artificial breath you have to press her heart to be more effective" Ye Chen gave Su Yuya a way to treat Feng Xue.

"Then what are you waiting for, hurry up and do it" Su Yuya urged Ye Chen to immediately treat Feng Xue.

"Eh why should I, shouldn't you just do it, you're close to her " Ye Chen had to admit that Feng Xue was a beautiful woman, the problem was Feng Xue was too much in the center of the world's attention, if this was known to the world it would be very troublesome for Ye Chen.

Su Yuya didn't expect Ye Chen would refuse to give artificial breath to Feng Xue, if this was replaced by a normal man, they would be very happy to give artificial breath to female star Feng Xue.

"Hurry up, otherwise she will be harmed" Su Yuya urged Ye Chen to immediately treat Feng Xue.

"Fine, fine" Ye Chen leaned closer to Feng Xue's lips and kissed her, he began to give Feng Xue an artificial breath.

Ye Chen pressed Feng Xue's chest which was very soft to the touch.

Ye Chen used his profound energy to slightly heal Feng Xue's heart.

Ye Chen did this for 3 minutes before he released Feng Xue.

"Make sure that in the future she is no longer too exhausted, if that continues then she can lose her

life" before Ye Chen left he warned Su Yuya to advise Feng Xue so that in the future not too tired.

"Su Yuya just confessed" in Su Yuya's mind at this time it was only the scene of Ye Chen giving artificial breath to Feng Xue, even though Su Yuya was a mature woman, so far she had never done a kiss with a man.

"Cough. . . cough . . cough . . Feng Xue coughed and opened her eyes.

she woke up and saw the crowd around her "what was happening here" Feng Xue could not remember what had happened before.

"Xue's little sister you finally woke up I was very worried about your situation" Su Yuya hugged Feng Xue immediately.

"Yuya's sister is actually what happened" Feng Xue asked Su Yuya what happened to her.

Su Yuya told Feng Xue everything that had happened before, from the moment he fainted to being helped by Ye Chen.

Upon hearing from Su Yuya, Ye Chen made an artificial breath for her , Feng Xue's face immediately turned red like a tomato.

Feng Xue deservedly dreamed of being kissed by someone, it turns out it was real, Feng Xue touched her lips while thinking about something

"That means my first kiss was taken by Ye Chen" when thinking about this he was very embarrassed.

Feng Xue looked around to see where Ye Chen was, unfortunately she did not see the figure of Ye Chen "Yuya's sister where is Ye Chen" Feng Xue asked where Ye Chen was.

"Eh he" Su Yuya saw that Ye Chen had long disappeared from this place "he has left".

"Hate" Feng Xue was a little dissatisfied because Ye Chen left, this was the same as the first time Ye Chen had saved himself, that person always wanted to go when together with her.

As the most popular female star Feng Xue was angry at being treated like this, moreover it was still done by a man, whether his charm was less compared to Ye Chen's girlfriend.

"Yuya sister let's go from here" Feng Xue did not want to continue to be here, she immediately invited Feng Xue to get out of this crowd of people.