Journey To Become A True God Chapter 107

107 Go To The Assassin Headquarters
"Husband, how does it feel to kiss the famous Star Feng Xue".

"What kisses, it's artificial respiration," Ye Chen said.

"You're still trying to dodge it" Liu Yue then came close to Ye Chen's ear "Then husband, how does it feel when compared to kissing me" Liu Yue then blew Ye Chen's ear.

This girl deliberately did it, Ye Chen was a little itchy in his heart "for what you ask, you yourself would already know the answer".

"I just want to listen to myself from the husband's mouth" Liu Yue wanted to hear myself from Ye Chen.

One hand Ye Chen immediately wrapped around the back of Liu Yue's neck, he then brought Liu Yue close and Kissed her.

Liu Yue was very surprised at the kiss suddenly by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen started to insert his tongue into Liu Yue's mouth, Liu Yue did not refuse the invasion of Ye Chen's tongue. she started to greet Ye Chen's tongue.

Ye Chen began to greedily kiss Liu Yue. This sensation of kissing is incredible for Liu Yue.

Liu Yue's mind began to fly into the sky

"Bepp" the sound of a truck horn came from the front.

Liu Yue immediately broke away from Ye Chen, she just remembered that they were currently on the highway, and the car was still speeding on the asphal

Ye Chen deftly swerved and dodged the truck in front of them.

Liu Yue was very scared, her heart almost stopped beating because of fear.

"Ngungg" The sound of a passing truck beside their car.

"That was almost there" Liu Yue stroked her chest

"How, you have got the answer you want right?" Ye Chen smiled at Liu Yue.

"Yes" Liu Yue bowed her head, her face was very red.

Ye Chen drove the car to Liu Yue's house, Liu Yue then got out of the car

"Are you sure you don't want to stay at my house?" Ye Chen asked Liu Yue.

"Today I can not, I promised my grandmother to accompany her to dinner, sorry husband" Liu Yue apologized for not being able to go with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen: "Alright, if that's what you want, Yue I will use this car first".

"Well, it's up to you, anyway I also never use this car" Liu Yue does not matter Ye Chen brought this car, this is better than this car damaged in the garage.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot to give something to you, husband, you wait here for a while I'll get it." Liu Yue entered the house.

Ye Chen waited patiently for Liu Yue.

A few minutes later Liu Yue came back again this time she carried 3 golden tickets in her hand.

"Husband, here are the VVIP concert tickets that you asked for a few days ago", Liu Yue gave the three concert tickets Ye Chen asked for her.

Ye Chen received a ticket from Liu Yue "thank you for getting this ticket, Yanyan will definitely be very happy with this".

"Then I'll go first" Ye Chen said goodbye to Liu Yue.

"Be careful on the road" Liu Yue told Ye Chen to be careful while driving, so as not to destroy the car again.

Ye Chen immediately stepped on the gas and left Liu Yue's residence.

Liu Yue waved at Ye Chen who was farther and farther away, after the car Ye Chen had disappeared disappeared, she then entered the house.

Ye Chen driving towards the west, on the road he was looking for someone.

"There he is" Ye Chen finally found what he was looking for, he immediately got out of the car and went to the mask seller.

He intends to buy a ghost mask "uncle, what is the price of this ghost mask? "

"It's cheap for only 10 dollars," the uncle of the seller said the price of the ghost mask.

Ye Chen immediately paid for this ghost mask, after which he returned to the car again.

Ye Chen drove his car towards the western edge of the city, he intended to go to the Assassins association, to complete the account.

Ye Chen finally arrived at the ancient house said by the assassin earlier, this house looked very shabby some parts of the house were covered by weeds

He used spirit sensei to detect around this place, it was true what was said by an assassin who tried to kill himself, down here was a small town that was several hundred meters wide.

There are some people down there, the entrance down is in this house.

First of all Ye Chen took a black cloak from the storage room and wore it, he then wore the ghost mask he had just bought, Ye Chen's current appearance was like a ghost.

Ye Chen glanced at the fence to enter the courtyard, he stepped step by step towards the entrance.

Ye Chen opened the entrance to this ancient house, the door was not locked at all, inside there was an old man who was sitting in a chair while playing a knife.

Seeing someone come looking like a ghost, this old man was not at all alert "do you want to take a murder mission, or want to kill someone" the old man immediately asked the business of killing.

"I didn't come here for my second business, coming here to meet your boss, there's something I want to talk to him about" Ye Chen disguised the voice of being an old man.

"Indeed who do you want to talk to our boss, you should just leave here" this old man told Ye Chen to leave here.

It looks like this old man can't be compromised "if you don't call your boss right away I will tear apart this place and look for it myself" Ye Chen threatened to destroy this place.

"You bastard want to die" the old man was angry at Ye Chen's words, he quickly stood up and swung his knife towards Ye Chen's neck.

"Bammm" Ye Chen pressed the old man's neck against the wall using his arms.

"My patience has a limit if you don't immediately tell your boss where I'm really going to destroy this place." Ye Chen no longer used subtle ways to deal with assassins, it seemed that the hard way was more effective.

The old man really did not move at all right, he began to run out of breath because Ye Chen's arm pressed against his neck very strongly.

Seeing the old man almost faint Ye Chen let him go.

"Cough. . . . cough. . . . cough. . . "This old man coughed loudly.

With years of experience parents know that the person in front of him is a great master.

"Sir, wait a minute I will immediately call our boss" The old man did not dare to delay too long, he immediately went down to call a big boss.