Journey To Become A True God Chapter 108

108 Assassins Jin Bei And Cao Kim
The old man immediately ran towards the entrance to the ground, in this city of Assassin the lighting was minimal there were only a few fires illuminating the road, this was indeed a suitable place to be the headquarters of the Assassins.

The old man went to the biggest building in this place, the guards here already knew about this old man, so they didn't make it difficult for the old man to come inside.

"Boss, there is someone above who wants to meet you," the old man said to the man who was sitting and drinking.

In here there are two people one of whom is the boss of the Assassin association Jin Be, and the second is a blue haired young man named Cao Kim, both of whom are currently discussing something important.

"Don't you see we are busy here, tell that person I don't want to meet him" Jin Be is very angry because important business is interrupted at important times.

"But the problem is this guy's boss is very strong, he threatened that if he can't meet you he will destroy this place" the old man said Ye Chen's threat.

"What !!!, who is so brave he said like that, I will kill him" Jin Be very angry after hearing this threat, this is the first time anyone dares to threaten an assassin association in a blatant manner.

"Hahaha, it looks like that person is interesting, do you need my help to kill him? "Cao Kim offers help to Jim Be.

Cao Kim is ranked 3rd on the assassin list, he has the nickname reincarnation Gream reaper.

"No need, send some of our assassins to kill that person" Jin Be told the old man to send the best killer to kill Ye Chen.

"But Boss" the old man was a little hesitant to carry out Jin Be's orders.

"What are you waiting for quickly leave now" Jin Be angrily shouted at the old man.

"Bang" the entrance to this room was kicked until it was destroyed

The person who did this was Ye Chen who looked like a ghost.

"I heard someone wants to kill me" Ye Chen walked into the room very relaxed

"Who are you to dare to come here without permission" Jin Be asked Ye Chen who wore ghost clothes, this was the first time anyone had dared to come in here without permission.

"You don't need to know who I am, I came here because someone dared to try to kill my student, I want to know who is the mastermind who wants to kill my student" Ye Chen used a fake identity so that it wouldn't be discovered if it was him.

Therefore he pretended to be the master of himself.

"I don't care who you are but here we have a rule that is not to divulge our client's information" Jin Be did not want to say the name of the person who wanted to kill Ye Chen.

"My patience has limits, hurry up or say I'm going to destroy this place." Ye Chen cracked his fingers itching to destroy this place.

Jin Be raised his forehead dissatisfied, he took a sword from under the table and disappeared from his seat.

As a former experienced assassin, Jin Be can do very good camouflage in the darkness of this room.

Jin Be's embassy was at least the same as a cultivator at the peak stage of the Earth Realm.

"Dead" Jin Be was behind Ye Chen, he prepared to cut off Ye Chen's head.

Jin Be's "slash" cuts through the air, isn't it Ye Chen.

"It's still thousands of years too fast for you to kill me" Ye Chen was behind Jin Be.

" What!! "Jin Be immediately retreated as fast as he could. Jin Be felt threatening pressure from this person.

"I can't play this guy pretty great", the Shadow Clone Technique, Jin Be created a shadow illusion to confuse Ye Chen.

For Ye Chen this illusion was like a child's play, this was nothing even compared to his Nine Shadow technique.

Ye Chen used the nine-step shadow he headed in front of Jin Be and grabbed his neck, he then lifted Jin Be up.

Jin Be didn't see this person's movements at all, a few milliseconds ago Ye Chen was still far ahead of him but now this person had been strangling his neck

"Who exactly are you? "Jin Be is getting restless in his heart.

"Son, I told you you don't need to know who I am, I came here just to find out the person who wanted to kill my student, you understand" Ye Chen acted so mysteriously.

Jin Be nodded "then what is the name of your student" Jin Be asked what was the name of the student of this great master

"His name is Ye Chen, I just adopted him as my student, I have been looking for a student like this for tens of thousands of years, and today someone really dare to kill my student who makes me angry, if I knew the person I would definitely make him disappear from this world as soon as possible. "

Hearing what the man in the ghost cloak said, Jin Be tapped his water, this person just said he has lived for tens of thousands of years, what kind of monster is this person actually? I "

Ye Chen lowered Jin Bei to the ground, Jin Bei immediately went to find out who wanted to kill this person's pupil, Jin Be ran like a cat that had just been stepped on by his tail.

In the room only Ye Chen, Cao Kim and Old Man were left.

"You might be able to fool Jin Be but you might not be able to fool me" Cao Kim from before he now began to speak.

"Boy, what do you mean? "Ye Chen isn't very happy with Cao Kim's words.

"I know your words just lie, how could there be anyone living in this world for tens of thousands of years, that's just a myth" Cao Kim doesn't believe in this world there are people who can live tens of thousands of years, even the strongest person who ever met Cao Kim met only hundreds of years old.

"Hum, it seems like if I don't show a bit of my strength you won't believe it" Ye Chen wanted to let this person know his place.

"Well, let me see how strong you are" Cao Kim got up from his seat.

"I am Cao Kim, people call my reincarnation Grim Reaper, I will show you my reliable technique" Cao Kim's body emits an aura of death, this aura gradually covers Cao Kim's body and makes it look like a god of death wearing a black robe, in the air appears a giant scythe, this giant scythe is a 3rd class artifact.

Cao Kim held the giant scythe on his shoulder, then he pointed at Ye Chen using his finger "You will die" Cao Kim's voice turned into a frightening demon.

The Old Man who saw this immediately came out of the room, he did not want to be seen in this matter, from the rumors if Cao Kim used the form of the Grim Reaper then the person who saw him would surely die, he did not want to die in this place.

In this room the aura of death is getting stronger, Cao Kim's technique is truly quite unique, after using this technique the power of Cao Kim is at least in the 4th stage of the Sky Realm

Ye Chen wanted to see how strong the grim reaper technique was