Journey To Become A True God Chapter 109

109 Ye Chen Vs. Cao Kim
"I will show the power of this Being to you," Cao Kim turned his large saber in the air.

"Slash" One slice of large scythe instantly cuts this room in half horizontally.

Ye Chen was not at all surprised to see this, if Cao Kim did not have this Strength he was not worthy of having a level 4 Sky Realm power.

"Kyaaak, kyaaak, kyaaak, kyaaak, kyaaak, how?, Do you understand the power of my form?" Cao Kim's way of laughing really resembled the skull that is usually seen in film films.

"It's still too weak to defeat me" Ye Chen mocked Cao Kim's strength.

"Let's try what your strength really is as great as your arrogance" Cao Kim floated up he began to fly around Ye Chen.

Cao Kim's slash drew the scythe to Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen very easily avoided Cao Kim's attack.

Cao Kim did not give up he began swinging the scythe blindly at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen still dodged hundreds of Cao Kim's attacks very easily, even Cao Kim couldn't touch Ye Chen's robe at all.

"You coward, you only dare to avoid, quickly fight me" Seeing he could not attack Ye Chen, Cao Kim said like that so Ye Chen would want to fight him.

"Yawn, is this your only strength, if only this I would not show my strength to you" in Ye Chen's ghost mask yawning out of boredom, he thought Cao Kim would be better than, unfortunately it was still too weak.

"You bastard, don't be arrogant, I will show you the full power of my form." The aura of death in Cao Kim's body overflowed like water that is unstoppable.

Cao Kim used the full power he had, under the feet of Cao Kim the ground began to appear cracked.

Cao Kim turned into a black mist, disappearing from Ye Chen's view.

Ye Chen looked around for Cao Kim's whereabouts, which seemed to evaporate into the air.

Cao Kim reappeared behind Ye Chen's "slash" Cao Kim's scythe went straight past Ye Chen's body.

Seeing that his attack was successful Cao Kim laughed in his heart, it seemed like he thought this person was too strong.

"What" Cao Kim's pleasure was only for a moment, Ye Chen's body in front of him began to blur and disappear.

Cao Kim was very upset to see this, but he had been very confident that he had cut down Ye Chen.

"Applause, applause, applause, applause" Ye Chen appeared in front of Cao Kim while clapping.

Ye Chen had used the nine-step step to avoid Cao Kim's attack, what Cao Kim had attacked was only Ye Chen's shadow.

"Not bad, it was almost your attack on me" Ye Chen slightly praised Cao Kim's skill just now, Cao Kim's technique seemed to be a short-range teleportation technique, because in a few moments Ye Chen felt Cao Kim's whereabouts had disappeared from this world.

Cao Kim gripped his scythe tightly, This form would soon end, if he did not quickly defeat Ye Chen then he would not have another chance

Cao Kim again turns into fog and disappears from this world.

Ye Chen increased his alertness, this Cao Kim technique was a bit troublesome to track his whereabouts.

Cao Kim appeared and cut down Ye Chen, Ye Chen immediately avoided Cao Kim's attack.

Seeing Cao Kim's failed attack disappear again, Ye Chen felt this game was like a hide and seek.

It was unknown how many times Cao Kim disappeared, but none of his attacks hit Ye Chen.

"What bastard do you only dare to run like a cat, fight me and show your strength to me" Cao Kim is really very angry because all his belongings are not about this person.

"Alright, this time I won't avoid anymore and will fight you, show me the full power that you have" Ye Chen answered Cao Kim's challenge.

"A man will not withdraw his words. Get ready, soul revocation." Cao Kim's scythe began to suck the aura around Cao Kim.

Ye Chen was still standing where he was right now, seeing what Cao Kim wanted to do next

"Kyaaak, kyaaak, kyaaak, kyaaak, kyaaaaak, this time I will take your soul" Cao Kim destroyed his sickle very strongly.

"Slash, Boomm !! "A very strong explosion occurred in this place a lot of dust that scattered in this room.

The room that was previously good has now turned into rubble, inside there are two people standing face to face.

Ye Chen used his left hand to hold Cao Kim's scythe, "crakkk" Ye Chen smashed Cao Kim's scythe to pieces.

"I'll show you a bit of my strength to you," Ye Chen pressed Cao Kim's shoulder, which was turning into a Grim Riper.

He pressed Cao Kim's shoulder down "bammm" Cao Kim was directly pushed to the ground, the destructive power was so terrible that even a hole a few meters was formed because of the strength of Ye Chen's hand.

Cao Kim's Grim reaper mode soon disappears, Cao Kim turns into a human again, blood starts to leak out of his mouth, and some parts of Cao Kim's body.

Even though Ye Chen only pressed Cao Kim's shoulder with the arm of his destructive power, it was incredible, Cao Kim couldn't even move his body at all.

Jin Be who had been gone for a long time finally returned to the room, in the last seconds Jin Be saw the battle Ye Chen and Cao Kim.

he saw how this person defeated Cao Kim using only one left hand.

On the ground Cao Kim lay unconscious, Jin Be did not know how Cao Kim was at the moment.

"How did you manage to find the person who tried to kill my student" Ye Chen immediately asked Jin Be.

Jin Be knelt on the floor cupped his hands "great master, I have been investigating who it is, unfortunately we did not find the name of the client"

"Bammm" The entire underground city was shaken when Ye Chen used its aura, this place seemed to want to collapse by the pressure Ye Chen had "I told you if you didn't find it then you were the one I would destroy, do you understand? "

Jin Be broke out in a cold sweat, his body began to tremble with fear, as long as being an assassin Jin Be had never felt this much pressure, he felt this person could wipe himself out in an instant.

"Great master, wait a minute, even though I don't know who it is, I have managed to tap the location of that Clien, this is the address of the person who is trying to kill your student." Jin Be took a paper and handed it to Ye Chen.

In this paper written an address with great detail "good, I warn you this is the last time I hear the killer kill my soul, if there are more killers who dare to hurt my students and their families then you are the first person I will go to" Ye Chen then disappeared from this place .

Seeing the person with the ghost mask disappear Jin Be heaved a sigh of relief, Jin Be saw the current state of Cao Kim who was being pitched in a big hole.

When Jin Be saw Cao Kim's condition he was very surprised because some of Cao Kim's bones were destroyed, plus the veins and meridians that Cao Kim had were badly damaged, even though Cao Kim could survive, it was likely that he would become a disability for life.

"Fortunately, I'm not rash, if not maybe I will face the same as Cao Kim" Jin Be glad he did not fight Ye Chen, if not maybe the person lying on the ground now will be him.

"Ye Chen, what kind of lucky person has such a strong Master" Jin Be began to wonder who was the man named Ye Chen who was protected by the old monster just now.

Jin Be still has work to repair this place which is quite badly damaged, this damage will be replaced using Cao Kim's money, because he has become a defect Jin Be no longer needs to fear Cao Kim.