Journey To Become A True God Chapter 110

110 Revenge On Yun Hao
Ye Chen went to the location given by Jin Be, the location of the person who wanted to kill himself was in a 5 star hotel, to be exact on the top floor.

He approached the window and saw who was in the hotel room.

In the room there was a young man who was sitting in a chair enjoying a pan, and on the mattress there was a beautiful woman who was currently unconscious.

This young man was Yun Hao, this person was still trying to find trouble for himself, this time he would not let go of Yun Hao.

"Today I am very happy, finally I got rid of that guy named Ye Chen" He had hired a reliable assain, Ye Chen must be dead now.

Yun Hao took a sip of wine with great satisfaction "now is the time to have fun, I'm curious if this beautiful girl is still a virgin" He approached the beautiful woman who was fainting, Yun Hao was very lucky to find this beautiful woman while crossing the streets of this city.

Seeing this beauty on the road Yun Hao immediately told Li Hun to kidnap this woman, tonight Yun Hao would enjoy a beautiful night with this beautiful woman.

Yun Hao prepared to take off his clothes "Baaaamm" The room glass suddenly broke, outside there was someone with a robe floating outside the window, please note that this is the top floor, there is no way anyone could float on the top floor of this hotel.

"Ghost. . . . "Yun Hao was very scared to see this person floating like a ghost, his face really resembled a ghost.

that was because Ye Chen did indeed wear a Ghost mask

"Yun Hao, I'm a black ghost who wants to take your life" Ye Chen said in a slightly hoarse voice to make sure he was really a ghost.

"Black ghost please do not take my life, I am a good man" Yun Hao tried to ask for mercy from Ye Chen who was becoming a black ghost.

"Hahaha, do you think you can fool the great Black Ghost, I have seen all your behavior, this time there is no forgiveness for you" Ye Chen floated towards Yun Hao.

Seeing the black ghost approaching Yun Hao immediately ran towards the exit, unfortunately the exit could not be opened.

Ye Chen had created a barrier in this room, without his permission someone could not get out or enter this room.

Yun hao tried to break the door with all the power he had, the door did not move "Uncle Hun help me, someone wants to kill me" because he could not break the door Yun Hao tried to call in for help from outside the room.

"Hehehe, everything you do is useless," Ye Chen raised Yun Hao with mental strength

"Black ghost please give me a chance, I promise I will be a better person from now on" Yun Hao cried as he begged for mercy on Ye Chen.

"Sorry, there is no more chance for you," Ye Chen threw Yun Hao out of the window with a piece of glass so that someone would not suspect that this was a murder.

Ye Chen would not be kind anymore, if he let Yun Hao maybe this person could harm Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue, even though Ye Chen was great he could not always be 24 hours with all his wives, the only wife who did not worry him was only Fu Lanling, considering that Fu Lanling was stronger than himself, she could certainly look after herself.

Yun Hao's fearful screams could be heard for a moment before disappearing, this was the highest floor in this geung, Yun Hao must have died after falling from this height.

Ye Chen saw that the beautiful woman who had fainted at this moment had regained consciousness, the beautiful woman was looking at Ye Chen with fear.

Ye Chen flew closer towards this beautiful woman, this woman had a beautiful and smooth face like Jade, her height was around 170 cm with a chest size C, what was most interesting about this woman was on both legs and hips that looked very perfect and sexy, Ye Chen know why Yun Hao was so obsessed with this woman, moreover this woman was still a virgin.

"Black ghost please don't disturb me, I don't know anything" Beautiful woman tried to retreat backward trying to get away from Ye Chen, unfortunately behind was a wall that made a beautiful woman unable to retreat any further.

"Calm down, I won't do anything for you, I came here just to deal with Yun Hao, you must be a victim of that bad man right" Ye Chen's voice was no longer hoarse as before.

"Yes," the beautiful woman nodded, she felt a little relieved to hear that the Black Ghost wouldn't do anything to her, this woman's name was Li Qingzu, she was one of four school flowers, Li Qingzu today was working part-time to get extra money to help her family , but someone suddenly covered her nose with a handkerchief made her consciousness disappear.

When Li Qingzu woke up he was already in this place, she even saw the sight of a ghost before her eyes

"Come here" Ye Chen told Li Qingzu to get close to his collar.

Li Qingzu, with a little fear, headed towards Ye Chen, "tell me what's your name? Ye Chen first asked the name of this beautiful woman.

"Me. . . , me. . . , my name is Li Qingzu, "because LI Qingzu was afraid to stutter a little while answering Ye Chen's question.

Ye Chen felt that he had heard this name before, he tried to remember this name, right this was the flower of Li Qingzu's school that Zhang Liao had talked about, "Li Qingzu, I'm not a ghost, I came here indeed intending to deal with Yun Hao, the person who just died having a family with an extraordinary background, I'm afraid that if they don't find the killer they will definitely release everything to you, considering you are the only person in this room. "Ye Chen warned Li Qingzu.

Without realizing she had been dragged into this current, Li Qingzu was very confused "sir, then what should I do" Li Qingzu asked for help to the people in front of her.

"I can help you but with a condition" Ye Chen can help LI Qingzu as long as LI Qingzu wants to do Ye Chen's Terms.

"What is it," asked Li Qingzu, Li Qingzu was afraid that the requirements proposed by this person made no sense to her, how if this person wanted her body, various negative thoughts appeared in Li Qingzu's brain.

"Hehehe, it's very easy, you just need to keep your mouth shut for this incident, and forget what you see right now, do you understand?" Ye Chen said the Terms that must be done by Li QIngzu.

Hearing the conditions proposed by this person is very easy Li QIngzu immediately nodded her head "well, I swear never to say this to anyone, If I lie I am willing to be struck by lightning on the spot" Li Qingzu did not hesitate to swear in front of Ye Chen.

"Good, let's go" Ye Chen hugged LI Qingzu's waist and flew out of the hotel room, Li Qingzu could not believe that he could fly above the sky.

Under Ye Chen saw Yun Hao was in a pool of blood, many people crowded around looking at Yun Hao's corpse.

Because Ye Chen used the barrier he could not be seen by these people.