Journey To Become A True God Chapter 111

111 Cases That Are Difficult To Handle

Ye Chen brought Li Qingzu to fly as far as possible to a very safe place.

He dropped Li Qingzu in an alley of very few passers-by "now you may go, remember never to tell anyone about this incident" Ye Chen turned to leave.

"Sir, wait" Li Qingzu stopped Ye Chen.

" What else ? "Asked Ye Chen.

"May I know your name" Li Qingzu wanted to find out the name of this black ghost, however he was still her helper, if there was not this person maybe Li Qingzu would be harmed in Yun Hao's hands.

"I can't say my name, see you later" Ye Chen disappeared from this place.

Li Qingzu was increasingly curious about the identity of this black ghost, perhaps this was the first and last time the two were meeting.

Li Qingzu turned out of the alley, she also had to go home.

From the top of the building Ye Chen saw the departure of Li Qingzu, Ye Chen flew to his villa he wanted to see the current state of Li Qingzu.

After Ye Chen left, under the hotel where Yun Hao died was now guarded by police who secured the exact incident,

Luo Bing this time who took care of this case, Luo Bing tried to find the witness of this incident, unfortunately there were no eyewitnesses who saw how Yun Hao could fall.

"Miss Luo, we have the identity of this corpse, he is the young master of the Yun family who is in the capital" one of the police said the identity of this corpse.

Listen to this Luo Bing slightly raised his eyebrows, it looks like this case will be very difficult to handle, if Luo Bing doesn't give good results surely Yun's family will be very angry with the police.

"First bring this body to check whether there are wounds on his body or not, some people come with me we will look for evidence in the victim's room" Luo Bing gave orders to her subordinates.

The police swiftly carried out Luo Bing's orders, a lot of reporters were already in this place, the people who were killed were very special, of course many people.

Luo Bing took 3 police officers and went upstairs to the hotel. They headed to Yun Hao's room, because the door was locked the police were forced to break the entrance.

"What are you doing" Li Hun suddenly came from behind and shouted to the police to break down the entrance to his master's room.

Li Hun knew that Yun Hao was having fun with the woman he was taking drugs with, it would be very bad if the police knew about this.

"We came here to conduct an investigation. I hope you can work together," Luo Bing took out the police officer and showed Li Hun.

"Do you know this is the room of the Young Master of the Yun Family? If he knows that you are doing this you could lose your job" Li Hun scolded Luo Bing.

Li Hun didn't know that Yun Hao had fallen from the hotel, Li Hun had just gone to the bar in this hotel, of course he didn't know that Yun Hao was dead.

"Don't you know? Your young master is dead, we came here looking for clues whether it was a murder or pure accident." Luo Bing told the news of Yun Hao's death to Li Hun.

" What !!! "Li Hun was very surprised, he immediately knelt on the floor, if this was known by the Yun family then Li Hun and his family's life would be over.

Li Hun's job is to maintain Yun Hao's safety, if something happens to Yun Hao, then Li Hun will be blamed.

"Who dares to do that to our young master I will kill him" Li Hun kicked the door very hard, the strong hotel door was immediately destroyed from Li Hun's strength.

Luo Bing saw that Li Hun's strength was strong enough "it seems like he's a cultivator"

Li Hun looked around the room, in this room there was no one, even this room looked very neat, there were no traces of pickup in this place.

Only the broken window glass, apart from that everything is intact.

Luo Bing and the other police immediately entered the room, they began searching for evidence.

Luo Bing looked at this room with great curiosity, there was no trace of damage in this room, whether Yun Hao really was pure suicide.

After a while all the police investigating this place reported to Luo Bing.

"How did you find something?" Luo asked bing.

"Miss Luo Bing, from our search we did not find anything, here is really clean, even all the fingerprints we found in this room belonged to all of Yun Hao" the police immediately reported everything they had found.

seeing no evidence that Luo Bing was getting dizzy thinking about this case.

"Good job" Luo Bing gave praise to the police who had worked.

Luo Bing saw Li Hun looking up at the starry sky, no one knew what Li Hun was thinking right now.

let's go to the monitoring room, who knows, there we can get evidence. "Luo Bing and some police left this luxurious room.

After arriving at the monitoring room Luo Bing immediately sent guards to play the recording at the hotel before Yun Hao's death.

"Sorry, Miss Police, our CCTV was damaged from this afternoon, we can't do what you asked," the officer in the monitoring room apologized to Luo Bing.

Hearing this answer Luo Bing was not satisfied, this case became increasingly difficult to solve.

Luo Bing felt very strange about Yun Hao's death, unfortunately Luo Bing didn't have anything to prove it.

Luo Bing was helpless, he could only hope from the results of Yun Hao's body examination to confirm what was odd about this.

"You guys are looking for evidence inside this hotel, I will return to Yun Hao's room to ask people who are close to the deceased victims" Luo Bing told the police to continue to look for clues around this hotel.

Luo Bing returned to Yun Hao's room, Li Hun still knelt and looked towards the sky.

"Sir, may I ask for your time for a moment there is something I want to ask you" Luo Bing politely asked Li Hun.

" What is that ? "Asked Li Hun.

"We could not find the reason why your master died, the conclusion we have is that your young master committed suicide" from all the available evidence only that can be concluded by Luo Bing.

"Impossible, young master Yun can't kill himself, someone must have killed him. I'm sure of that," Li Hun denied Luo Bing's words.

"Then do you know someone who has hostility with Yun Hao in the near future," Luo Bing asked.

Li Hun began to think, Yun Hao did have a few enemies, but they were not strong enough to threaten Yun Hao at all, Li Hun began to remember the young man whose car was hit by Yun Hao.

Of all the people Li Hun met, he was the only person who dared to oppose Yun Hao even after knowing that Yun Hao was from the Yun family.

"This is just my guess, maybe that person is Ye Chen, a few days ago he had a bit of animosity with our young master, because that person's car had been hit by our young master's car.

"Mention the characteristics of that person to me, I will try to find information on whether he is seen or not in this case" this is still a conjecture from Li Hun, Luo Bing can not arrest someone without valid evidence.

"Thank you for working together, excuse me." Luo Bing left the room, he wanted to confirm the identity of this person.