Journey To Become A True God Chapter 112

112 Visited Zhao Yan Yan And Lin Ruoxi Place
Ye Chen didn't know that he had missed something important, apparently he was still suspected of being a suspect by Li Hun.

He returned to his villa "Linger, Linger, where are you" Ye Chen called Fu Lanling several times.

But there is no answer at all from this villa "is it possible she is still inside the fairy gate? "Ye Chen then entered the fairy gate.

"Yuechan, where are you?" Ye Chen called out to Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen waited quite a long time but Chu Yuechan did not come here, this was the first time Chu Yuechan did not come when called by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen kept shouting Chu Yuechan's name many times, but Chu Yuechan did not come.

"Where exactly did the girl go, it is not usual for her not to appear" Ye Chen was forced to look for Chu Yuechan in this place.

Ye Chen searched throughout the fairy gates, but did not find the whereabouts of Chu Yuechan and Fu Lanling.

"Where exactly are the two of them?" Ye Chen could not find Chu Yuechan's whereabouts.

Not finding the whereabouts of Chu Yuechan and Fu Lanling Ye Che surrendering, he looked for a seat to see the ownership status of the fairy gate.

After doing dual Cultivation with Fu Lanling, the fairy gate should level up, because the aura in the fairy gate is purer than before.

Ye Chen wanted to see it.

Details of the Fairy Gate ruler

Lvl: 3

Name: Ye Chen

Age: 19 years old

Strength: Fourth level Overlord Realm

Inherited: God of Sage

Techniques: The King's Heart Technique, Dewa's Path Technique, Step Nine Shadow, DESOLATE PALMS Technique, breaking meteor blow

one hundred thousand fire Swords,? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

(Author's note: Other Technical Details follow: V).

Woman: Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling

Current Exp: 150/198

After doing Dual cultivation with Fu Lanling the fairy gate directly leveling up, Ye Chen couldn't wait to see what he could get this time.

Ye Chen saw the presents from the rising level of the fairy gate: 1 x life pill, 3 x heavenly beauty pill, wooden doll in the open practice room.

Ye Chen had heard of Life Pill, this pill can squeeze someone into a dying state, you could say this pill is a life-giving pill, this pill is also very difficult to get

For heavenly beauty pill Ye Chen had never heard of it, he saw the details of this Pill.

heavenly beauty pill: This pill can make a woman look like a goddess, this pill has a lifetime effect after being eaten.

Seeing the details of this Pill Ye Chen was surprised, if this is true then even less beautiful women can be very beautiful.

The latter is a wooden doll for training, this doll can be used as an exercise, the strength of this doll can be set according to the will.

"Not bad" for Ye Chen this gift is not bad at all.

"Master, why are you here?" Chu Yuechan came from afar, she yawned while closing it with her hands, Chu Yuechan looked like she just woke up.

"Finally, you also remember your master, I have called you many times but you do not want to answer my calls" Ye Chen scolded Chu Yuechan.

"I was taking a nap to maintain beauty, indeed what was wrong with that" Chu Yuechan easily carried Ye Chen

Seeing he could not scold Chu Yuechan Ye Chen gave up "forget it, by the way where Fu Lanling said" Ye Chen asked where Fu Lanling was.

"Oh beautiful sister is closing herself in the practice room, she said she wanted to stabilize her breakthrough, I think she will not come out for a few days at the fairy gate" Chu Yuechan told Fu Fuling what she was doing right now.

"I see, then I'll leave first" because Fu Lanling was closing in, Ye Chen wanted to visit Lin Rouxi for treatment.

Ye Chen almost forgot to complete the treatment process for Lin Rouxi.

"Well, it's up to you, I want to go back to sleep" Chu Yuechan turned and disappeared.

Ye Chen shook his head, Ye Chen began to know that Chu Yuechan had a lazy side too.

Ye Chen left the fairy gate and flew towards Zhao Yanyan's dormitory.

It didn't take long for Ye Chen to arrive at Zhao Yanyan's dormitory.

"Knock. . . , knock . . , knock . . , "Ye Chen knocked on the entrance of Zhao Yanyan's dormitory, he did not notify Zhao Yanyan's arrival to surprise her.

After a while the door was opened by a middle-aged woman, the woman who opened the door was Sui Xi's mother Lin Rouxi.

"Ye Chen is you," Sui Xi welcomed Ye Chen with a smile.

"Oh aunt Sui a long time no see" Ye Chen was a little awkward when talking to Sui Xi, Ye Chen did not know that Sui Xi lived in a hostel owned by Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen thought Ms. Lin Rouxi had already left this city.

"Mother, who is out there" from Lin Rouxi asked the Sui Xi.

"Rouxi come here quickly, see your boyfriend come to visit you" Sui Xi called Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi immediately ran towards the entrance "Ye Chen why are you here" Lin Rouxi was quite surprised Ye Chen suddenly came here.

"Come on Rouxi, your boyfriend came a long way, come at least coir him well" Sui Xi slightly scolded Lin Rouxi who was rude to Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, let's go in, we happened to be having a small party." Sui Xi invited Ye Chen into the room.

Ye Chen entered inside, he and Lin Rouxi followed behind Sui Xi.

"Ye Chen why did you come here" Lin Rouxi asked in a small voice so that her mother would not listen to what they were talking about.

"I deliberately came here to treat you, did you forget that there is still one treatment for your wound to heal?" Ye Chen explained to Lin Rouxi the purpose of his coming here.

On the other hand Ye Chen also wanted to meet with Zhao Yanyan, these past few days Ye Chen had not seen Yanyan.

When he got in the room there was Zhao Yanyan who was eating a popsicle while watching TV, Zhao Yanyan had heard Ye Chen come, she smiled at Ye Chen.

"Rouxi, you accompany Ye Chen here, let me cook the food for you," Sui Xi let Lin Rouxi accompany Ye Chen so he wouldn't get bored.

"No, Mother, let me help you, anyway you will be too tired if you do it alone", Lin Rouxi didn't want her mother to be too tired from cooking alone.

"Then what about Ye Chen? "Said Sui Xi.

"Let Yanyan's younger sister who accompanied him speak here, the two of them have also known each other long ago" Lin Rouxi gave a blink signal to Zhao Yanyan to ask for help.

"Don't worry, aunt, I will accompany Ye Chen's brother here" Zhao Yanyan deliberately called Ye Chen brother to convince Lin Rouxi's acting

"Well, if you want it," Sui Xi and Lin Rouxi then headed to the kitchen.

In this upper level dormitory the kitchen and living room were separated by a wall, what Lin Rouxi and Sui Xi did in the kitchen could not be seen by Ye Chen.

"My husband misses you a lot" Zhao Yanyan hugged Ye Chen, in the past few days he had not met with Ye Chen.

"Big wife, do you miss me" Ye Chen's hands began to dishonestly play with the two milk belonging to Zhao Yanyan.

"Ahhh" Seeing what Ye Chen Zhao Yanyan did not try to fight, she closed her mouth using her hands so that her voice did not leak out.

The living room and kitchen are only separated by one, if Zhao Yanyan did not close her mouth Lin Rouxi and Sui Xi could hear her voice.

"Husband not here, I'll give it to you later" Zhao Yanyan tried to bargain with Ye Chen.

"What is the problem doing here, you are my wife" Ye Chen kissed Zhao Yanyan's lips.

Zhao Yanyan did not have the strength to fight Ye Chen, while doing this with Ye Chen Zhao Yanyan's body enjoyed it greatly.

After a while Zhao Yanyan broke away from Ye Chen's kiss, Zhao Yanyan said to Ye Chen "your husband tonight is Rouxi's sister's boyfriend, if this was known by aunt Sui it would be very dangerous for Rouxi's sister".

"Don't worry, you don't need to wire as long as I don't do anything suspicious. Aunt Sui wouldn't be suspicious if we were a fake couple." Ye Chen squeezed both Zhao Yanyan's Milk.

Ye Chen felt that the two Zhao Yanyan rabbits had grown a little bigger. "Yanyan's wife, is yours yours getting bigger here?" Ye Chen squeezed more forcefully.

"Well I really feel these two things are getting bigger" said Zhao Yanyan with a red face.

"Is it because I squeeze it often, which makes these two objects bigger" Ye Chen pinched the two peaks of Zhao Yanyan Cherry.

"Ah, husband is softer," Zhao Yanyan's whimpering voice sounded very pleasant to hear.

Ye Chen was not satisfied with just touching from behind the cloth, Ye Chen rolled Zhao Yanyan's clothes up and showed the bra worn by Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan was currently wearing a black lace bra, this made Ye Chen aroused when he saw Zhao Yanyan "Yanyan's wife, you are getting bolder" Ye Chen whispered in Zhao Yanyan's ear.

Zhao Yanyan was even more ashamed, said Ye Chen's words, stimulating his body and mind.

Ye Chen intended to take off Zhao Yanyan's black lace bra.