Journey To Become A True God Chapter 113

113 When You Will Get Married
When Ye Chen intended to take off Zhao Yanyan's black lace bra, the kitchen door suddenly opened and Lin Rouxi came out of the kitchen.

Zhao Yanyan frantically pushed Ye Chen and immediately tidied up her clothes.

"Ye Chen, Yanyan what are you doing", Lin Rouxi asked what Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan were doing.

Lin Rouxi was told by Sui Xi to see the situation of Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan.

"Teacher Lin, we are watching TV" Ye Chen was not as cool as Zhao Yanyan he could still answer Lin Rouxi's questions.

"Ye Chen, don't take me as Lin's teacher, if my mother knew, it would ruin everything I've done so far" Lin Rouxi Holding her hips scolded Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi did not like being arranged by her mother the most, as long as she and Ye Chen could convince her mother, Lin Rouxi did not need to think about blind dates for some time in the future.

"OK, dear Rouxi" Ye Chen gestured using his hands.

Lin Rouxi had a red face, Ye Chen was getting more and more courageous towards her.

Lin Rouxi turned her attention to Zhao Yanyan, she saw Zhao Yanyan bowed her head, Zhao Yanyan's face slightly reddened.

"Yanyan what's wrong with you, are you not feeling well" Lin Rouxi wondered how Zhao Yanyan was.

"I'm fine, it's just that I feel this room is a bit hot" Zhao Yanyan looked for an excuse so Lin Rouxi wasn't suspicious.

"It's not too hot here, do I need to turn off the heater in this room? "Lin Rouxi suggested turning off the heater in this room.

"No need, I'm fine with this" Zhao Yanyan turned red, the reason she used looked very flawed, Lin Rouxi might already be suspicious of her.

Lin Rouxi felt Zhao Yanyan was a little strange today "the food will be ready in 15 minutes, I will return to the kitchen." After saying that the food will be ready, Lin Rouxi returned to the kitchen.

After Lin Rouxi left, Zhao Yanyan felt a little relieved "husband, it's your fault we were almost found by Lin Rouxi's sister" Zhao Yanyan was a little dissatisfied with Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan had to admit the stimulus when it was found to be quite pleasant, if Zhao Yanyan said this to Ye Chen maybe Ye Chen would be even bolder than before.

"Don't be mad Yanyan dear, let's continue the previous one" Ye Chen put his hand closer to Zhao Yanyan's body.

This time Zhao Yanyan stopped Ye Chen's hand invasion "Ye Chen don't be naughty, I can give it tonight" after saying that Zhao Yanyan was awake and headed to her bedroom.

Zhao Yanyan intended to change her wet underwear because Ye Chen, wearing wet clothes was not very comfortable for her.

Because Zhao Yanyan left, Ye Chen was left alone in the living room, Ye Chen could only watch TV alone.

Right now on TV there is the latest news program, reporters say that if someone falls from an upper floor in a five-star hotel, the reporter also said the victim was thought to be from one of four large families who came from the capital.

It seems like there will be a storm in this city, the Yun family will definitely not stay silent.

In the Yun family, precisely in the big manor there was a man who was sitting while watching the news on TV, this man was Yun Hao's father, he had just heard the news of Yun Hao's death from Li Hun.

This man was Yun Pojun, he was the current head of the Yun family, Yun Pojun was very angry at this news, Yun Hao was the only son possessed by Yun Pojun, news of Yun Hao's death made Yun Pojun sad.

Yun Pojun will really spoil Yun Hao, even though Yun Hao raped a woman or killed someone Yun Pojun will turn a blind eye on this.

Yun Hao was the future heir of the clan, now that he was dead, then the candidate would definitely be the son of his other brother.

"You bastard, who would dare to do this, if I find out who the killer is, I will definitely kill that person with my own hands" Yun Pojun vowed to kill Yun Hao's killer.

"Elder Gu quickly go looking for clues who killed my son, if you find the person immediately give me news" Yun Pojun said to Yun Gu who is currently in the dark.

"I will immediately carry out your orders Clan leader" without asking Yun Gu immediately do what is ordered by Yun Pojun.

"Son, just wait I will get revenge for you" Yun Pojun holds his hand very strongly.

While in other places

Feng Xue also saw the latest news, Feng Xue must have guessed who this dead man was, he must be Yun Hao.

Even though Yun Hao often bothered him, Feng Xue was still sorry for Yun Hao's death.

at the police station.

Luo Bing saw a sketch of a face that had been painted in accordance with the characteristics that Li Hun said "isn't this Ye Chen the servant of Liu Yue" it is impossible for someone like Ye Chen to offend the four big families in this country.

Luo Bing contacted subordinates who were still at the scene, Luo Bing sent a picture of his subordinates to Li Hun.

After waiting for about 10 minutes Luo Bing got an answer from underneath if this sketch really was the one who had a few days ago argued with young master Yun.

After gaining clarity, Luo Bing immediately looked for Ye Chen's identity in the state secret database.

In the storage database, Ye Chen's appearance was completely different from before, Luo Bing saw that Ye Chen from then and now was very different.

out of curiosity Luo Bing sent the Ye Chen identity document to the central headquarters to find complete details about Ye Chen.

We return to the hostel Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi.

at the table was filled with food that had been made by Sui Xi and Lin Rouxi.

All of these foods look delicious to eat, Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan, Lin Rouxi, and Sui Xi have gathered around the dining table.

"Let's start this party," Sui Xi said with great enthusiasm.

"Cheers" everyone raises the drink glass, because Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi do not drink alcoholic beverages, the drink is changed to orange juice.

Everyone began to eat the food on the table.

"Ye Chen how is your work, is there an increase in it" Sui Xi asked Ye Chen's work, Sui Xi was still doubtful whether Ye Chen was indeed just a fruit seller.

"I am currently starting a company and now I have started operating" Ye Chen did not hide that he had just set up a new company.

"That's good, your future will definitely be very bright" Sui Xi praised Ye Chen.

"Thank you, Aunt ..." Ye Chen's voice stopped and his face was a little dark, feeling Lin Rouxi who was next to him twisted his waist very hard.

Lin Rouxi looked at himself with a little dissatisfaction, Ye Chen bragged too much in front of her mother

"What's wrong, what dish I made is not good" Sui Xi doesn't know Ye Chen's taste maybe he doesn't like this food.

"No, my aunt's cooking is pretty good, even this is better than what Rouxi often makes." Ye Chen immediately replied so there was no misunderstanding,

"Oh, so Rouxi often cooks for you, it seems like your relationship has developed quite a lot" heard this Sui Xi was happy, Sui Xi was worried about Lin Rouxi because at this age she didn't have a boyfriend, when other Rouxi friends married.

"Oh yeah, Ye Chen, when are you going to get married, you already have plans in the future right? "Asked Sui Xi.

"Cough" Lin Rouxi who heard this from her mother immediately choked, she did not expect her mother would ask this to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was quite confused to answer Sui Xi's question, Ye Chen sought help from Lin Rouxi.

"Mother, what are you saying, we are young and haven't thought about it yet" Lin Rouxi spoke to her mother.

"Rouxi want to when you are like this, once your mother married your father at a much smaller age than you" Sui Xi advised Lin Rouxi to get married to Ye Chen as soon as possible.

"We will talk about it in the future, after all Ye Chen and I have just started a relationship, we will do it slowly, right Ye Chen" Lin Rouxi smiled at Ye Chen, but Ye Chen knew that this smile was not sincere to him, Lin Rouxi's smile try to warn Ye Chen.

"Auntie, you don't need to worry, we will slowly discuss it in the future" Ye Chen immediately said to Sui Xi.

"If that's your wish then do it, Ye Chen. I hope you get married to Lin Rouxi as soon as possible, otherwise aunty might consider looking for another candidate." Sui Xi did not forget to warn Ye Chen.

This warning was intended for Ye Chen to marry Lin Rouxi immediately.

"I understand aunty" Ye Chen smiled a little ambiguously at Sui Xi's words.

Ye Chen did indeed like Lin Rouxi, but Ye Chen did not know whether Lin Rouxi also liked him.

Zhao Yanyan laughed at this play, he didn't want to interfere and just watched.

All returned to eat their food