Journey To Become A True God Chapter 114

114 Lin Ruoxis Second Healing Session
After finishing eating Aunt Sui Xi and Zhao Yanyan washing the dishes, Lin Rouxi immediately brought Ye Chen into herroom.

"Ye Chen, what treatment this time has to take off the skirt like before?" Lin Rouxi asked with a reddened face.

"Of course hurry up and take off your skirt, we will start right away" Ye Chen told Lin Rouxi to take off the skirt, he didn't want to waste time

"Ye Chen, what treatment this time has to take off the skirt like before?" Lin Rouxi asked with a reddened face.

"Of course hurry up and take off your skirt, we will start right away" Ye Chen told Lin Rouxi to take off the skirt, he didn't want to waste time

Lin Rouxi pursed her lips, even though Ye Chen had seen her before, Lin Rouxi was still ashamed when Ye Chen's thighs were seen.

"This is all for the sake of being recovered" Lin Rouxi assured herself and began to take off her Skirt.

Now Lin Rouxi's Skirt had disappeared and left a plain white panties.

Ye Chen never left his eyesight from Lin Rouxi's private place

"Ye Chen, let's do it right away" Lin Rouxi could see Ye Chen's fiery gaze, she didn't scold Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi felt a little happy knowing that her charms could make her students fascinated.

"Teacher, please lie on the bed" Ye Chen told Lin Rouxi to lie on the bed.

Lin Rouxi obediently lay on the bed, she waited for Ye Chen to treat.

Ye Chen approached and lifted Lin Rouxi's two legs "Lin teacher, it will be a little hot so I hope you can hold it".

Ye Chen's two hands were on Lin Rouxi's thighs, he used the power of fire to melt the Freezing Yang in Lin Rouxi's muscular tissue.

Lin Rouxi felt incredible heat from Ye Chen's hand, this was different from the first time "Ye Chen is very hot it feels like my skin is going to burn" Lin Rouxi whimpered because of the heat from Ye Chen's hand.

"Teacher Lin Hold it for a while, this will soon be over" Ye Chen guided the fire to find a freeze in Lin Rouxi's muscular tissue.

Lin Rouxi used her hands to try to suppress the screaming from being heard from outside the room.

After 5 minutes of Ye Chen's struggle to pull the hand he had, Ye Chen took a needle and pierced Lin Rouxi's thighs.

Lin Rouxi felt like being bitten by an ant when Ye Chen stuck a needle in her thigh.

The needle let out a cold steam, the cold air in Lin Rouxi's body finally came out perfectly, now Lin Rouxi had recovered completely.

"Teacher, it's over" Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi who was lying on the bed.

Lin Rouxi's breath went up and down, all of Lin Rouxi's clothes were wet from sweat, this made her look even more erotic.

Lin Rouxi did not have the strength to wake up from the bed 'Ye Chen helped the teacher wake up." Lin Rouxi could only ask Ye Chen to help get out of bed.

Ye Chen helped Lin Rouxi get out of bed

"Thank you, I will go take a shower first" Lin Rouxi tried to stand up, when Lin Rouxi had just stood up suddenly her legs were weak and almost fell.

Luckily Ye Chen who was near Lin Rouxi immediately caught her so Lin Rouxi didn't fall to the floor.

Ye Chen hugged Lin Rouxi's waist and brought Lin Rouxi closer to his arms "Teacher I'll help you go to the bathroom".

Lin Rouxi was very comfortable while in Ye Chen's arms, Ye Chen's smell made him excited, Lin Rouxi looked at Ye Chen with very soft eyes, Lin Rouxi involuntarily advanced her lips and closed her eyes asking for a kiss from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was quite surprised to see Lin Rouxi at the moment. Seeing this Ye Chen knew what Lin Rouxi wanted, he brought his lips closer and kissed Lin Rouxi.

Both of them finally kissed, Lin Rouxi felt an extraordinary feeling in her heart while kissing with Ye Chen.

This is very exciting and fun

"Clank" room door suddenly opened, Lin Rouxi and Ye Chen were very surprised when the door opened.

"Rouxi, is Ye Chen gone? . . "Sui Xi's words stopped.

Sui Xi saw that Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi were kissing in this room, Lin Rouxi's skirt had disappeared and left panties, stupid people know what they were doing "ahh, sorry to disturb your good things" Sui Xi hurriedly closed the door in panic.

Sui Xi did not think that her daughter's relationship with Ye Chen had come this far, Sui Xi didn't need to worry anymore about her second marriage, it seemed that soon the two of them would be in a relationship even further. Sui Xi left the entrance of Lin Rouxi's room with a smile.

Lin Rouxi's face turned red like an apple, both of them were found in this condition by her mother, how was she not ashamed of this, Lin Rouxi scolded herself for being too carried away, Ye Chen was still her student as a teacher where Maybe Lin Rouxi did something indecent with her own student.

Lin Rouxi immediately broke away from Ye Chen's embrace and went to the bathroom in this room, Lin Rouxi locked the door so that someone could not enter inside.

Seeing the departure of Lin Rouxi Ye Chen felt lost, even though it was almost a good thing to do.

" rumbling. . . . rumbling. . . . rumbling. . . . rumbling. . . . . "

Outside the lightning strikes, it looks like it will rain soon.

Ye Chen came out of Lin Rouxi's room, in the living room, Zhao Yanyan was playing a card game with Sui Xi.

"Auntie, I said goodbye" Ye Chen said goodbye wanted to go home.

"Why hurry, stay longer here, I'm sure Rouxi will be glad you stayed here longer." Sui Xi didn't let Ye Chen leave and wanted him to stay here longer.

"Auntie, if I don't go home soon it will rain" Ye Chen still insisted to go home.

Ye Chen couldn't wait to go home and enter the fairy gate to do Dual Cultivation with Zhao Yanyan at the fairy gate tonight, the next Ye Chen would not let go of Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen gestured for Zhao Yanyan to enter the fairy gate tonight

The rain suddenly fell very hard at all

"Ye Chen, how about you stay here tonight, it's raining very hard outside, it's not good to go home when it's raining like this" looking outside the rain is very heavy, Sui Xi suggested Ye Chen to spend the night in this hostel.

Ye Chen felt bad continually rejecting the kindness of aunt Sui Xi continuously "well I'll be here until the rain subsides"

"Ye Chen come here, let's play cards together" Zhao Yanyan called Ye Chen to play the card game.

Ye Chen sat next to Zhao Yanyan and joined the card game with these two women.