Journey To Become A True God Chapter 116

116 Lin Ruoxi Peeked
Zhao Yanyan groaned as Ye Chen sucked her two cherries "ahh, husband slowly" Zhao Yanyan tried to hold her voice so as not to leak out.

Next to this room was Lin Rouxi's room, if Zhao Yanyan's voice was too loud maybe Lin Rouxi would be able to hear it very clearly.

"Husband let's change the location to the fairy gate, I don't think this place is suitable" Zhao Yanyan suggested to change the location, if here Zhao Yanyan could not shout because it would wake Sui Xi or Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen let go of the two Zhao yanyan cherries, "wife, it looks good here, after all I have never done it in your room before" Ye Chen felt that this place was good enough, the fragrance of Zhao Yanyan's body really filled this entire room.

"But" Zhao Yanyan was still doubtful.

"Don't worry, I'll make a sound barrier so someone can't hear what we are doing" Ye Chen then made a sound barrier that covered this room.

Ye Chen carried Zhao Yanyan and put it on his lap, "Yanyan, you are so beautiful" Ye Chen bit Zhao Yanyan's ear.

"Ah. . . . . . . "Zhao Yanyan was amused, a groan leaked out.

Ye Chen's hand continued to touch every inch of Zhao Yanyan's body, under Zhao Yanyan it was already very wet, the pleasure that Ye Chen gave.

"Yanyan what if we try something new" Ye Chen whispered in Ye Chen's voice.

"Husband, what is that? Zhao Yanyan asked what Ye Chen wanted.

Ye Chen whispered and said in Zhao Yanyan's ear, Zhao Yanyan was very embarrassed when she heard what new things Ye Chen wanted.

Zhao Yanyan rose from Ye Chen's body and knelt under Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan began to release Ye Chen's Pants.

After Ye Chen's pants were removed a large object appeared before Zhao Yanyan's eyes, despite having seen several times Zhao Yanyan still could not believe Ye Chen's belongings this big.

she touched an object that was as hard as iron and heat, Zhao Yanyan looked up to see Ye Chen, she was still a little hesitant when she wanted to do it.

Zhao Yanyan put her face on Ye Chen's large meat stick and then stuck it into her mouth.

Because it was too big, Zhao Yanyan could only put one-fourth in her mouth.

Zhao Yanyan's mouth began to move back and forth.

Ye Chen felt his lower part enter into something warm and moist, this sensation was extraordinary

"Cough. . . . . cough. . . . . cough. . . . . "Zhao Yanyan choked and vomited Ye Chen's object, she felt she couldn't breathe.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan not used to Ye Chen feeling sorry for "wife, are you alright? , what should we stop this ".

"No, I want to try again." Zhao Yanyan didn't want to give up, she wanted to make Ye Chen happy.

Zhao Yanyan put Ye Chen's large object back into her mouth, this time Zhao Yanyan began to get used to Ye Chen's large meat stick.

Zhao Yanyan's movements were still clumsy and sometimes Zhao Yanyan's teeth scratched Ye Chen's "wife don't use your teeth" Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan not to use teeth.

Ye Chen was also the first time doing this, as much as possible he guided Zhao Yanyan to be smarter.

thanks to the guidance of Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan started to do it smart, Zhao Yanyan began experimenting with using her tongue.

"Wife, that's amazing" Ye Chen shouted as well as Zhao Yanyan sucked his younger brother.

Seeing Ye Chen enjoy it, Zhao Yanyan felt very satisfied. "" Slurp. . . . . , Slurp. . . . . , Slurp. . . . . , Slurp. . . . . , "Zhao Yanyan started to suck strongly like a vacuum cleaner.

Outside the door there was someone peeking out from a small gap, Lin Rouxi could not believe what she was seeing. At present, Zhao Yanyan the girl thought purely by Lin Rouxi was currently sucking on a man's genitals, moreover that man was Ye Chen.

A few moments ago Lin Rouxi awoke from sleep, when she woke up she didn't see Ye Chen anywhere, out of curiosity where Ye Chen was going. Lin Rouxi was looking for Ye Chen's whereabouts.

Lin Rouxi searched the entire house, but did not find Ye Chen's whereabouts.

Lin Rouxi then saw that the door of Zhao Yanyan's room was slightly open, she was curious whether Ye Chen was in Zhao Yanyan's room or not, Women's instinct Lin Rouxi said that Ye Chen might be in Zhao Yanyan's room.

Lin Rouxi slowly approached, Lin Rouxi then peeked in the small gap of the door, When he looked into Lin Rouxi, he was suddenly shocked.

Lin Rouxi saw Zhao Yanyan kneel under a man, and held a large object belonging to the man, Lin Rouxi had no idea that a man's object could be this big.

Lin Rouxi looked at the man's face, it turns out this man was Ye Chen, she was very surprised to see Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan having this kind of relationship.

Lin Rouxi wanted to go in and rebuke the two of them, but Lin Rouxi couldn't move from where he stood, Lin Rouxi felt her body heat when she saw the scene between Ye Cehn and Zhao Yanyan.

Lin Rouxi never left her eyes flashing at the great Ye Chen object.

Ye Chen felt someone was peeking, he looked towards the entrance and saw someone indeed was peeping at them, the eyes of Lin Rouxi and Ye Chen met.

Lin Rouxi who saw Ye Chen found her immediately left from the front of Zhao Yanyan's room, she immediately rushed back into her room.

After closing the door, Lin Rouxi slumped to the floor, Lin Rouxi's breathing rose and went down, her body also felt hot and uncomfortable, she saw that her bottom was wet again, Lin Rouxi felt that her lower parts were often wet after Ye Chen touched her body for the first time.

Lin Rouxi trembled slightly as she walked towards her bed, she continued to imagine the large object belonging to Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi tried to get rid of that thought but still that thought crossed her mind, Tonight would be a long night for Lin Rouxi.

Zhao Yanyan was still focused on serving Ye Chen, she did not know that Lin Rouxi just took a peek at what she was doing with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen deliberately did not tell Zhao Yanyan that Lin Rouxi had just peeked at this room.

Ye Chen felt that he had reached the limit "Yanyan I will shoot" Ye Chen grabbed Zhao Yanyan's head and held her back. "

"Byurr. . . . ., byurrr. . . . ., byurrr. . . . ., byurrr. . . . "A white magma eruption filled Zhao Yanyan's mouth.

Zhao Yanyan felt her mouth tight and forced to swallow Ye Chen's burden "Glup. . . . ., Glup. . . . ., Glup. . . . ., Glup. . . . . "Zhao Yanyan's voice swallowed.

The taste of Ye Chen's essence righteousness was very delicious, this was even more delicious than the Peach Heaven that Zhao Yanyan had ever eaten.

Zhao Yanyan swallowed without letting a single drop go down the drain. "Husband, this tastes pretty good, it seems I can be addicted." Zhao Yanyan cleaned Ye Chen's object using her mouth.

When it was time for the main way to take place, Ye Chen lifted Zhao Yanyan off the floor and laid her on the bed.

"Husband give me" Zhao Yanyan could not stand it anymore and asked Ye Chen to do it herself.

"Wife, I'm in." Ye Chen immediately drilled Zhao Yanyan's honey cave.

"Ahh" Zhao Yanyan shouted in pain. Even though it wasn't the first time, it still hurt when Ye Chen's large object entered.

"Wife, are you still sick? "Ye Chen did not immediately move but was worried about Zhao Yanyan's condition.

"I'm fine, let's move" Zhao Yanyan told Ye Chen to move.

Ye Chen leaped up a large meat inside Zhao Yanyan's honey cave.

"Ah. . . ., husband, yours enters into the deepest part of me, it feels great. "Zhao Yanyan could no longer be clear, Ye Chen's large meat stick gave her immense pleasure.

"Yanyan yours really clamped mine, you are my great little whore" Ye Chen praised the honey cave of Zhao Yang to clamp hers very tightly.

Ye Chen scraped even faster

Groans of male and female voices continued to reverberate in Zhao Yanyan's room