Journey To Become A True God Chapter 117

117 Nine Tailed Fox Got Up
Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan did it for more than 2 hours, Ye Chen fired 2 times, while Zhao Yanyan came out dozens of times.

Zhao Yanyan was already helpless and almost fainted, Ye Chen then hugged Zhao Yanyan in his arms, Zhao Yanyan peacefully slept in Ye Chen's arms.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan had fallen asleep Ye Chen took a blanket and covered Zhao Yanyan's body, he then slipped back to Lin Rouxi's room, he did not make any moves so that Lin Rouxi did not know.

Lin Rouxi had already fallen asleep, Ye Chen immediately returned to the bed on the floor.

Ye Chen was relieved Lin Rouxi was sleeping, it would be very troublesome if this time Lin Rouxi woke up, because Lin Rouxi had seen the scene of himself with Zhao Yanyan, there might be awkwardness in the future.

Not feel it was morning, Lin Rouxi woke up from her bed and looked around.

Underneath Ye Chen still sleeping on the blanket, Lin Rouxi began to recall the night's incident when she peeked into Zhao Yanyan's room.

Lin Rouxi's face turned red, she did not know whether what he saw last night was a dream or reality, it was in the hall in Ye Chen's heart.

But certainly Ye Chen's large object still crossed her mind, Lin Rouxi looked towards Ye Chen's groin which was slightly protruding.

"What if that thing entered into me?" Unnoticed such thoughts crossed Lin Rouxi's mind.

Lin Rouxi then realized "what's wrong with me, how can I think about something as obscene as that?" Lin Rouxi patted her cheeks fiercely from her imagination.

Lin Rouxi got out of bed then came out of this room, she intended to make breakfast for everyone.

When she arrived in the living room, a letter was placed on the table, this was a letter from Sui Xi.

Fill in the letter Sui Xi wrote "my daughter, mother will come back, take care of yourself, I am waiting for good news from you two, from your mother" turned out Sui Xi had left early in the morning.

Lin Rouxi put the letter in the drawer, she then proceeded to go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

"Good morning, sister Rouxi" Zhao Yanyan greeted Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi was a bit awkward when meeting with Zhao Yanyan, Lin Rouxi strengthened her resolve and greeted Zhao Yanyan.

"Morning Yanyan" When Lin Rouxi turned towards Zhao Yanyan he was surprised, Zhao Yanyan looked more beautiful than before, even Zhao Yanyan's skin looked very white and healthy.

Seeing the extraordinary changes Zhao Yanyan Lin Rouxi asked "Yanyan what beauty products you use, why do you look more beautiful" this was not the first time Lin Rouxi was curious about Zhao Yanyan's change.

"My sister Rouxi doesn't use any beauty products" Zhao Yanyan answered honestly, she couldn't possibly say that this was the effect of doing dual cultivation with Ye Chen.

a few days ago Lin Rouxi also asked this to Zhao Yanyan, and the answer was exactly the same as now.

"Yanyan we have been sisters for a long time, why don't you want to tell me" Lin Rouxi was angry that Zhao Yanyan was trying to hide something from her.

"Rouxi sister do you really want to know?" Zhao Yanyan said in a teasing tone.

"Of course" Lin Rouxi immediately nodded.

"What are you two doing? "Ye Chen has woken up to hear the commotion of these two women.

When Ye Chen came, Lin Rouxi immediately bowed her head in shame.

"Nothing, just a chat between women" Zhao Yanyan was the one who answered Ye Chen.

After breakfast Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan left the women's dormitory.

Today as usual the class runs without obstacles.

Finally it's time to go home from school

"Ye Chen, did you get a ticket to go to Feng Xue's concert?" Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen.

"This is for you," Ye Chen gave the three VVIP tickets to Zhao Yanyan.

When she saw the three VVIP tickets, Zhao Yanyan was filled with shining stars.

Zhao Yanyan immediately took the three tickets from Ye Chen "husband, I love you" Zhao Yanyan kissed Ye Chen on the cheek.

Ye Chen was quite satisfied to see Zhao Yanyan happy, he took Zhao Yanyan to his villa.

When I arrived at the villa. Ye Chen saw Fu Lanling doing sword training in the backyard of the villa.

Ye Chen brought Zhao Yanyan down, saw Ye Chen Fu Lanling's arrival immediately sheath the sword and rushed towards Ye Chen "Little husband, you are back".

"Yes, I'm back," Ye Chen smiled at Fu Lanling

Fu Lanling realized that there was a beautiful woman behind Ye Chen, so she asked Ye Chen "Little husband, who is she? "

"Oh I forgot to introduce you guys, Linger she is Zhao Yanyan, and Yanyan introduces this Fu Lanling" Ye Chen introduced Zhao Yanyan and Fu Lanling.

Upon hearing that this woman called Ye Chen, Husband, Zhao Yanyan already knew what their relationship was.

Zhao Yanyan and Fu Lanling then became acquainted with each other.

"Alright, let's go in. We talk inside," Ye Chen held Zhao Yanyan's and Fu Lanling's waist on both arms.

Ye Chen brought the two beautiful women into the villa.

Zhao Yanyan and Fu Lanling looked at each other and smiled.

Zhao Yanyan and Fu Lanling got along very quickly, both of them began to talk about topics they liked.

Linger I want you to open this "Ye Chen took five storage rings and handed them to Fu Lanling.

"Little husband, what do you want with this ring? "Asked Fu Lanling.

"I want you to open the seal inside and see what is inside" Ye Chen was curious about the contents in these rings.

Who knows, inside the ring obtained from the five Old Taoist corpses, there is a valuable item.

Fu Lanling did not ask much, she destroyed the seals in all of these rings, after the seal disappeared Ye Chen took out the contents in this Ring.

Inside the ring is not too disappointing, there are various pills and high-level medicinal plants, for the techniques contained in this ring can be said to be rubbish when compared with those in the tower of the pagoda.

"The items in this ring turned out to be quite good." Fu Lanling saw several bottles of pills and high-grade medicinal plants that were difficult to obtain.

"You're right" Ye Chen nodded at Fu Lanling.

Suddenly Ye Chen's left hand glowed, the contact seal took out light particles and began to gather in front of Ye Chen, a nine-tailed fox appeared in front of the three people.

This nine tailed fox is only the size of a cat, it looks like this fox is in the mini version.

"This" Fu Lanling was surprised to see a nine-tailed fox suddenly appear here.

Nine-tailed fox is a type of magic monster that is very rarely seen in the holy land of Kunlun, usually a large sect will make a nine-tailed fox as a sect Guardian in charge of protecting the danger that could threaten the sect.

The nine-tailed fox is also very strong, their strength even several times stronger than cultivators who have comparable strength.

"Wow, how cute" Zhao Yanyan immediately approached the nine-tailed fox and put it in her arms.

Zhao Yanyan was happy to hug the nine-tailed fox that had smooth and soft white fur.

"Nyuuu. . . . , nyuuu. . . . . . "Nine-tailed fox doesn't like being hugged by Zhao Yanyan and tries to rebel,

finally the nine-tailed Fox managed to escape Zhao Yanyan and hurried off to Ye Chen's side.