Journey To Become A True God Chapter 118

118 Ye Xiu
The nine-tailed fox immediately jumped into Ye Chen's arms, the nine-tailed fox seemed to like Ye Chen more than Zhao Yanyan.

"Hey why did you run away from me" Zhao Yanyan was not satisfied and tried to take the nine-tailed fox from Ye Chen.

The nine-tailed fox used its claws to hold on to Ye Chen.

"Nyuu. . . . , nyuu. . . " The nine-tailed fox shook her head not wanting to go with Zhao Yanyan.

"Yanyan never mind" Ye Chen rebuked Zhao Yanyan to immediately release the nine-tailed fox.

Because Ye Chen Zhao told Yanyan to be forced to let go of this cute fox.

Fu Lanling approached and began observing the nine-tailed fox from above "It's strange why this fox's fur is white, usually the nine-tailed fox has the color of yellow or orange fur," Fu Lanling felt strange with the color of the nine-tailed fox, she had also seen a nine-tailed fox but the color is not like what this Fox has.

"So what's wrong, it's just a different color, right? "Ye Chen said while stroking the nine-tailed fox head.

"Well, you might be right, then what is the sex of this fox?" Asked Fu Lanling.

"Wait a minute, let me see." Ye Chen wanted to see what kind of girth of the nine-tailed fox.

When Ye Chen wanted to see "Bang" Ye Chen suddenly arrived at the broom by the fox's tail and crashed into the wall.

"Ah it hurts so much, why suddenly attacked me" The power of the nine-tailed fox is indeed not to be underestimated.

"Looks like he doesn't want to be seen by you" Fu Lanling realized that the Nine-tailed Fox didn't want to be seen by Ye Chen.

"Maybe she's a female," Zhao Yanyan, who was near Fu Lanling, said.

The nine-tailed fox proudly poses gracefully, who says that she is a female.

"Well maybe this fox is right" Ye Chen got up from the floor and walked towards Zhao Yanyan and Fu Lanling.

"By the way, how did you get this nine-tailed fox?" Fu Lanling asked how Ye Chen could get the rare nine-tailed fox.

"Oh that" Ye Chen explained the way he met the nine-tailed fox, to the point of contracting with the nine-tailed fox.

"I see." Now Fu Lanling knows how the five taas died, apparently it was killed by this nine-tailed fox.

"Ye Chen, it's okay to let this fox eat medicinal plants there," Zhao Yanyan pointed at the nine-tailed fox who was eating a high-level medicinal plant.

Ye Chen and Fu Lanling who were talking immediately looked towards the nine-tailed fox who was eating a high level medicinal plant.

"My medicinal herbs !!! "Ye Chen immediately went towards the nine-tailed fox who was eating.

he lifted the body of the nine-tailed fox and pushed it away from the pile of medicinal plants on the table.

In Ye Chen's grasp the nine-tailed fox tried to revolt.

Nearly half of the medicinal plants have been eaten by the nine-tailed fox. Ye Chen immediately put the medicinal plants in the storage room, so that these cute monsters would not be consumed by them.

Seeing the delicious food disappear, the nine-tailed fox was disappointed, the nine-tailed fox stopped struggling in Ye Chen's hands.

Ye Chen put the nine-tailed fox on the table and scolded him "little fox you really eat half of the medicinal plants that I got".

The nine-tailed fox didn't listen at all at what

said by Ye Chen, she turned her face to another place.

"You dare not hear what I say" Seeing the nine-tailed fox once Ye Chen intends to educate this fox.

The nine-tailed fox didn't care about Ye Chen's words.

"Puchi" Fu Lanling laughed.

"Linger why are you laughing? Ye Chen asked why Fu Lanling suddenly laughed.

"Little husband, the nine-tailed fox does eat medicinal plants to increase their strength, so what this fox does is not wrong" Fu Lanling said that it was natural that the nine-tailed fox ate medicinal plants to increase their strength.

"You mean they get stronger just by eating medicinal plants? "Ye Chen doesn't know that magical beasts can increase their power by eating only medicinal plants.

"Because the nine-tailed fox is a special monster," Fu Lanling said, approaching and stroking the head of the nine-tailed fox.

Zhao Yanyan did not stay silent when he saw this, she immediately ran to Fu Lanling's side to play with the nine-tailed fox too.

"Wait, so from now on I have to prepare medicinal plants for the nine-tailed fox staple food? "Asked Ye Chen.

"Yes it has to be" Fu Lanling nodded at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had no idea that raising strong monsters would cost a fortune.

"Husband, what name do you want the fox to be," carrying the nine-tailed fox Zhao yanyan asked Ye Chen.

This time the nine-tailed fox did not rebel when it was hugged by Zhao Yanyan, maybe because the nine-tailed fox was full.

Ye Chen began to think what name would suit this nine-tailed fox "what about Ye Xiu, that sounds pretty good".

"Well, in my opinion it's a good name, Ye Xiu do you like that name" Zhao Yanyan spoke to Ye Xiu who was in her arms.

Nyuu. . . . . . "Nine-tailed fox does not seem to mind this name.

"Alright, from now on, your name is Ye Xiu," Ye Chen said to the nine-tailed fox.

After that Zhao Yanyan invited Ye Xiu to walk in the backyard, to entice Ye Xiu. Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen for some medicinal plants, so Ye Xiu wanted to follow Zhao Yanyan to walk.

Ye Chen looked at some of the items he got from the old Taoist storage ring.

Ye Chen did not dare to take out medicinal herbs for fear that Ye Xiu would eat all high quality medicinal plants.

"Little husband, what is the name of this thing?" Fu Lanling asked the object that could produce this moving image without using projection stones.

"It's called Tv," Ye Chen answered.

Because it was still unfamiliar with objects in mortal world Fu Lanling often asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen happily answered all of Fu Lanling's questions.

"Ding. . . . . Ding . . . . Ding . . . . Ding . . . . "The doorbell rings.

Ye Chen placed the object he was holding and hurried toward the entrance.

When Ye Chen opened the door there was a woman in a police uniform standing in front of the entrance, this was police woman Luo Bing.

"Miss Police, can I help you?" Ye Chen wondered what Luo Bing wanted to do in his mansion.

"Ye Chen, you are suspected of being a murderer, I hope you can work with us" Luo Bing showed the police badge to Ye Chen.

"What killer? "Ye Chen asked confused, he did not think that the police could quickly find a trace of himself, but Ye Chen was sure that he killed Yun Hao without leaving any trace.

"Last night there was someone named Yun Hao who died falling from the top of the Hotel building, the closest person to the victim suspects you as the killer, he said a few days ago you had a little friction with Yun Hao" Luo Bing said everything to Ye Chen.

"Then what does that have to do with it, anyway, how can you conclude that I am a murderer only from what people say, next time if you want to suspect someone looking for evidence first, you throw away my time alone, see you later" Ye Chen immediately closed the door.

Ye Chen didn't need to be afraid of Luo Bing, anyway, at this moment Luo Bing had absolutely no evidence that he was the person who killed Yun Hao.