Journey To Become A True God Chapter 119

119 The Night Of Feng Xues Concer
Luo Bing was very surprised when Ye Chen closed the door, she hadn't even said a word to get back at Ye Chen.

"Bamm. . . , bamm. . . , bamm. . . , bamm. . . , "Luo Bing kicked the Door with a force strong enough.

"Ye Chen come out, I'm not done talking to you yet" Luo Bing said quite angrily.

The door to Ye Chen's house could really be damaged if Luo Bing continued to kick strongly.

"Miss police if you break my door I will report you to the authorities" Ye Chen opened the door again and warned Luo Bing not to be implusive and to destroy the door of the villa.

"You", Luo Bing's anger really peaked, now she really wanted to beat Ye Chen on the spot.

Seeing Luo Bing getting angry Ye Chen was getting happier.

Luo Bing tried to calm down "Ye Chen I want to ask you, last night you went anywhere" Luo Bing took a pen to record Ye Chen's words.

"Police Luo are you a stalker who wants to know my personal life?" Said Ye Chen, playing games.

"Crakk. . . . "The pen in Luo Bing's hand was broken into two parts, Luo Bing was very angry because she was constantly being played by this bad boy.

"Luo police why are your faces red, are you not feeling well" Ye Chen grinned at Luo Bing.

"Ye Chen !!!! "Luo Bing couldn't take it anymore, he pounced towards Ye Chen, Luo Bing immediately dropped Ye Chen on the Floor.

"Ye Chen I'm not playing, quickly tell me honestly where you were last night, if not don't blame me for acting harshly" by riding Ye Chen's body Luo Bing asked.

"Police Luo, I didn't expect you to be a very aggressive woman, to the point where you pose like this." Ye Chen put his hands behind his head, Luo Bing's butt was really swiping at Ye Chen's younger brother.

Luo Bing also felt that their current position was very ambiguous, a woman was riding a man and both of these women's hands were on the man's chest, especially since the man below this woman was very relaxed.

Luo Bing's face was as red as an apple, she could feel a very hard object swiping underneath, Luo Bing tried to strengthen herself so as not to be provoked by this.

"Ye Chen, what's up there?" Zhao Yanyan who listened to the commotion in front immediately saw Ye Chen's condition.

When Zhao Yanyan arrived near the entrance of the villa she saw Ye Chen being driven by a strange police woman, both of them were really very brave to do this in front of the entrance.

"You two are indeed very brave, in broad daylight doing this sort of thing" Zhao Yanyan was mistaken about Ye Chen.

"Wait, this is not what you see" Luo Bing tried to explain to Zhao Yanyan.

"Yanyan help, this policewoman wants to rape your husband" here Ye Chen is pretending to be a victim of Luo Bing.

"Ye Chen, how dare you accuse me" Luo Bing is already very angry right now, Ye Chen is right to add to the chaos of the current situation, Luo Bing's image as a policeman could be ruined because of this.

Again, Luo Bing was messed up by Ye Chen.

Luo Bing hurriedly got up from Ye Chen's body ", my business here is finished, I will leave now" Luo Bing was very embarrassed and hurried away from Ye Chen Villa, she did not have the face to stay here.

Seeing Luo Bing's very fast departure, Zhao Yanyan was very confused "husband what's wrong with that beautiful policeman, she looks quite strange" Zhao Yanyan felt that Luo Bing was acting very strange.

"Yanyan you came on time, Luo Bing must be very embarrassed now" Ye Chen looked very satisfied could make Luo Bing run away like a cat that had just been stepped on by her tail.

"husband, you know that woman" from Ye Chen's words, it seemed like he knew the pretty policeman earlier.

"Yes I know the name of the police officer is Luo Bing, several times I have a problem with that woman, that woman is also a cultivator like the two of us" Ye Chen explained Luo Bing to Zhao Yanyan

"Eh so, the woman police officer was also a cultivator" Zhao Yanyan did not think that the woman police officer was a cultivator.

"Yes, the policewoman was indeed a cultivator, you must be careful when meeting her" Ye Chen warned Zhao Yanyan to be careful when meeting with Luo Bing.

"Well, I understand," Zhao Yanyan nodded at Ye Chen.

"Oh yes, where is Ye Xiu right now?" Ye Chen asked the whereabouts of the naughty fox.

"Oh he was sleeping, after giving food, she immediately fell asleep" Zhao Yanyan looked very spoiled Ye Xiu.

"Yanyan you spoiled her too much" Ye Chen was not satisfied. Zhao Yanyan spoiled Ye Xiu too much. Moreover, medicinal plants are expensive things, if this keeps happening, Ye Chen could go bankrupt.

"Hehehe it's okay, anyway Ye Xiu is very funny, I can't stand her" Zhao Yanyan still defended Ye Xiu.

"Whatever you say, I'll go back to see the items I got" Ye Chen checked the items he got.

Luo Bing was currently coming out of the gate of Ye Chen's villa, she immediately got into her car, right now Luo Bing was embarrassed, angry and upset, she really wanted to teach Ye Chen a lesson.

"Damn kid, just watch you, if I find proof you did it I won't let you go" Luo Bing had already made a determination to take revenge on Ye Chen.

Unable to get any results from Ye Chen, Luo Bing returned to her original mission to come to this city, she intended to track down the organization of female slave sellers who were currently doing activities in this city.

Luo Bing's visit to this city from the beginning was to destroy the slave seller organization, this organization was very troubling because it had abducted beautiful women to be sold as slaves to rich men around the world.

Luo Bing has been here for almost a month but he hasn't found a hiding place for this organization.

That's why at night Luo Bing disguised herself using sexy clothes to lure the organization into moving on her.

Luo Bing drove her car leaving the golden eagle district.

It was getting dark, the road seemed denser than usual, tonight was the night of the concert of female star Feng Xue.

Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue departed together to the location of Feng Xue's concert.

Fu Lanling didn't come, he said that if she didn't like the crowd, Fu Lanling stayed in the villa while watching TV.

"It's very crowded here." Ye Chen saw a street crowded with people who wanted to watch the Feng Xue concert.

These people were carrying posters of Feng Xue complete with colorful light sticks.

"Of course Feng Xue is the first female star in the country, all the fans in this city will definitely not miss the chance to see the concert" Zhao Yanyan was very excited when explaining to Ye Chen.

"Let's go right in." Ye Chen put his arms around his two ladies, then walked off to the entrance of the Feng Xue concert hall.

Outside the building was filled with hundreds of thousands of people who gathered, people outside the building could not buy tickets to get inside, so they watched outside the building, outside already provided a very large TV so that the people in outside can still see the Feng Xue concert.

Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue, continued to advance to the entrance of the building.

The entrance is guarded by dozens of large-bodied people, they are tasked to secure in front of the door so that no one dares to break in by force.

"Sir, please show your ticket" one of the big men rudely asked Ye Chen for a ticket.

"Yanyan remove the ticket" Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan to issue the ticket he had given.

"Here's the ticket" Zhao Yanyan immediately took out a VVIP ticket from the bag, and handed it to the guards.

"Dear guests, please follow me to go to your seat" see that this is a VVIP Ticket The attitude of the guards immediately changed 180 degrees to Ye Chen and the women.

Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue followed the guard to go to the VVIP Chair.