Journey To Become A True God Chapter 120

120 Who Told You To Choose Us
Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue came to their VVIP chairs, VVIP seats were in the front row, here they could clearly see the performances that were on the stage.

"Young master and young lady are your seats," the guards pointed to the seats of Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue.

The third chair was next to each other, Ye Chen in the middle, Zhao Yanyan on the right and Li Yue on the left.

Here many young masters as well as rich young ladies sit on VVIP chairs, as Ye Chen's entourage passed by several people glancing at Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue

These rich young masters seemed to be interested in Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue.

seeing this Ye Chen gave intimidating glances at these people.

The people who saw Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue immediately withdrew their eyes.

inside here already filled by many people, the capacity of this building can accommodate tens of thousands of people, so inside this building is crowded by Feng Xue fans.

After waiting for quite a while the event finally started too, Feng Xue started to go up on stage.

"Feng Xue. . . . . Feng Xue . . . . Feng Xue . . . . Feng Xue . . . . Feng Xue . . . . Feng Xue . . . . Feng Xue . . . . "Shouts of Feng Xue's name echoed throughout this building.

Ye Chen's ears almost broke at the screams of tens of thousands of extremely loud people.

Feng Xue waved to her fans "everyone thank you for coming to my concert tonight, Feng Xue is very happy that you want to come here" Feng Xue smiled sweetly at her fans.

"Feng Xue, I love you".

"Goddess Feng Xue look here".

"Goddess Feng Xue is very beautiful"

Various kinds of praise were made by Feng Xue's fans, "Oh my gosh, how noisy." Ye Chen didn't like the noise from Feng Xue fans.

"Everyone tonight, Feng Xue will cheer you all up, the first song I will offer to start it is the spirit of life, starting the music" Feng Xue told the musicians to start playing their instruments.

Music starts playing, Feng Xue dances swiftly while singing "Life is a blessing, live it all with a smile, tomorrow will definitely come, never give up to achieve your dreams"

NT writer: "I'm not a song writer so don't tell me to make more: v".

"Feng Xue. . . . . Feng Xue . . . . . Feng Xue . . . . , "Feng Xue's fans were very enthusiastic when Feng Xue performed this song.

Ye Chen had to admit that Song Feng Xue was indeed very pleasant to listen to.

On stage Feng Xue performed a lot of songs, and the audience was very satisfied to listen to Feng Xue sing.

"Everything doesn't feel like we've arrived at the end of this concert, as usual this time I will appoint 2 lucky people to sing along with me on the stage", when Feng Xue's words had just finished spoken the entire audience shouted hysterically.

"Feng Xue choose me, choose me" a lot of fans who shouted and raised their hands to be chosen by Feng Xue.

Zhao Yanyan and several people in the VVIP chair were as excited as the other fans.

There was only Ye Chen and Liu Yue who were not too enthusiastic, the reason Ye Chen was not too excited was because he did not know Feng Xue's song at all, while for Liu Yue he was not very bad at singing a song, therefore that was the second person who was the least wanted to be chosen by Feng Xue.

Feng Xue looked around, she looked at the VVIP chair and found Ye Chen in one of the chairs, different from all the people she wanted to choose from, Ye Chen seemed to not want to be chosen by her at all.

Women are strange creatures, the more you try to avoid them the more they want to find you.

Feng Xue walked towards the VVIP chair.

The ordinary audience was a little disappointed when Feng Xue walked towards the VVIP chair.

"It seems like it is a must for us to have a duet with Feng Xue."

"Well, it can't be helped, they are rich people who spend enough money to be able to see Feng Xue's concert up close, so Feng Xue will definitely choose them.

The audience starts talking to each other.

The people in the VVIP chair were very excited as Feng Xue headed towards them.

aplagi the rich young masters immediately reached out so Feng Xue chose him.

Feng Xue ignored these people and walked towards Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, do you want to sing with me" Feng Xue asked Ye Chen.

"May I refuse" the problem is that he doesn't know Feng Xue's song.

"Too bad, you can't refuse" Feng Xue smiled wryly at Ye Chen.

"Everyone has got two people who will sing with me" Feng Xue announced who was the person who would sing along with her.

Feng Xue pulled Ye Chen and Liu Yue up on the stage.

Liu Yue was very surprised when Feng Xue pulled herself onto the stage, even though Liu Yue was a person who really didn't want to sing in public.

"So which song do you have the most power" Feng Xue asked Ye Chen and Liu Yue.

"I don't know all your songs, so let me go back now" Ye Chen answered very honestly and was quite painful for Feng Xue.

Feng Xue was quite angry when Ye Chen said he did not know her song, indeed, who in this country did not know a single song of her "you can't go back, if you don't know you can stand on the side".

"Then this sister, do you know a little of my song?" Feng Xue asked Liu Yue quite gently.

Liu Yue nodded at Feng Xue "Yes, I know some of your songs".

"Then let's sing" Feng Xue pulled Liu Yue into the middle of the stage "Ye Chen, you just watched from the side" Feng Xue said sarcastically to Ye Chen.

Feng Xue began to sing the song with a beautiful voice, when it was Liu Yue's turn the beautiful voice changed for the worse.

"Ah my ear"

"Geez, this is the worst sound I've ever heard"

The audience began to cover their eardrums with their hands.

Ye Chen was quite surprised when Liu Yue began to sing, he had no idea that Liu Yue, the woman he considered perfect turned out to have weaknesses in singing.

Hearing Liu Yue's voice sing Feng Xue's face darkened, she didn't realize that the duet would turn out like this, one did not recognize her song, and the other sang very poorly.

This is the worst duet Feng Xue has ever done with her fans.

Feng Xue did not stop Liu Yue from singing, she still accompanied Liu Yue to sing to protect her image in front of her fans.

Ye Chen just watched on the side without making a sound.

finally one song was completed by Liu Yue and Feng Xue "You two really can't be helped" Feng Xue shook her head at Ye Chen and Liu Yue.

"It's your fault, who told us to choose the two of us," Ye Chen said, mocking Feng Xue

"You", even though Feng Xue was not satisfied with these two people in front of her fans she could not be angry and had to remain professional.

"Alright, thank you, you two can go back to your seats" Feng Xue used the loudspeaker and invited Ye Chen and Liu Yue to return to their seats.

Ye Chen invited Liu Yue back to their seats.