Journey To Become A True God Chapter 123

123 Weak Luo Bing
Luo Bing immediately avoided Bao Man's punch attack, Luo Bing knew she would not be able to win if fighting using Physical Power.

"Hahaha beautiful woman, where do you want to run to, you are destined to be my slave" Bao Man continued to attack Luo Bing without giving any mercy.

Bao Man is built above the 5th level of the Earth Realm, while Luo Bing is currently at the 4th stage of the Earth Realm, there is still a slight gap between the power of the two.

Bao Man's palm shot a lightning towards Luo Bing.

"Ice Barer" Luo Bing immediately fended off the attack by using the Ice barrier.

"Explosion. . . . , explosion. . . . , explosion. . . . , explosion. . . . , explosion. . . . , explosion. . . . , "Bao Man's lightning exploded several times as it struck the Luo Bing barrier.

Because of this explosion, Luo Bing's barrier began to crack "Crakkk. . . . , Crakkk. . . . , Crakkk. . . . "Seeing the barrier can't hold any longer, Luo Bing was forced to pull herself back.

"Bamm. . . "Luo Bing's barrier is breaking down.

"Hehehe where your vanity went earlier" Bao Man chuckled at Luo Bing.

Luo Bing looked at Bao Man with a cold gaze, the temperature of the room began to fall, the women who were in the chain also shivered due to the drop in temperature in the room.

Seeing this Luo Bing pulled back her aura.

"Hahaha, what is the matter why you didn't show your true strength" Bao Man was satisfied seeing Luo Bing was helpless, everything had been calculated by Bao Man, Bao Man deliberately brought hostages to this place so that Luo Bing could not express her true abilities.

"You shameless guy" Luo Bing cursed Bao Man, if only there were no hostages around Luo Bing would have used her power without restraint.

Luo Bing had to guarantee the safety of the kidnapped women.

"I am indeed a shameless man, and this shameless man will soon train you to be an obedient slave" Bao Man was salivating when he saw the beauty of Luo Bing and Feng Xue.

In one night Bao Man get two extraordinary beauty, if sold Bao Man can get a fantastic profit.

"Don't be so arrogant" Luo Bing made an ice sword and rushed towards Bao Man.

Bao Man is very confident, he only uses his bare hands to face Luo Bing's desert.

"Slash, Eh" Bao Man's hand suddenly cut off, the part that was cut immediately froze into Ice.

"I told you not to be too arrogant" Luo Bing put a sword around Bao Man's neck

This time Luo Bing's ice sword has been strengthened dozens of times, so it is very sharp and can freeze someone when it is exposed, Luo Bing's deep energy is almost gone, to make this Ice sword Luo Bing has used 2/3 of the deep energy she has.

Bao Man holds the hand that has been cut off "I seem to underestimate you".

"Clank. . . . , clank. . . . , clank. . . . , clank. . . . "Bao Man's body is covered with a very strong lightning flow, thunder rages and destroys everything around Bao Man.

Luo Bing immediately retreated and headed towards the women in the "ice Barier" Luo Bing made an Ice barrier so that no one would get hurt "

Bao Man's body began to turn into a little big, the skin also changed color to a luminous blue, blue lightning still enveloped Bao San this time the lightning is quite tame and can be controlled by Bao Man.

"I did not expect you to make me show my real body" Bao San's arms grew back.

"Tunder Hammer", Bao Man gathered strength in his hand, then Bao Man's hand struck the ground.

"Bang" When Bao Man's lightning hand hit the ground, immediately the ground around Bao Man was destroyed.

Luo Bing's barrier was almost destroyed because it was swept away by the power of Bao Man

The destructive power of the Tunder Hammer was indeed quite strong, if Bao Man had used this skill on Luo Bing's barrier, surely Luo Bing's barrier would have been destroyed instantly.

"Now you understand my real strength" this time Bai Man is very confident with the power he has at this time.

The situation has changed, Luo Bing's deep energy is also low, she won't be able to continue to fight with Bao Man for long.

"Let's finish" Luo Bing raised the ice sword and rushed towards Bao Man.

Bao Man's arms became bigger and more muscular, Bao Man used a punch to fight the Ice Luo Bing sword.

"Clank" This time the ice sword Luo Bing could not cut Bao Man's hand, Bao Man easily held the Luo Bing ice sword with his lightning arm.

"It's over" Bao Man's other hand hit Luo Bing.

"Bamm" Luo Bing who was currently hovering could not avoid Bao Man's attack, she tried to hold it with both hands.

Luo Bing crashed into the ground, the corner of Luo Bing's mouth was bleeding, she had held back so as not to vomit blood.

"Hahahaha, you're weak" Bao Man laughed and started to move towards Luo Bing.

On the surface, Ye Chen had now brought all the women out of the old warehouse, the women who were breathing free air were very happy.

"You all come here" Ye Chen called all the women to line up neatly in front of him, Xiao Lulu also entered into the inheritance.

After all the women gathered, he immediately made a barrier, this barrier can protect women from attacks by unwanted people.

now Ye Chen didn't need to worry about the safety of these women

Ye Chen intended to go back down again, he wanted to see Luo Bing's situation.

Xiao Lulu who saw Ye Chen reentering the warehouse tried to follow, Xiao Lulu banged on Ye Chen's Roadblock.

"oh ... sick," Xiao Lulu rubbed her head which was hurting from colliding with a barrier

Ordinary people couldn't see the barrier Ye Chen had made, they only felt that there was an invisible wall around.

Seeing Bao Man approaching Luo Bing trying to stand up with all the strength she had, Luo Bing was very angry because she was weak, if only she were stronger maybe at this time the situation would not be like this.

Luo Bing gripped her Ice sword, Luo Bing wouldn't give up until he died.

"Slash" Luo Bing slashed Bao Man's body with the sword, Luo Bing's sword was again stopped easily by Bao Man.

"You woman who doesn't know when to give up" Bao Man immediately broke Luo Bing's sword.

Now Luo Bing has no weapons to defend herself.

Bao Man put his hand close to Luo Bing's body, he couldn't wait to get Luo Bing to go to bed.

"Boss, the thing you asked for is finished." When Bao Man was very close to Luo Bing, someone suddenly called from behind.

Bao Man was a little dissatisfied seeing someone daring to disturb the good things he would do to Luo Bing.

Bao Man turned around and saw an old man in a professor's suit already standing behind Bao San "Professor Dong, what you said was right" heard the news from Professor Dong Bao Man looking very excited.

"Here you are, see for yourself" Bao Man took out a token the size of a palm and handed it to Bao Man.

Bao man took a token from professor Dong, "good, hehehehe" Bao Man laughed very satisfied.