Journey To Become A True God Chapter 124

124 God Token
"Boss, then where is the money you promised" Professor Dong collected the promise from Bao Man.

"Pay, this is your payment" Bao Man choked Professor Dong's neck.

"Boss, what do you want to do?" Professor Dong frantically tried to break away from Bao Man.

"Hahaha, you still ask what I want to do, of course kill you, to me now you are a useless item, Crakk. . . . "Bao Man broke the professor's neck very easily.

Bao Man threw Professor Dong's body aside, he refocused on Luo Bing.

Luo Bing looked at Bao Man with even more disgust, this middle-aged man was really cruel and shameless.

"Hahaha, finally I will rule the world, with this god's token I will be the king of this world" Bao Man raised the token up high.

This token is a god's token, Bao Man got this token in a ruins when he was young, after years of research Bao Man finally knew the usefulness of this token.

Anyone who uses this token on his body, then he will get the same power as a god.

Unfortunately this token is broken and cannot be used, Bao Man employs the world's best scientists to repair this god token.

And finally waiting for his exposure to fruition, now he will have unequaled strength and long life.

"The world welcomes your new ruler" Bao Man put the god token on his chest, the god token began to merge with the body of Bao Man, Bao Man felt that a very terrible power flowed in his body.

"Hahahaha, so this is the power of a god, amazing" Bao Man floated into the sky, he felt his body began to change from before, this kind of strength was never imagined by Bao Man before.

Bao Man raised one finger, Bao Man's finger appeared in lightning flashes, he then raised his finger up and fired lightning at the ceiling.

"Bammm" a very powerful lightning bolt immediately destroyed the ceiling of the basement.

The hole that Bao Man made thought he had a meter, 25 meters.

Luo Bing was surprised to see the change in Bao Man's strength, with this power Bao Man would be a threat to the country as well as the World.

"Amazing, so this is the power of a god" Bao man looked at his hands in disbelief.

He had intended to test with a little strength, but it was unexpectedly the destructive power exceeded his expectations.

With this power, destroying a big city would be very easy.

"Beautiful woman why are you surprised, now whether your six-door organization can stop me" with the power of this god, Bao Man can destroy the entire six-door organization with one hand.

Seeing the power of Bao man Luo Bing could not say anything more, now Luo Bing was not a match for Bao Man.

Even if all the six-door organization's personnel were gathered, she was afraid that it was still not strong enough to fight Bao Man right now.

Ye Chen who felt a burst of force that was very strong, he immediately rushed to the origin of this explosion

This power was at least comparable to cultivators in stage 3 of the Overlord Realm.

When Ye Chen reached the place of origin of the explosion, he saw a monster-like human floating in the sky, with Bao Man's blue skin looking like an Electric monster.

"Ye Chen is useless, what are you doing here, you should go back to the city and report this to the police chief." Seeing Ye Chen's arrival Luo Bing immediately scolded him.

Luo Bing thought that Ye Chen had already taken the kidnapped woman away from this place, it was unexpected that Ye Chen would return to this place.

Ye Chen paid no heed to Luo Bing's words, he looked around, there were actually a few women who were taken hostage by this person.

Feng Xue and the other women had fainted due to fear.

"Who are you?" Bao Man who saw Ye Chen's arrival, immediately asked, Bao Man was quite interested in seeing an ordinary man who was not afraid after seeing him.

"I am Ye Chen, the hero who came to save the women you have kidnapped" Ye Chen said his name with a little appendage.

"So are you going to fight me? "Asked Bao Man in contempt.

"Of course, I will make you regret having been born in this world." Ye Chen wanted to immediately hit this person.

He no longer needed to hide the power of Luo Bing.

"Hahaha you are an interesting person, come forward" Bao Man is not angry he was entertained tonight with this new clown.

"Prepare yourself" Ye Chen advanced towards Bao Man.

"Ye Chen, you fool, you're not his opponent" Luo Bing tried to stop Ye Chen from attacking Bao Man, Bao Man who now only needed one finger to make Ye Chen disappear from this world.

Bao Man didn't use any defense at all, he instead puffed out his chest, opened up his defenses, so Ye Chen could easily attack him,

"Breaking meteor blow" Ye Chen landed a punch right on Bao Man's chest.

"Bamm. . . "Bao Man was flown a few miles, before finally hitting a hill.

The hill that was hit by Bao Man was destroyed instantly, finally Ye Chen had the opportunity to test the increase in strength, from having a dual cultivation relationship with Fu Lanling.

Seeing this Luo Bing's jaw almost fell, Luo Bing looked at Ye Chen with a look of disbelief, she rubbed his eyes to make sure this was reality.

"Damn, the boy turned out to be very strong" Ye Chen's breaking meteor blow attack seriously injured Bao Man's body, Bao Man's front bone shattered into pieces.

the god's token quickly restored Bao Man's body as before.

Bao Man rose from the ground to relax his muscles which had just been restored by the God Token.

"This is amazing" Bao Man did not believe that such a severe wound could easily be healed by a god token.

"Boy, I will take revenge for earlier" Bao Man jumped towards the direction Ye Chen was.

"Police Luo, why do you look at me like that, do I look like a ghost to you?" Ye Chen smirked at Luo Bing.

"How do you have that much strength?" Luo Bing could not believe that Ye Chen who looked so young had such great strength.

"Hehehe, it's a secret." Ye Chen did not intend to tell the origin of the power he gained.

"Boom" from the sky came down something very fast and hit the ground.

When the object came down the whole ground shook violently, dust flying everywhere.

Ye Chen waved his arm, all the dust on the broom flew by Ye Chen's hand shake.

The person who just came down turned out to be Bao Man, after getting attacked by him, this person really wasn't hurt at all.

Ye Chen was a little surprised to see Bao Man uninjured after receiving his breaking meteor blow attack at full strength.

"That was pretty good too" Bao Man pretended nothing happened to him.

Ye Chen created a barrier around Luo Bing and the women to protect them from the fight.

Ye Chen's body let out extremely hot flames, the temperature around this place immediately rose and became hot.

"This time I will not be halfway before, Yaghhh" Bao Man also did not want to lose to Ye Chen, a stronger lightning began to envelop Bao Man's body.

The battle of the deep aura of the two made the ground around here begin to tremble, even the once calm night sky was now rumbling, black clouds and lightning began to grab upon the sky.

The fight from cultivators at the Overlord Realm level was indeed extraordinary to the point that it could affect the area around them.

Clouds in the sky stretch for hundreds of kilometers, even the city a few tens of kilometers from here, also covered by thunder clouds.