Journey To Become A True God Chapter 125

125 Ye Chen Vs Bao Man
On top of Ye Chen's villa there were several women standing on the balcony, Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue and Fu Lanling all looking up at the sky.

"Lanling's sister is actually what is happening" while looking at the strange sky phenomenon, Zhao Yanyan asked Fu Lanling.

Liu Yue was also as curious as Zhao Yanyan, tonight's thunderclouds were not normal, even Liu Yue was trembling slightly as lightning struck the sky.

"It seems like a little husband is fighting with someone who is strong enough" Fu Lanling knows what this phenomenon is, usually this phenomenon arises when two cultivators with great strength fight.

"Will he be okay?" After hearing this, Liu Yue was worried about Ye Chen's condition.

"Lanling's sister, I'm so worried about Ye Chen, you should go there and help him" Zhao Yanyan asked Fu Lanling to help Ye Chen.

"You two don't need to worry, husband is a strong person, he can definitely win" Fu Lanling told the two women to trust Ye Chen.

Hearing Fu Lanling deeply trusting Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue looked at each other and nodded, they both decided to believe that nothing would happen to Ye Chen.

Unnoticed by Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue, Fu Lanling sent her toy bird to watch over Ye Chen's condition, if something bad happened Fu Lanling would immediately help Ye Chen.

"Bamm. . . . , Bamm. . . . , Bamm. . . . , Bamm. . . . , Bamm. . . . "Over the sky Ye Chen and Bao Man exchanged blows, when Ye Chen and Bao Man's palms collided, the ground began to tremble.

Ye Chen lured Bao Man away from the city, so that there were no casualties from this fight.

The forest and hills around here were destroyed as a result of the battle between Ye Chen and Bao Man.

Luo Bing had never left her vision towards Ye Chen and Bao Man fighting, Luo Bing had never seen a cultivator who fought this hard.

"Not bad" Bao Man praised the strength of Ye Chen who was able to match his own strength after being united with the god's token.

"You're not too bad either" Ye Chen felt that Bao Man's strength was getting stronger and stronger.

Initially Ye Chen was able to suppress Bao Man in battle, but after a few minutes of fighting, suddenly Bao Man's strength increased and equaled him.

He could still feel that Bao Man's strength was getting more and more increasing, if Ye Chen did not immediately resolve this, he was afraid that Bao Man would become invincible.

"One hundred thousand fire swords" Ye Chen made a hundred swords in the sky.

After reaching the Overlord Realm stage, he was now able to make up to one hundred swords without needing to open the sage god of Fire Veins.

"Forward" one hundred blades of fire in the air rushed towards Bao Man.

"Tunder Hammer" Bao Man used this skill to face Ye Chen's hundred sword of fire.

Ye Chen's "Bangg" Flame sword was swept away by Bao Man's Tunder Hammer technique.

"Damn it" Ye Chen retreated several hundred meters to avoid Bao Man's attack.

"Why did you back down? Didn't you say that you wanted to make me regret having been born in this world, Hahaha" Bao Man laughed insulting at Ye Chen.

With the god token every second Bao Man becomes stronger, if this continues he will become invincible.

"Roar" Ye Chen opened the flame vein of the sage god, the strength inside Ye Chen's body exploded unstoppable.

Ye Chen returned to using the one hundred thousand fire Swords technique, this time there were a thousand swords floating above him.

"God Fire Sword" a thousand fire swords began to gather and come together to make a stronger sword.

with the power of a thousand swords merged into one, the power of the God Fire Sword was very strong, this was an advanced level of one hundred thousand fire swords.

"Feel this" God Fire Sword advanced towards Bao Man.

Bao Man makes a lightning barrier around him "slash" the barrier Bao Man is easily split into two by the God Fire Sword.

" What !! "Bao Man didn't expect that his defense would be easily destroyed by Ye Chen.

"Die" Ye Chen immediately cut Bao Man's body into two parts.

"Aagggghhh" Bao Man's body that has been cut suddenly reunited.

Ye Chen who saw this was very surprised, even Bao Man's wounds recovered very quickly.

"Hahaha, you are surprised, this is the ability of the god Token, I have become immortal and will not be able to die" Bao Man laughed showing off this power to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at the tokens on Bao Man's chest "is that his weakness?" Ye Chen tried to attack the tokens on Bao Man's chest.

"Bamm" God Fire Sword Ye Chen could not destroy the god tokens in Bao Man's chest.

Seeing Ye Chen attacking his god token Bao Man was angry, a burst of stronger energy came out of Bao Man's body.

"How dare you" Bao Man absorbs lightning from the sky, Bao Man's strength continues and continues to increase very quickly.

In an instant Bao Man's strength matched Ye Chen who had opened the sage's Fire God Vein.

Ye Chen was in the mode of opening the sage god's flame vein, possessing a power equivalent to the seventh level Overlord Realm

"Let's finish our fight" Bao Man stretched out his hands, in the middle of his body the lightning energy that has considerable strength began to gather.

Land fragments begin to rise into the air, if the power of Bao Man is truly released, this can destroy a large city.

Ye Chen did not remain silent, he aimed the God Fire Sword at the night sky, the previously small sword began to swell up to hundreds of meters long.

The temperature around the God Fire Sword began to rise very high, even the trees around the God Fire Sword began to melt due to the heat being too high.

"Feel this Gigantic Tunderbolt" The lightning laser was aimed at Ye Chen.

"Fire" the God Fire Sword fired a Fire Laser at Bao Man.

"Boooom. . . . . . "The collision of these two powerful techniques is inevitable, everything in a radius of a few miles from the center of the collision of these two techniques, vanished by this force.

Right now, Gigantic Tunderbolt Bao Man and God Fire Sword Ye Chen are fighting for strength.

"Give up and accept your rice" Bao Man added strength from Gigantic Tunder Bolt.

The flame laser from the God Fire Sword began to be pushed back by Bao Man.

"I will not lose to you", Ye Chen used all the profound energy he had to strengthen the God Fire Sword.

Bao Man Gigantic Tunderbolt gradually pushed back by Ye Chen's God Fire Sword.

Both of them do not want to budge, they both use all the power they have at the moment.

"I will definitely win, hyaaaaaggghhhhh" Ye Chen kept pushing himself to the maximum extent.

"Bammm" God Fire Sword's laser flame finally destroyed the Gigantic Tunderbolt.

"Impossible how could I be defeated, I have gained strength equivalent to a god, Aaaaaargggggg" Bao Man shrieked when he was hit by the God Fire Sword's fire laser.

"Booom" a terrible explosion of fire occurred in the sky, this explosion even made a quarter of the land in this country shaken by the explosion of strength Ye Chen

A super large crater was formed, with an explosion as strong as that, Bao Man must have been burned to ash.

"Finally finished" Ye Chen was finally able to rest, this was the first time Ye Chen had fought with all the power he had.

Ye Chen's profound energy even left very little.