Journey To Become A True God Chapter 126

126 The Price To Pay For Strength
"Damn boy, that was quite painful" from the front of Ye Chen came the voice of Bao Man.

Ye Chen looked forward and saw that Bao Man was still alive, Bao Man's body was 60% destroyed and his skin turned black because it was burned by Ye Chen's Flame.

Little by little Bao Man's body began to regenerate again, in less than 30 seconds Bao Man returned to normal, when there were no signs of injury anymore on Bao Man's body.

Ye Chen was surprised that Bao Man could live after receiving an attack like that.

Ye Chen's strength stayed a little very difficult to fight with Bao Man.

Lightning began to envelop Bao Man's body, not only did his body recover, Bao Man's strength was also stronger.

Ye Chen put on a standby position, ready to fight with Bao Man,

"Hahaha, this time you will definitely. . ., cough cough "suddenly Bao Man who was previously strong and strong immediately knelt on the ground, the lightning that enveloped Bao Man's body also disappeared.

Bao Man's body began to wither and age, Bao Man's body is now dry like a corpse "what. . . the the. . . happen . . . to me "in a hoarse voice, Bao Man saw his body which turned very old and dry like a corpse.

The token on Bao Man's chest was released and rolled forward, it left a hole in Bao Man's chest.

Seeing Bao Man who had become weak and fragile Ye Chen loosened his guard.

Ye Chen approached Bao Man and took the god Token on the ground.

Bao Man still disbeliefly saw his body aging and drying up.

"So this is a side effect that you get after getting that kind of strength" Ye Chen looked at the token in his hand in horror.

This god token could indeed give Bao Man extraordinary strength, Bao Man who was originally only in the fifth stage of the Earth Realm, after using this token his strength could even be comparable to Ye Chen's, but the price for that much power was his life.

"Give it back. . . .object . . that. . . me, me. . want. . .my power. . . "Bao Bao crawls towards Ye Chen, he wants to take the god Token in Ye Chen's hands.

"You want this? Then catch it" Ye Chen threw the god's token very strongly towards the horizon, he didn't want to deal with things that could absorb someone's life.

Seeing Ye Chen throw the token into the sky, Bao Man crawled towards Ye Chen tossed the token.

"God token. . . Where are you . . ., return it. . . . my power . . . "While crawling Bao Man to shout, it looks like Bao Man is going crazy, he is obsessed with being instantly strong with god tokens.

Ye Chen left Bao Man who went crazy, Ye Chen flew back to Luo Bing's place.

Luo Bing was still in the barrier with Feng Xue and several other women.

Ye Chen descended and removed the barrier he had created to protect Luo Bing.

Seeing Ye Chen return Luo Bing immediately asked "Ye Chen did you win? "

Ye Chen didn't answer Luo Bing's question, he walked over to Luo Bing.

Ye Chen stood in front of Luo Bing and smiled wickedly.

" What is wrong with you? "Seeing Ye Chen smile wickedly Luo Bing was a little scared.

Ye Chen raised Luo Bing and turned Luo Bing's body, in front of the strong Ye Chen, Luo Bing couldn't do anything and could only surrender.

"Ye Chen, what do you want to do to me?" Luo Bing did not understand what Ye Chen wanted to do.

"Pahhh" a reap slap sounded, Ye Chen slapped Luo Bing's ass.

"Ah. . . . "Luo Bing screamed while being slapped by Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, how dare you. . . , "Luo Bing was angry after being ass slapped by Ye Chen.

"Pah" Ye Chen slapped Luo Bing's ass again.

"This Luo policeman is retaliated for always looking for trouble with me, since the first time you arrested me I really wanted to do this to you" Ye Chen continued and continued to slap Luo Bing's chewy ass.

"Ye Chen I will kill you, ah. . . . " Ye Chen slapped Luo Bing's ass again.

Despite being punished like this Luo Bing still dared to say harshly to Ye Chen "little girl you still dare to kill me, Pah" the slap sounded again.

Luo Bing felt that her buttocks felt very hot "Ye Chen bastard quickly let go of me" Luo Bing asked Ye Chen to let go of her.

"Is that how you apologize to someone?" Ye Chen smiled wickedly at Luo Bing, time to discipline this woman.

Hearing this Luo Bing gritted her teeth "Big Brother Chen I was wrong, please let me go" with a pitiful face Luo Bing apologized.

"Well like that is better, remember if you dare to look for trouble and say this to your higher ups, next time the punishment will be more than this" after giving Ye Chen a warning and then releasing Luo Bing.

After releasing Luo Bing, holding both his ass that seemed to burn, Luo Bing glared at Ye Chen, he didn't dare to curse Ye Chen for fear Ye Ye would do something even crazier.

Luo Bing now knew Ye Chen was very strong, and she was not an opponent for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen went to see Feng Xue and other women, he saw the situation of all the women, after checking all the women, no one was hurt.

Feeling someone touched her body, Feng Xue opened her eyes, the first person she saw was Ye Chen.

"You're awake" Ye Chen said to Feng Xue who was lying on the ground.

"Ye Chen, why are you here?" Feng Xue immediately got up and empowered Ye Chen.

Feng Xue still felt his head dizzy. The last thing he remembered was the fight between Luo Bing and Bao Man which triggered powerful lightning, so Feng Xue was scared and fainted.

"I came here to save you" Ye Chen reached out to help Feng Xue stand up.

Feng Xue was touched when Ye Chen said he came here to help herself.

Even though this person is a bit annoying but he always helps when Feng Xue is in need.

Feng Xue looked at Ye Chen with a very gentle look, the atmosphere was quite good maybe something would have happened.

"Tsk" Luo Bing suddenly interrupted from the side.

Feng Xue immediately released her hand from Ye Chen, and her face turned red.

"Police Luo what's wrong with you" Ye Chen saw Luo Bing who looked dissatisfied standing at the side.

Luo Bing was quite upset to see a different treatment from Ye Chen, Luo Bing was also a beautiful woman, but why did Ye Chen treat her differently from Feng Xue.

"Nothing, let's get out." Luo Bing walked towards the women and woke them all up to get out of this place.

Ye Chen, Feng Xue, Luo Bing and the women walked together to the surface.

When it reached the surface there were already many policemen on guard around this place.

Some of these people were cultivators who were quite strong, as if they were members of the six-door organization.

Ye Chen didn't want to get too involved with the six-door organization, he slipped away from this place.