Journey To Become A True God Chapter 129

129 New Cute Maid
"Who is this morning to visit?" Ye Chen was not too happy when the good things he was about to do were bothered by this person.

"Husband, quickly see who it is, maybe an important person is looking for you" Liu Yue told Ye Chen to see who was in front.

Ye Chen let go of Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue, he immediately went towards the villa entrance.

"Ding. . . . , ding. . . . , ding. . . . , ding. . . . "From the outside someone keeps ringing the bell repeatedly.

"Wait a minute" Ye Chen asked the people outside to wait a little.

When Ye Chen opened the door of the person outside, it was female police officer Luo Bing.

"Police Luo what do you want to come here" with dissatisfaction Ye Chen empowered what Luo Bing wanted early this morning.

"You still haven't turned rude to me" Luo Bing was not satisfied with Ye Chen's attitude like this.

"I came here to deliver this girl, she said she wants to stay with you, let's go out don't be embarrassed" Luo Bing shifted her body slightly, behind Luo Bing there was another woman who was beautiful and cute like a doll.

This woman is Xiao Lulu, Xiao Lulu now looks clean and beautiful, she is now wearing a Maid uniform, with long blond hair neatly combed.

Xiao Lulu was a little shy when meeting Ye Chen.

"Oh, so this is Lulu" Ye Chen remembered this girl, he did indeed promise a place to stay for this girl.

"Hello, big brother Chen" Xiao Lulu shyly greets Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen this girl from the village, when she went to the city and looked for a job she was tricked and ended up being kidnapped by slave sellers, I had given her the chance to return to her hometown, but she refused, she said she didn't want to burden her life anymore. her aunt who is in the village, therefore Xiao Lulu wants to work in this city. "Luo Bing told the details of Xiao Lulu's life to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen now understood a bit of Xiao Lulu's background "You can stay here, and what if you work here, you have a skill right?" "Ye Chen asked Xiao Lulu's expertise.

Xiao Lulu nodded at Ye Chen, "that. . . I can cook, wash, clean, massage, care for the garden, etc. "Xiao Lulu talked about what she could.

"Good, you can work here, your salary every month is fifty thousand dollars." After hearing that Xiao Lulu could do it all, Ye Chen without much thought took it.

Hearing the salary mentioned by Ye Chen Xiao Lulu was very surprised.

"Wa, wa, wa," Xiao Lulu timidly calculated the total salary per year by using her fingers.

Seeing the behavior of Xiao Lulu Ye Chen smiled "so you want it or not? ".

"I want to" Xiao Lulu firmly wants this job.

"Alright, you may start working now" Ye Chen pulled Xiao Lulu's hand towards inside, Vila.

Luo Bing who was left alone was very angry "this person" Luo Bing gritted her teeth and joined the villa.

"Luo Bing police why did you enter without permission, I can report you" Ye Chen turned and threatened Luo Bing.

"I will catch you" Luo Bing's breasts fluctuated in anger, this is the first time a man has ignored her continuously.

If only Ye Chen wasn't stronger than her, Luo Bing wanted to always beat Ye Chen.

"Big brother Chen, don't fight with Bing's sister, she is a good person" Seeing the situation heats up Xiao Lulu tried to mediate between the two.

Luo Bing was very happy that Xiao Lulu was defending her.

"Lulu why did you defend the enemy camp, you should have defended your master, I will deduct your salary", Xiao Lulu who heard this immediately shut up, she didn't dare to speak anymore, Xiao Lulu was afraid that Ye Chen would cut her salary.

"You, how dare you poke Lulu, Lulu don't worry if she dares to bully you I will immediately catch her" Luo Bing was annoyed with Ye Chen.

"What's the matter with all of your fuss over there" Liu Yue and Zhao Yanyan came from the kitchen while carrying plates which contained breakfast.

Luo Bing was surprised to see Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue who looked even more beautiful.

moreover the strength of both of them had reached the Spirit Profound Realm stage

Xiao Lulu was very impressed with these two beautiful women, she began to suspect the identities of the two beautiful women.

"Oh Luo Bing police why are you here? "Liu Yue asked Luo Bing, Liu Yue was quite familiar with Luo Bing, the female police officer who helped her arrest the thieves in her company.

"I'm here to deliver someone" Luo Bing answered Liu Yue's question.

"Who is that?" Liu Yue and Zhao Yanyan were curious about who Luo Bing was delivering.

Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue then looked at the beautiful woman who was like a doll standing behind Ye Chen shyly.

"This is Xiao Lulu, from today he will work as a maid in this house" Ye Chen introduced Xiao Lulu to Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue.

"Lulu, this is my wife Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue"

Upon hearing that these two beautiful women were Ye Chen's wife Xiao Lulu was shocked, there was a slight loss in her heart.

"Hello, I'm Zhao Yanyan, nice to meet you" Zhao Yanyan welcomed Xiao Lulu warmly.

"I am Liu Yue, nice to meet you" Liu Yue also welcomed Xiao Lulu warmly.

"Madame, Lulu is happy to meet you" Xiao Lulu said with a slightly flushed face.

"You don't need to be too formal with us" Zhao Yanyan started thinking about dragging this cute girl into a brother to fight Ye Chen

"Tch, how old are you, how dare you say that the two of them are your wife" Luo Bing was not content to berate at the side.

"Shut up, you are an uninvited guest in this house," Ye Chen reminded Luo Bing.

"You" Luo Bing was angry while pointing at Ye Chen, every time she talked to Ye Chen it must be Luo Bing who always suffered losses.

"Husband never mind, let's go eat together, Luo police, you can also join if you want" Liu Yue kindly invited Liu Yue to join breakfast.

"Yue's wife, why did you bother inviting her, she certainly would not want to," Ye Chen invited all the ladies to the room to eat.

"Who said I didn't want to, I joined" Luo Bing also went to the dining room.

There is one more woman who joined the meal, she is Fu Lanling.

When she saw Fu Lanling Luo Bing getting more and more surprised, Fu Lanling looked like a goddess coming out of a painting.

While Xiao Lulu was just amazed at Fu Lanling's beauty.

Fu Lanling currently does not wear Nuwa rings, so the charm of the goddess Fu Lanling is not hidden.

Fu Lanling introduced herself to Xiao Lulu and Luo Bing.

Luo Bing now understood why Ye Chen's attitude towards her was indifferent, with a woman as beautiful as this how could she possibly be worthy of Ye Chen's eyes.

Everyone started eating food made by Zhao Yanyan and Fu Lanling.

"Ye Chen, I want to ask, is the god token in your hands?" Luo Bing asked Ye Chen about the issue of god tokens.

"I've thrown it towards the sea" if you want to find it you just look at the sea.

"How can you throw such an amazing object into the sea?" Luo Bing was angry because of Ye Chen's foolishness, how could he throw an object that could increase his strength thousands of times into the sea just like that.

"It's none of my business, I don't want to deal with things that can suck someone's life" Ye Chen said honestly even though the god token could indeed give that power only temporarily, after that life would be his payment.

"Forget" seeing Ye Chen's indifferent attitude Luo Bing was lazy to discuss the god Token, if it was indeed thrown into the sea there was nothing Luo Bing could do.

It is impossible for them to search the vast ocean several times the area of this country.

"Lulu, please peel this fruit" Ye Chen told Xiao Lulu to peel the peaches of heaven to eat for everyone.

Xiao Lulu got up from the chair and took a peach from Ye Chen