Journey To Become A True God Chapter 130

130 Childhood Enemies Mee
Xiao Lulu took a knife and began to peel the heavenly peaches, Xiao Lulu cut heaven peaches into small pieces, then she distributed them to everyone at the table.

Liu Yue and Fu Lanling were the most passionate when they were going to eat the peaches of heaven, they both loved this fruit very much.

Luo Bing also started to eat the heavenly peach in front of her, when Luo Bing put a piece in her mouth, she felt this fruit was very sweet and delicious, her body felt very comfortable when the heavenly peach entered her stomach.

Luo Bing had never tasted a better meal than this heavenly peach.

In a moment the peaches on Luo Bing's plate were gone, Luo Bing was still not satisfied, she wanted to eat more peaches.

"I want more" shamelessly Luo Bing asked Xiao Lulu for a piece of heavenly peaches.

Ye Chen immediately took all the pieces and put them on his plate.

"Ye Chen, don't be greedy, hurry up and give me a little." Luo Bing was not satisfied to see Ye Chen taking all the pieces of heavenly peaches.

"From the beginning it's mine so why should I share it with you" Ye Chen showed Luo Bing a piece of heavenly peaches

Luo Bing gritted her teeth, Luo Bing's face began to turn red with anger.

Zhao Yanyan who was next door suddenly stepped on Ye Chen's feet.

"Ouch, Yanyan what are you doing" Ye Chen asked why Zhao Yanyan suddenly stepped on his feet.

"Ye Chen don't be naughty fast for the fruit to the others" Zhao Yanyan felt sorry for Luo Bing, who Ye Chen continued to play around with.

Because of Zhao Yanyan's beloved request, Ye Chen took more heavenly peaches from the storage, then handed them to Xiao Lulu for peeling.

After peeling away all the heavenly peaches Xiao Lulu returned to her seat, she also began to eat pieces of heavenly peaches.

Xiao Lulu's reaction was the same as Luo Bing's, she was addicted to eating heavenly peaches.

After finishing breakfast Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue and Xiao Lulu went to the kitchen to wash, Fu Lanling headed up to rest in the room.

Now only Luo Bing and Ye Chen were left in the dining room.

"Ye Chen yesterday the Yun family's representatives came to this city, it looks like they intend to find out who is the mastermind behind the killer Yun Hao" Luo Bing told that the Yun family began to move, they wanted to find out who was the mastermind behind Yun Hao's death.

"Then what does that have to do with me," Ye Chen said nonchalantly.

Seeing Ye Chen completely unconcerned, Luo Bing only sighed, Ye Chen's strength was indeed enough to destroy the Yun family, but if that happened there would definitely be a big storm in this country, Luo Bing didn't want that to happen.

"Ye Chen you should be careful with the Yun family, even though you are very strong, but they can still be a threat to you, take care of Xiao Lulu, I will go first" after giving a warning to Ye Chen Luo Bing to leave the villa

"Looks like this woman already knows I'm the culprit" Seeing the departure of Luo Bing Ye Chen muttered.

Now is the time to go to school, Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan use a bugatti car, to go to school.

after arriving at the parking lot Ye Chen immediately parked the car and headed for class with Zhao Yanyan.

"Isn't this Yanyan" from behind Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan sounded pretty sweet.

Zhao Yanyan was very familiar with this voice, she immediately turned around and saw the beauty standing in front of her.

This girl has beautiful long hair that has beautiful facial features and is graceful with a slim body, which makes this girl very striking is on the top of two mountains that have the size of the F Cup. Ye Chen felt that the size of this girl was slightly larger than that of Liu Yue who had fully developed.

Ye Chen wondered what size this girl had after fully developed.

"Mengyan" Zhao Yanyan wasn't too excited when she said the name of this girl.

This girl was Cheng Mengyan, one of four school flowers as well as Zhao Yanyan's childhood enemies.

"It turns out you are Yanyan, you look very changed now" Cheng Mengyan looked at Zhao Yanyan from the top down.

Cheng Mengyan was surprised to see that Zhao Yanyan looked so beautiful right now, it was fitting that Zhao Yanyan could be ranked first in the school interest list.

"Of course, we haven't seen each other in a long time." Zhao Yanyan was smiling while talking to Cheng Mengyan.

"Hahaha, you still don't like when you meet me" Seeing this, Cheng Mengyan wasn't angry but laughed.

"Oh yeah, Yanyan, who is the handsome man next to you?" Cheng Mengyan was very curious about the very handsome man beside Zhao Yanyan.

"He is Ye Chen, my boyfriend" Zhao Yanyan embraced Ye Chen's arm very tenderly.

upon hearing this there was a hint of a smirk at the corner of Cheng Meng's mouth.

"Hello, I'm Cheng Mengyan, nice to meet you." Cheng Mengyan smiled and reached out to Ye Chen.

"I'm Ye Chen, nice to meet you too" Ye Chen shook Cheng Mengyan's hand.

When Ye Chen shook Cheng Mengyan's hand, when he saw Cheng Mengyan's smile Ye Chen felt that something was sucking his soul.

"This girl? "Ye Chen said in his heart,

Cheng Mengyan put out a special charm technique to try to attract Ye Chen's soul to be crazy about her, unfortunately this charm is still far from that of the most powerful Fu Lanling in the world.

Seeing Ye Chen's ordinary expression, Cheng Mengyan felt strange, her charm never failed to fascinate men, but this time the man in front of her was completely unaffected.

Ye Chen began to pay close attention to Cheng Mengyan's body, apparently Cheng Mengyan was wearing a very high quality leather mask.

If Ye Chen hadn't observed it carefully he might not have known the existence of this leather mask.

"How long do you want to shake hands?" Zhao Yanyan yang

there are side talking with dissatisfaction

Cheng Mengyan immediately let go of her hand from Ye Chen "The school bell is almost ready to go back to my class" Cheng Mengyan said goodbye before leaving for her class.

Ye Chen saw Cheng Mengyan leave, saw Ye Chen never leave a glow in Cheng Mengyan's body, Zhao Yanyan who saw this looked annoyed, she nudged Ye Chen's body.

"Look at your wild nature out again, just see a beautiful woman you're immediately attracted to" with a dissatisfied tone Zhao Yanyan scolded Ye Chen.

"You misunderstood, I'm not like that" Ye Chen tried to explain to Zhao Yanyan.

"Then what did you say that before?" Zhao Yanyan puffed her cheek angrily at Ye Chen.

"Yanyan, your friend is also a cultivator? Ye Chen asked Zhao Yanyan.

"Eh, you mean Mengyan is a cultivator? "Zhao Yanyan could not believe what she had just been with from Ye Chen.

"Yes, the girl was a cultivator and her strength is only slightly weaker than you, what's more she has a charm technique that can bind a man" Ye Chen explained to Zhao Yanyan about Cheng Mengyan.