Journey To Become A True God Chapter 131

131 We Are A Genuine Couple
Zhao Yanyan did not think that Cheng Mengyan, who he had known for a long time, was also a cultivator, it was appropriate that Zhao Yanyan often lost when fighting in all matters with Cheng Mengyan, apparently from the beginning the two were not on the same level.

"One more thing, Cheng Mengyan used a leather mask to hide her appearance, so her current appearance is fake." Ye Chen tells us that Cheng Mengyan has been wearing a fake appearance all this time.

"I see." Zhao Yanyan came to know more about Cheng Mengyan, now the two of them are cultivators, Zhao Yanyan will not be defeated if one day he has to compete with Cheng Mengyan again.

"Let's go to class" Ye Chen invited Zhao Yanyan to go to class.

At this time in the hallway of Cheng Mengyan's school walking casually, there was a hint of a smile on Cheng Mengyan's lips "interesting man, I can't wait to steal it from Yanyan", from the first time Cheng Mengyan really stole everything from Zhao Yanyan, from the start of attention, the goods that like Zhao Yanyan, etc.

This time Cheng Mengyan targeted Ye Chen, Cheng Mengyan was eagerly awaiting the expression of what Zhao Yanyan would make, when his boyfriend bowed under her pomegranate skirt.

Cheng Mengyan is famous for playing with many of the men at this school, therefore many men are hurt by Cheng Mengyan.

Cheng Mengyan disappeared to class A.

The school went on as usual, when Ye Chen's class would always sleep in the classroom, no teacher or student would dare to wake Ye Chen.

Some students were afraid of Ye Chen, because they saw Ye Chen easily defeating Sen Tu tyrants in this school.

"Sleepers wake up" Zhao Yanyan woke Ye Chen.

"What time is it now? Ye Chen yawned as he asked Zhao Yanyan.

"It's almost evening, let's go home" Zhao Yanyan was helpless to see Ye Chen sleep all day.

"Well let's go home" Ye Chen got up from his seat and prepared to go home together with Zhao Yanyan.

"Ringing. . . . . . "Ye Chen's cellphone suddenly rang.

The person who called was Lin Rouxi, Ye Chen picked up a call from Lin Rouxi.

"Teacher Lin, what's up? "Ye Chen immediately asked what Lin Rouxi wanted.

"Ye Chen can you come to my office now, there's something I want to ask you for help", it turns out that Lin Rouxi wanted to ask for help from him.

"Ok, I'll be there soon" after that Ye Chen ended the call.

"Ye Chen, who is that?" Zhao Yanyan wanted to know who was the person who just called Ye Chen.

"This is Teacher Lin, she said that he needed my help".

"Oh, so that's Rouxi's sister, what are you waiting for, hurry up and go there" Zhao Yanyan pushed Ye Chen to immediately go to Lin Rouxi's room.

" How about you ? "Asked Ye Chen.

"I will wait for you in the parking lot" After saying that, Zhao Yanyan went towards the parking lot.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan leave, Ye Chen also had to go towards Lin Rouxi's room.

When he reached the front of the teacher Lin Rouxi's room, there was a man in fashionable clothes and carrying a floral arrangement standing in front of the teacher Lin Rouxi's door.

If I remember correctly this man was named Hu Jun, this man was the one who wanted to be matched with Lin Rouxi, Ye Chen asked why Hu Jun was in this place.

"Lin Rouxi I know you are inside, hurry up and come out, I want to give you a present" Hu Jun continued to knock on the door of Lin Rouxi's room.

"Hey, what are you doing here? While clutching Hu Jun's shoulder, Ye Chen asked Hu Jun.

"Oh, so it's true that you are a student at this school, it seems like what my little brother said is true" Hu Jun looked at Ye Chen with contemptuous eyes.

"Yes, I am a student at this school, so what? "Seeing this guy insulting himself Ye Chen didn't really like it.

"Ye Chen you finally came too" Lin Rouxi who heard Ye Chen coming immediately opened the door and went to Ye Chen's side.

Lin Rouxi felt unsatisfied and continued to be bothered by Hu Jun.

"You two want to when you pretend to be a couple, I already know that you are not a real couple, my brother told me that your girlfriend named Zhao Yanyan" Hu Jun apparently knew Ye Chen was only pretending to be dating Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen didn't know where Hu Jun knew that he and Lin Rouxi were only pretending to be dating.

"Hu Jun what are you saying, Ye Chen and I are indeed dating" Lin Rouxi tried to refute Hu Jun's words.

"Hahaha, Lin Rouxi wants to how long you will lie, this person is just a poor student who was even abandoned by his girlfriend, what is so special about him" Hu Jun bad-mouthed Ye Chen in front of Lin Rouxi.

"Don't bad mouth Ye Chen in front of me" Lin Rouxi was angry when Hu Jun insulted Ye Chen.

Ye Chen slightly raised his eyebrows, this person's first name was Hu, as Ye Chen recalled, Yu Ting's boyfriend was also named Hu, maybe the two of them were brothers? Ye Chen had guessed the identity of the person who had told Hu Jun.

"We really are a couple," Ye Chen told Hu Jun.

"Huh, then what about your girlfriend named Zhao Yanyan, are you going to throw it away? Hu Jun questioned Ye Chen.

"Of course not, both of them are my valuable women, I won't throw them away" Ye Chen embraced Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi's face was already like an apple, for some reason Lin Rouxi was happy when Ye Chen said that.

"Huh, you're kidding how there are women who want to share love with the poor, you must be joking, you poor person" Hu Jun insulted Ye Chen with poor words.

"You don't believe? , let me prove it "Ye Chen brought Lin Rouxi's body closer and then kissed Lin Rouxi's cherry lips.

Lin Rouxi was very surprised when Ye Chen suddenly kissed her lips, this was the first time Lin Rouxi had done an adult kiss on the opposite sex.

"Damn it" Hu Jun who saw this immediately threw a bouquet of flowers that he brought, Hu Jun immediately left this place very upset.

Hu Jun couldn't stand seeing these two people making out.

Lin Rouxi was completely immersed in Ye Chen's kiss, Lin Rouxi had never felt this pleasant sensation before.

Lin Rouxi felt a hard object piercing his peru, he was curious about what this was and touched it slightly, after knowing what this object was, he hurriedly regained consciousness and broke away from Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi knew what object just pierced her stomach "Ye Chen thanks for helping me this time, I'm leaving first" Lin Rouxi immediately ran away from Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi was very embarrassed when she saw Ye Chen.

Seeing teacher Lin Rouxi run away like seeing a ghost, Ye Chen smiled, it seemed like Lin Rouxi did not reject him.

After completing the business Ye Chen went to the parking lot, he looked for the figure of Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan was currently waiting on a bench sitting under a tree.

In front of Zhao Yanyan there were two people, one man and one woman.

This is Yu Ting and Hu Ji, these two people are talking to Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen wanted to know what Yu Ting and Hu Ji wanted from Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen walked towards Zhao Yanyan