Journey To Become A True God Chapter 132

132 A Little Showing Off
As Ye Chen approached he heard Zhao Yanyan and Yu Ting's conversation.

"I heard your boyfriend Ye Chen is currently dating the most beautiful teacher Lin Rouxi, have you been thrown away by him" With a smile laughed at Yu Ting in contempt of Zhao Yanyan.

Yu Ting came to Zhao Yanyan to add fire so that Ye Chen broke up with Zhao Yanyan, Yu Ting didn't like seeing Ye Chen get a better woman than him.

"What's the problem, teacher Lin Rouxi I already consider as my own sister, if we become a brother, that would be amazing" Zhao Yanyan was not angry because Yu Ting's provocation, Zhao Yanyan was a smart woman, she knew what Yu Ting meant to tell this, it was intended that she and Ye Chen would be enemies.

Unfortunately Yu Ting didn't know Zhao Yanyan at all, from Zhao Yanyan instead wanted to make Lin Rouxi become Ye Chen's woman.

"What's the matter with you, how can you not be angry when you find out the person you like is close to other women" because the plan didn't work Yu Ting got angry at Zhao Yanyan.

Upon hearing this, Zhao Yanyan only smiled and did not want to answer Yu Ting's words.

On Yu Ting's side, Hu Ji was salivating at Zhao Yanyan's goddess appearance.

"Zhao Yanyan why don't you forget that poor man and just be my woman" Hu Ji shamelessly asked Zhao Yanyan to be his woman.

"You are brave enough to also tease other people's women" Ye Chen who heard this was not satisfied, he grabbed Hu Ji's collar and lifted him up into the air.

"What are you doing? Quickly put me down" in the air Hu Ji tried to rebel.

Hu Ji's efforts to rebel were in vain, with Ye Chen's strength it was impossible for him to escape from Ye Chen's grasp.

"Ye Chen, quickly put him down" Yu Ting who was beside tried to help Hu Ji.

"Alright, if that's what you want," Ye Chen threw Hu Ji at the trash can near them.

Hu Ji Go straight into the dirty and rotten trash can.

Ye Chen could not stand this brother and younger brother, who always tried to disrupt his life.

"Hu Ji" Yu Ting immediately ran to the trash to see the state of Hu Ji.

With the help of Yu Ting Hu Ji out of the trash, Hu Ji's entire body was full of dirt and foul smelling.

Yu Ting who was near Hu Ji could not stand the smell in Hu Ji's body.

People who haven't gone home immediately see what's happening, people look at Hu Ji with great pity.

"How dare you" Hu Ji did not accept and rushed to take a piece of wood beside him to hit Ye Chen.

"Bammm. . . . . , "Hu Ji is back flying into the trash.

Obviously Hu Ji was not Ye Chen's opponent

"Ye Chen, how dare you do this to my boyfriend" Yu Ting was angry at Ye Chen for hitting Hu Ji.

"Then what do you want, seeing me beaten by him, do you think I'm a fool?" Ye Chen got angry at Yu Ting.

Yu Ting didn't expect Ye Chen to be very brave, usually Ye Chen would rather go and not fight, but this time it was different Ye Chen suddenly used violence which made Yu Ting a little scared.

"Yanyan, let's go" Ye Chen took Zhao Yanyan's hand and headed for the car that belonged to him.

Seeing where Ye Chen went Yu Ting looked with contempt look "Ye Chen you still use ancient items like that in an era like this" Yu Ting insulted Ye Chen.

"What do you mean by antiquity? "Ye Chen doesn't understand what the meaning of the word Yu Ting is.

"Are you stupid, you still use that ugly bicycle to go to school" Yu Ting pointed to the bicycle next to Ye Chen's car.

Ye Chen also saw what Yu Ting was pointing at, a bicycle that was almost similar to Ye Chen's past.

There was an evil smile on Ye Chen's face, "Indeed, what's the problem, mine is much better than what your boyfriend has." Ye Chen tried to brag about his car.

Yu Ting misunderstood Ye Chen's words, she thought Ye Chen was bragging about that ugly bicycle.

Hu Ji came back out of the trash, this time Hu Ji felt pain in his chest due to Ye Chen's punch.

Hu Ji also heard what Yu Ting said, he added fire to it "You dare to compare that ugly bicycle with the car I have, I can buy thousands of bikes like that with a car that I have. "Seeing that it is impossible to win against Ye Chen with strength Hu Ji chose to retaliate by embarrassing poor Ye Chen, so everyone knows.

"Hahaha, you're kidding, even a dozen cars that you own won't be able to buy what I have," Ye Chen said laughing at these two clowns.

"You" Yu Ting pointed at the shameless Ye Chen.

"Yanyan, let's go, let the two clowns entertain others." Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan went to the luxury car next to the bicycle.

When Ye Chen pressed the key to open the car, everyone was immediately surprised, even Yu Ting and Hu Ji were also surprised to see Ye Chen open a limited edition luxury car.

The female students looked at this with starry eyes, seeing a very expensive luxury car they became interested in approaching Ye Chen.

Even some girls who are crazy about money start making plans to get close to Ye Chen, girls like they don't care even though they are having an affair / underground other people.

Ye Chen immediately started the fierce car engine and flaunted it to everyone, after which Ye Chen left school

People began to whisper and look at Hu Ji with pity.

Hu Jin and Yu Ting's faces were dark, Hu Ji really became a clown this time, he and Yu Ting intended to embarrass Ye Chen but the results became like this.

"Pahh. . . . "Hu Ji slapped Yu Ting to vent his frustration" You little bitch, really embarrassed me in public "This is all Yu Ting's fault when talking, which made Hu Ji join in.

Yu Ting felt his cheek hurt "me. . . , me. . . . "she tried to explain, unfortunately, she had no reason to explain it to Hu Ji.

Without waiting for Yu Tung, Hu Ji left this place, he wanted to go home immediately and clean his dirty and smelly body

"Brother Hu Wait" Yu Ting catch up with Hu Ji.

"The two of them have never been frustrated looking for problems with you" Zhao Yanyan was quite tired of seeing the behavior of Yu Ting and Hu Ji

"They both don't like to see us happy" Ye Chen reached out to get ready to touch Zhao Yanyan's body.

Zhao Yanyan slapped Ye Chen's hand, then scolded him "focus on driving".

"Well my queen" because Zhao Yanyan refused, Ye Chen refocused driving.

"Oh yeah, how did those two know that you and Rouxi's sister pretended to be dating" Zhao Yanyan wanted to know how Yu Ting and Hu Ji knew Ye Chen was pretending to be dating Lin Rouxi.

"Oh that" Ye Chen explained in detail to Zhao Yanyan.