Journey To Become A True God Chapter 133

133 Company Visi
"Hu Ji's older brother is the pursuer of Rouxi's sister" Zhao Yanyan just found out about this news.

"I just guessed it" Ye Chen didn't know whether they really were siblings, he just deduced from what happened today.

Zhao Yanyan nodded at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan arrived in front of the villa, Ye Chen first parked his car and got off together with Zhao Yanyan.

When both of them entered the villa, the villa looked very shiny, this was different from the situation when Ye Chen left it this morning.

"Brother Chen, Yanyan sister, you're home" wearing a mask and carrying clean tools Xiao Lulu is cleaning this place.

"We Go Home" Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan answered in unison.

Ye Chen walked to the sofa and lay on it, Zhao Yanyan went upstairs to change clothes.

"Where is Liu Yue and Fu Lanling?" Ye Chen asked Xiao Lulu about Liu Yue and Fu Lanling's whereabouts.

"They are in the backyard" Xiao Lulu immediately told Liu Yue and Fu Lanling's whereabouts.

Ye Chen wanted to see what Liu Yue and Fu Lanling were doing in the backyard.

When Ye Chen reached the backyard both of them were practicing fighting.

Liu Yue continued to attack Fu Lanling using her palms.

Fu Lanling casually parried all of Liu Yue's attacks.

"Your movements are still too slow and easy to guess, you have to be even faster" Fu Lanling gave directions to Liu Yue.

"Fine" Liu Yue nodded at Fu Lanling

When Ye Chen came, the two immediately stopped practicing, and looked at Ye Chen.

"Little husband, you're home", Fu Lanling was the first to greet Ye Chen.

"Yes, I'm going home" Ye Chen approached the two women.

Ye Chen brought the two women to a place of rest.

"Husband, have you checked your company? "Liu Yue asked whether Ye Chen had seen the company he founded.

"Not yet, I always forget to see how things are there" Ye Chen actually also wanted to see what his company was like, until now he only knew the development of the company from Liu Yue.

Ye Chen accompanied the two women for 30 minutes, after which Liu Yue and Fu Lanling entered the fairy gate to continue training.

this time he went to his company to see for himself how his company worked.

When arriving in front of the company, a lot of people are applying for jobs.

In a short time, Xiannu's company became a very large company, even the company was still having difficulty meeting the demands of the enormous world market.

That's why Xiannu's company recruits a lot of employees to hire.

Ye Chen immediately entered and looked around here, he wanted to know where Ceo's room was.

"Ah you're here, come quickly follow me" suddenly a woman came and pulled Ye Chen's hand.

Ye Chen did not know why this woman suddenly pulled himself up.

This woman brought Ye Chen to a room, in this room there were about 9 people with bodies that were no worse than Ye Chen.

in front of everyone there was a 200 kg barbell.

looking at wherever they all seemed to be trained warriors, Ye Chen did not understand why this woman brought him to this place.

"Mr. Long is all here, you can start the test" the woman who dragged Ye Chen told the supervisor to start the test.

"Huh" Ye Chen didn't think that he would be dragged into a place like this.

The superintendent of this exam was Long Zen, he was a retired former soldier who had retired, even though not a Long Zen power cultivator could not be underestimated.

"You all have 5 minutes, to lift this barbell over your head 30 times, anyone who doesn't get 30 times will immediately fail," Long Zen supervisor explained the rules of the game.

Everyone was surprised to hear this, lifting weights 200 kg as much as 30x is impossible, especially if the time is only 5 minutes.

"Before I start, does anyone want to ask" Long Zen gave an opportunity to all participants to ask.

"May I not take this test, I want to resign" Ye Chen raised his hand and told the supervisor of Long Zen, if he resigned.

Ye Chen didn't come here for this

"You coward, you even gave up before trying" Long Zen said Ye Chen was a coward.

"Who is a coward, let me show you real strength" Feeling provoked by being a coward, Ye Chen decided to take this test.

"It's good that's just a man" Long Zen managed to make Ye Chen excited.

"Everyone take their positions", the 9 people next to Ye Chen immediately grabbed their respective Barbells.

Ye Chen was the only person who was still casually standing in his place.

"Aren't you going to take the position" Long Zen who saw Ye Chen still standing calmly, Long Zen questioned.

"No need to care about me, you can start" for him this is a child's toy, it's better to see the performances of the people who are next to him.

Seeing that Ye Chen didn't care, Long Zen immediately began his test, "Starting" 5 minutes started to start backwards.

By using both hands Everyone immediately lifted a barbell that weighed 200 kg, some people struggled to lift a 200kg barbell above their heads.

"4 minutes before it ends" after a minute of walking, there are some whose muscles have been spasmed and their bodies start to shake because they are no longer able to lift such heavy weights.

"3 minutes before the time is over" some have given up and put the barbell back on the floor.

"2 minutes before the time is over" people who try to force one by one and fall to the floor.

The medical staff who were next door immediately helped them.

"1 minute before ending" there were only 2 people who managed to lift the dumbbell dead 30 x, the remaining 7 others failed

their body and muscles are very tired and very difficult to lift this barbell.

For these 4 minutes Ye Chen only watched these people struggle from the side.

Seeing it all over Ye Chen began to act, he began to relax his muscles first.

People who had failed to look at Ye Chen with disparaging views.

"You guys look carefully" Ye Chen used his left hand to grip the barbell, it seemed like Ye Chen intended to lift the barbell with one hand.

Seeing what Ye Chen wanted to do everyone waited and wanted to laugh at him.

Ye Chen easily raised a 200 kg barbell into the air.

Seeing what Ye Chen, Long Zen and all the people in this room were doing were astonished.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30" Ye Chen very quickly completed 30x lifting weights.

seeing Ye Chen easily lifting weights with one hand, the jaws of everyone who was here almost fell to the floor

There was no sound heard in this place, even those who from the beginning wanted to laugh at Ye Chen in silence.

"Bammm. . . . "Ye Chen dropped the barbell on the floor to show that this is real.

"Beep. . . . "The test mark ended, everyone immediately woke up because of this sound, people started rubbing their eyes, not believing what they just saw.

"Did I graduate? Ye Chen's innocent face asked Long Zen.