Journey To Become A True God Chapter 136

136 Jun Moxi
" Where are we going ? "Ye Chen asked Xia Qingyu where to meet.

"Go to the Red Star building" Xia Qingyu told Ye Chen to go to the Red Star building.

Red Star building is a place that provides entertainment facilities with a very luxurious.

Ye Chen drove to the Red Star building, in the awkward atmosphere from beginning to end no one spoke, Xia Qingyu continued to read a document for review.

Xia Qingyu looked very serious while working, she seemed like he could not be bothered by anyone.

Within a few minutes Ye Chen finally arrived at the Red Star building, here a lot of people were coming in and out of the building.

The average person in and out is an office worker, they come here to release stress by drinking with friends, eating together or singing karaoke.

Xia Qingyu and Ye Chen then went up to the top floor.

The top floor is the VVIP room, the price of this room is the most expensive in this place.

Xia Qingyu and Ye Chen entered room number 5, after both of them entered, in nature there was a young man who was around 23 years old sitting while waiting for the arrival of Xia Qingyu, behind stood five guards in black suits complete with sunglasses.

Seeing Xia Qingyu coming, this young man immediately rose up and welcomed Xia Qingyu "Qingyu finally you came too, I have been waiting for you for a long time" This young man looks pretentiously familiar with Xia Qinyu.

"Jun Moxi, call me Xia Qingyu, even though we are friends in the campus, I am not that close to you" Xia Qingyu was not satisfied with the call given by Jun Moxi.

This young man is Jun Moxi, he is a wealthy businessman, in this city Jun's family has a fairly large wealth, at least it can enter the top 5 of the richest people in this city.

Hearing this Jun Moxi was not angry, he still smiled at Xia Qingyu, Jun Moxi was already accustomed to Xia Qingyu's indifferent and cold attitude.

For Jun Moxi to conquer women like this is a challenge for him.

"Please sit" Jun Moxi told Xia Qingyu to sit.

Ye Chen who was beside Xia Qingyu also sat down, seeing the bodyguard sitting with Xia Qingyu Jun Moxi feeling displeased.

"You lowly bodyguard, who told you to sit there" Jun Moxi's attitude towards Ye Chen was different from his attitude for Xia Qingyu.

"What are you? , the bodyguard must stay close to his boss so that he can easily protect him "Ye Chen is back against Jun Moxi's words.

"You brave lowly bodyguards to fight this young master, I will give you time to apologize or you will end up quite miserably" in this city only a few people dare to offend Jun Moxi, those who offend Jun Moxi mostly end up tragically enough .

"Ye Chen you should apologize to him" Xia Qingyu did not help Ye Chen, she instead told Ye Chen to apologize to Jun Moxi.

Xia Qingyu knows how the character of Jun Moxi, in the past while still on campus, was a lot of men chasing after Xia Qingyu, unfortunately everything was driven out by Jun Moxi.

Some people who try to fight Jun Moxi have to lie in hospital for months because they are beaten by Jun Moxi's mercenaries

That is the behavior of Jun Moxi abroad, in this city Jun Moxi is definitely more arrogant because it is the domain of his family

It's better not to look for unnecessary problems with Jun Moxi.

"I don't want to, anyway I didn't feel wrong from the start" Ye Chen refused to apologize to Jun Moxi, he already thought that cooperation with Jun Moxi was not sincere, what Jun Moxi wanted was a cover to be able to get close to Xia Qingyu.

"Good, all of you, hit this guy until he is half-dead" The five big men who stood behind Jun Moxi immediately went to Ye Chen.

"Bamm. . . ., bamm. . . ., bamm. . . ! , bamm. . . ! , bamm. . . ! "In just seconds Ye Chen knocked these five people to the floor

Jun Moxi who saw this gawked, he had no idea that Ye Chen's skills were this great.

Ye Chen choked Jun Moxi's neck and lifted him up into the air.

"How dare you. . . . you. . . . . . fast. . . . take it off. . . . . I "Jun Moxi is having a hard time talking because Ye Chen's neck is strangled very hard.

"Ye Chen what are you doing quickly put him down" Xia Qingyu who saw this immediately told Ye Chen to release Jun Moxi.

The arrival of Xia Qingyu here because of a business agreement, if this fails because of this problem, the chief director Liu Yue will definitely be angry with her.

Liu Yue had not told Xia Qingyu that the owner of the company was Ye Chen, the decision of the company was not Liu Yue who took it but Ye Chen.

Because Ye Chen did not like this person, Ye Chen decided that he no longer needed to work with Jun Moxi's company.

"Alright" Ye Chen threw Jun Moxi back into the chair, Ye Chen sat back on Xia Qingyu's side, and acted like nothing had happened.

Xia Qingyu wanted to scold Ye Chen with a thousand words, the Ceo career that he had just gotten was almost destroyed by Ye Chen.

Jun Moxi held his neck which was hurting because of being choked by Ye Chen, Jun Moxi looked at Ye Chen with a hostile look.

"Jun Moxi I apologize for what my bodyguard did, after returning I will teach him a lesson" Xia Qingyu felt regret and apologized to Jun Moxi.

"Qingyu you should fire this person, he does not deserve to be your bodyguard" Jun Moxi really does not like this man.

"What did you say" Ye Chen was swollen and intended to teach Jun Moxi a lesson.

"Ye Chen stopped" Xia Qingyu stopped Ye Chen's actions with her arm.

Because it was stopped by Xia Qingyu, Ye Chen sat back down.

"Let's go back to business" Xia Qingyu intends to discuss cooperation business.

"Business cooperation, you don't even look sincere in doing business with our company, you see my five bodyguards and I beaten up by your people, I want a compensation before doing business" Jun Moxi came up with a great idea to be close to Xia Qingyu.

"Then what compensation do you want," Xia Qingyu asked.

"How about dating for 1 day with me, you won't refuse it right" Jun Moxi finally showed his real face.

This person was really not interested in working with Ye Chen's company, he was only interested in Xia Qingyu's beauty.

"I can't do that, mention any other compensation" Xia Qingyu's tone of voice was very cold, she looked dissatisfied with the requirements just mentioned by Jun Moxi.

"Hahaha, Qingyu, I'm just kidding, don't take it too seriously" seeing Xia Qingyu was angry Jun Moxi had to step back and find an excuse

" Compensation terms are very easy, I want to hit this person " , Because of failing to get close to Xia Qingyu, Jun Moxi was eager to get revenge on Ye Chen.