Journey To Become A True God Chapter 140

140 Li Qingzus Mother
"Qingzu you're home" from the door a woman called out.

A middle-aged woman enters this house, this woman is at least 40 ~ 41 years old, some of her hair has started to turn white.

"Mother, you are back" Li Qingzu immediately welcomed her mother's return.

Li Qingzu's mother named Xu Mui, she worked in a factory nearby, Xu Mui's monthly salary was only 1000 dollars, it was only enough to eat herself and Li Qingzu for 1 month.

That's why mother and daughter have difficulty paying debts to Ji Kong.

"Qingzu, you're not spelling today, why did you go home earlier?" Xu Mui asked Li Qingzu why she had come home earlier than usual.

"Actually, Ji Kong was looking for me and made a fuss, that's why I went home earlier" Li Qingzu explained to her mother what happened today.

" are you okay? "Xu Mui was worried about his daughter's situation.

"No, I'm fine," said Li Qingzu to make her mother stop worrying.

"Eh, Qingzu who is this? "Seeing a man in her house there was a slight dissatisfaction in the tone of Xu Mui's voice, this young man was very handsome, Xu Mui began to ask who this young man was and what his relationship with her daughter was.

Xu Mui strictly forbids her daughter from dating, it will hinder the learning process of Li Qingzu, Li Qingzu is currently in the 3rd year soon she will face an exam, she should not be bothered with things like dating.

If Li Qingzu's grades are bad then her future will also be bleak, that's why Xu Mui forbids Li Qingzu from dating at a young age.

Seeing his mother misunderstood Li Qingzu immediately explained "mother, he is my junior at the school name Ye Chen, coincidentally he also helped me expel Ji Kong who was collecting debt".

After listening to his daughter's explanation, Xu Mui began to understand who this young man was, apparently this young man was her daughter's savior.

"Hello, my name is Xu Mui, I am Li Qingzu's mother, thank you for saving my daughter." Xu Mui thanked Ye Chen.

"It doesn't matter to Aunt Xu, after all, that person was the first to look for trouble for me, so I had to answer it" Ye Chen very politely said to Xu Mui.

"You are a good and polite young person" Xu Mui gave praise to Ye Chen.

Li Qingzu on the other hand was still embarrassed when he faced Ye Chen, the ambiguous thing in the bathroom still occurred to her.

"Well, Ye Chen, how about you have dinner here, even though this is a reward for saving Qingzu" Xu Mui invited Ye Chen to have dinner at this house.

"Thank you aunty, I hope I did not bother you" Ye Chen did not reject the kindness of aunt Xu Mui.

"You just wait I will cook delicious food for you two", Xu Mui entered the small kitchen and started cooking.

Li Qingzu let Ye Chen watch TV, while she herself took a book from the room and began to study in the living room.

"You are very active in learning, do you have aspirations as a teacher" Ye Chen said a little joking.

"How do you know if you can read other people's minds?" Li Qingzu was a little surprised that Ye Chen could know the ideals that he wanted to achieve.

"Hehehe, of course, I can even see the future, you want to try? "The situation has begun to return to the norm, Li Qingzu is no longer ashamed to speak to Ye Chen.

" Is it true ? "Li Qingzu is a bit interested in this matter.

Seeing the innocence of Li Qingzu Ye Chen smiled "then put out your palm" Ye Chen told Li Qingzu to stretch out her palm.

Li Qingzu obediently held out her smooth palm.

Ye Chen just remembered that this soft hand that had held his younger brother,

Ye Chen began to touch the smooth palm of Li Qingzu's "I predict in the future you will live happily with a handsome and strong husband, you will live for a very long time with that person" Ye Chen finished predicting Li Qingzu

"You teased me, didn't the man you said refer to yourself" Li Qingzu said with a smile.

Seeing Li Qingzu who smiled so beautiful.

in her heart Li Qingzu was very happy, this was the first time she had joked with a man.

Ye Chen smiled, he just wanted to tease Li Qingzu a little more cheerfully.

After a while Xu Mui came with a few dishes, all the dishes made by Aunt Xu Mui were only vegetables, Aunt Xu Mui did not have money to buy meat, that's why every day they ate food like this.

"Our food is not very fancy, I hope you like it" Xu Mui apologized because she could not provide proper food to Ye Chen.

"No problem, I like this kind of cooking." Because Ye Chen had gotten used to living a difficult life in the past, he didn't mind eating food like this.

, Li Qingzu had also put down textbooks and joined together to eat together. The three of them began eating the food that was on the table.

"Ye Chen, what are your parents doing right now?" Xu Mui wanted to know a little about Ye Chen.

"Auntie, since childhood I did not have parents, I was treated by grandfather when I was a child, now grandfather has died, so I decided to live in this city" Ye Chen was a little sad when he remembered his grandfather who had died.

"Oh sorry, aunt did not mean" to see Ye Chen like that, Xu Mui apologized, Xu Mui did not think that Ye Chen's life was quite pathetic.

Li Qingzu was also quite sorry for Ye Chen's past life.

"No problem, now I have a happy life with a new family that I have" Ye Chen is now happy with the life he has now.

Li Qingzu and Xu Mui both nodded.

After eating Xu Mui cleaned the dishes that were on the table.

"Bammm. . . . , bammm. . . . , bammm. . . . , bammm. . . . "Outside someone banged on the door very loudly.

"Prostitute Xu Mui, hurry up and get out right now" outside someone shouted at Xu Mui very loudly.

Xu Mui who heard this voice immediately shuddered, Xu Mui was very familiar with the voice.

"Mother, why is he here?" Li Qingzu, who was also afraid, asked her mother.

"I don't know, let's see" Xu Mui came to the door.

"Bammm. . . . , bammm. . . . , bammm. . . . , bammm. . . . "Outside the person was still banging on the door very strongly.

With a little fear Xu Mui opened the door.

Outside there was a middle-aged man with a very chaotic appearance standing in front of the door, this person carrying a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

"Whore Xu Mui, why did you take so long to open the door?" This man shouted angrily at Xu Mui.

"Hu Tian, why did you come here again, are you not satisfied to destroy our lives" Xu Mui trembled slightly in anger at Hu Tian.

Hu Tian is Li Qingzu's stepfather, 10 years ago Xu Mui married Hu Tian, at that time their lives were still very beautiful. But now Hu Tian often asks money to Xu Mui and Li Qingzu to get drunk and gamble.