Journey To Become A True God Chapter 141

141 The Difficult Times Of The Li Qingzhu Family
"Hehehe, I'll leave if you give me some money" Hu Tian shamelessly asked for money from Xu Mui.

"We don't have any more money, you better leave here" Xu Mui got angry and yelled at Hu Tian.

Xu Mui was very angry at Hu Tian, this person not only ruined the lives of herself and her daughter, but also made her incur enormous amounts of debt.

Hi Tian used to be a hard worker, both of them own a small clothing store, their lives were very fulfilled at that time.

But one day Hu Tian began to know the name of gambling, Hu Tian sold all the goods he owned and spent in gambling.

Gradually all the items that Hu Tian had ran out, he was at a loss of his mind and bravely offered the land and house to Ji Kong.

Initially it was only 10 dollars, but after a few years of arrears, the debt was now 50 thousand dollars. Xu Mui did not know how to get that kind of money to pay for Ji Kong.

This house and land is a legacy left by Li Qingzu's biological father, no matter how Xu Mui must defend this house no matter what.

"I do not care, if you do not give me money I will not leave this place" Hu Tian threatened not to leave if not given money by Xu Mui.

"You go, we do not accept you in this place" Li Qingzu who was behind Xu Mui also expelled Hu Tian.

Li Qingzu was sick of seeing Hu Tian's face who always intimidated her mother.

"Little bitch how dare you say that to your father, did you ask for a beating" Hu Tian raised his hand and prepared to hit Li Qingzu.

Seeing this, Xu Mui who was in front tried to prevent Hu Tian from beating her daughter.

"Stop it, you didn't hear that the two of them didn't accept you in this place." Ye Chen, who had been watching all this time, finally started to act, he didn't like to see how this person behaved to aunt Xu Mui and Li Qingzu.

" Who are you ? , what is your business with this family? "Hu Tian, who at this time was gripped by Ye Chen, asked dissatisfied.

"I am Ye Chen's friend Li Qingzu" Ye Chen said to Hu Tian, Ye Chen's tone was not very friendly.

"You're just a friend of Qingzu, how dare you interfere in someone's family problems" Hu Tian tried to break away from Ye Chen's clutches.

Ye Chen did not want to let go of Hu Tian's hand, Hu Tian who couldn't break away from Ye Chen began to rebel strongly.

Hu Tia used the bottle he was holding to hit Ye Chen's head "clankkk" before hitting his head Ye Chen punched the bottle in Hu Tian's hand until it broke into pieces.

Ye Chen strengthened the grip of his hands, Hu Tian felt pain when Ye Chen's grip was strengthened, he immediately knelt on the ground.

"Aunt Xu, what do you want me to do with this person?" Ye Chen politely asked Xu Mui.

"Ye Chen quickly expel this person from here" Li Qingzu was the first person to speak, she was very afraid to see Hu Tian who often intimidated her and her mother.

"You can drive him out of this place." Xu Mui already had no feelings for this man. For her Hu Tian was now a stranger.

"Ok" Ye Chen lifted up Hu Tian and threw it towards the mud puddle on the side of the road.

Seeing Hu Tian dirty mud bath, there is a little satisfaction in Li Qingzu's heart, Usually Hu Tian will persecute her mother to give money, this time seeing Hu Tian being persecuted by Ye Chen makes Li Qingzu happy.

Hu Tian immediately got up from the dirty mud puddle "I will kill you" he looked at Ye Chen with a killing look.

Hu Tian grabbed something around himself to be used as a weapon to fight Ye Chen, he took a large wooden block and advanced towards Ye Chen.

Seeing Hu Tian who did not surrender, this time kicking kicked Hu Tian hard enough, Hu Tian was flown a few meters before hitting a brick wall owned by a neighbor.

Hu Tian held his chest with pain, he tried to rise from the ground "just watch you" because he could not fight this young man Hu Tian ran away from this place, before running away Hu Tian did not forget to give warnings to Xu Mui and Li Qingzu.

After Hu Tian left for Ye Chen, Li Qingzu and Xu Mui re-entered the house.

"Aunt Xu who is that guy? "Ye Chen asked who the man who was just looking for trouble.

Xu Mui began to explain to Ye Chen who the man was.

"So he is Li Qingzu's stepfather" Ye Chen now knew who the man was.

"But auntie, if you don't like it, why not part with that person," Ye Chen asked.

Seeing how the man treated Xu Mui and Li Qingzu, Xu Mui should divorce him so she could be separated from that person.

"I don't have money for divorce fees, as long as we can just eat, we are very grateful," Xu Mui said helplessly.

Ye Chen understood Xu Mui's reason, economic factors were the biggest reason in today's society.

Because it was getting dark Ye Chen had to go home, he said goodbye to Li Qingzu and aunt Xu Mui.

"Qingzu drove Ye Chen away" Xu Mui told Li Qingzu to take Ye Chen away.

"Alright, mother" Li Qingzu walked out with Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen thanks for today" Li Qingzu thanked Ye Chen.

" Thank you for what ? "

"Of course to help both of us from the problems that happened today" when saying this Li Qingzu bowed her head down.

"It turns out that, I don't mind helping," Ye Chen told Li Qingzu.

"For your coat I will give it back to you tomorrow when it's dry, you don't need to worry" because Ye Chen's coat is still wet, Li Qingzu can't possibly give it to Ye Chen, it's better to give it tomorrow morning when it's dry.

"I understand, then see you later" Ye Chen gave goodbye to Li Qingzu.

"See you later" Li Qingzu waved at Ye Chen's departure, after Ye Chen disappeared she finally returned to the house.

Ye Chen used his cellphone to call someone, the call was connected "hello I need your help to find Ji Kong and Hu Tian then bring them here" after saying that Ye Chen closed the call.

Ye Chen would slightly help Li Qingzu solve the problems that his family had.

currently Ji Kong is in the hospital doing treatment, his injured leg is currently being stitched by a doctor.

"proud" The room door was kicked by someone, a man with a tattoo entered the treatment room.

"You guys drag him quickly," the man with the tattoo told some of his men to bring Ji Kong.

"help me" Ji Kong helplessly dragged by people, doctors who see this do nothing they just look at the side.

they don't want to deal with problem people who have problems.