Journey To Become A True God Chapter 142

142 Problem Solved Easily
These people dragged Ji Kong and took him to a black car in front of the hospital.

In the car it turns out there is also Hu Tian whose mouth is stuffed with duct tape, next to Hu Tian there is a person who Ji Kong is no stranger to.

"Boss wolf what you really want from this little guy" seeing the person who wanted to meet with him was Ai Lang, Ji Kong immediately shrunk.

In front of Ai Lang, Ji Kong was just like a small anchovy.

"There is someone who wants to meet you" Ai Lang said nonchalantly.

Ai Lang was really great, in a short time he managed to find the whereabouts of Hu Tian and Ji Kong.

Ai Lang brought these two people to meet Ye Chen at the place he had promised.

Ai Lang's car very quickly arrived at the place where Ye Chen was.

after arriving he immediately got out of the car and greeted Ye Chen again "ancestors".

Ye Chen waited for Ai Lang in an alley, seeing Ai Lang coming quickly Ye Chen was satisfied.

"Did you find them?" Ye Chen asked.

"Ancestors, I've found them, you guys quickly drag the two people out of the car" Ai Lang told some of his men to drag Ji Kong and Hu Tian out of the car.

Ji Kong and Hu Tian were dragged in front of Ye Chen, they were both told to kneel by Ai Lang's men.

"Do you know why I am looking for you," Ye Chen asked Ji Kong and Hu Tian.

Of course both of them knew the young man in front of them, today Ji Kong and Hu Tian were both looking for problems with this young man.

Not unexpectedly Ai Lang who is the boss of the red wolf is very respectful of this person.

"Sir, I'm sorry for offending you, please spare me" Ji Kong is smarter he immediately apologizes so he can get out of the current situation.

"I'm sorry for not having eyes and offending you" Hu Tian also immediately apologized to Ye Chen.

Hu Tian did not think Xu Mui would know someone this great.

"I don't need your apologies, there's something else I need from you guys" Ye Chen made them raise their heads.

"Really" Ji Kong and Hu Tian said happily.

"Ji Kong, I heard that Xu Mui's house certificate is in your hands, is that true? "Ye Chen asked Ji Kong.

"That's right, so what? "Ji Kong asked confusedly.

"I want you to return the certificate and never again disturb the life of Aunt Xu and Li Qingzu, do you understand" Ye Chen said very firmly.

"But they still have debt to me," said Ji Kong reluctantly.

"Crakk" Ai Lang's men cocked the firearms he was carrying, the person looked at Ji Kong with a creepy smile.

Seeing this Ji Kong almost scared to death "well I'll do it".

Although Ji Kong is not willing to give up 50 thousand dollars, he must give up for the sake of his life.

Money can be sought, but life is only one, who is a fool who wants to exchange lives for 50 thousand dollars.

"Good, what are you waiting for quickly do now, remember never mention who I am in front of Li Qingzu and Su Mui" Ye Chen told Ji Kong to leave immediately.

"Well I understand" Ji Kong with a little difficulty trying to run, he ignored the pain in his thighs and ran as fast as he could.

Now only Hu Tian was left alone, he asked what this young man wanted in him.

"And for you," Ye Chen said, pointing to Hu Tian.

"Yes" Hu Tian straightened up and waited for Ye Chen's decision.

"I want you to leave this city and never come back, if you dare to come back then you will know the risk you have to pay" Ye Chen wants Hu Tian to disappear from this city forever, this way, Xu Mui and Li Qingzu can live safely and peaceful.

"Well I understand" Hu Tian did not dare to refute Ye Chen's orders, he immediately took money from Ye Chen and left this place.

"wait for me to change my mind" Ye Chen changed his mind, how could he just let this person go, he had to make this person suffer like aunt Su Mui.

You guys beat him up and threw him out of this city, Ye Chen ordered Ai Lang's men to beat Hu Tian and throw him out of the city.

"wait please spare me, ahhh my face" even though Hu Tian tried to ask for compassion Ai Lang's men still beat him.

after Hu Tian's face was swollen everywhere Ai Lang's men put in a luggage bag and were ready to throw this person away from this city.

Seeing the two men leave Ai Lang, come forward in front of Ye Chen, "What ancestor is this that you want?".

"That is what I want for the good of everyone," Ye Chen told Ai Lang.

"If that is the wish of the ancestors, then it is best for them" Ai Lang said with a nod.

"You did a good job, this is for you" Ye Chen took a body strengthening technique book and handed it to Ai Lang.

Ai Lang received the book from Ye Chen and asked "ancestor, what is this?".

"This is a body strengthening technique, if you can learn it to a high enough level you will get extraordinary strength, even bullets and weapons won't be able to hurt you" Ye Chen explained the ability of this technique to Ai Lang.

Hearing this Ai Lang's eyes sparkled, he did not expect to get a cheat ability from this ancestor.

"To learn it depends on how great your understanding is, my business here is over, it's time for me to go" after saying that Ye Chen disappeared like smoke.

Everyone was very surprised to see Ye Chen disappear into thin air.

Ai Lang himself holds this book like a valuable treasure he once owned.

Ai Lang's decision to follow Ye Chen turned out to be right, he benefited greatly from this ancestor.

"Let's go back" Ai Lang and all his men immediately got into the car and returned to the headquarters of the Red Wolf Gang.

Ye Chen was almost at the villa, when Ye Chen entered he had been waited by Zhao Yanyan in the living room.

"This husband is bad" Zhao Yanyan rushed to Ye Chen.

" What is wrong ? "Ye Chen immediately asked worriedly.

"That, my grandfather seems to have found our relationship, he wants to invite you to go to his house" while saying this there was a little fear in the tone of Zhao Yanyan's voice.

"Oh that's it, I think what" Ye Chen was relieved to know that nothing bad had happened to his family.

"Why are you so relaxed? If Grandpa doesn't agree with our relationship, how do I do? I don't want to be separated from you." Zhao Yanyan seemed to cry when she said this.

Ye Chen hugged Zhao Yanyan to try to calm her down "you don't need to worry, we can definitely convince your grandfather".