Journey To Become A True God Chapter 143

143 Visit To Grandfather Zhaos House
Ye Chen had met with Zhao Jinshan, Zhao Jinshan had considered himself a future son-in-law, that's why Ye Chen was not worried when Zhao Yanyan mentioned this, Ye Chen deliberately kept this a secret from Zhao Yanyan for future surprises.

Zhao Yanyan began to calm down "let's get ready and go to your grandfather's house" After Zhao Yanyan calmed down Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan to start getting ready.

Ye Chen also had to change his clothes, Ye Chen changed into an expensive gray suit.

He still had to wait for Zhao Yanyan to finish dressing up.

After a few minutes Zhao Yanyan came down from the top floor, tonight Zhao Yanyan wore a plain white dress with a butterfly motif embroidered on several parts, a bronze butterfly-shaped pin was placed next to Zhao Yanyan's hair which made it look very elegant.

Zhao Yanyan in this dress suit looked very beautiful, like a fairy coming down from the sky.

Because Ye Chen was often moisturized, Zhao Yanyan was getting more and more beautiful and graceful like a goddess, seeing this Ye Chen had never turned his eyesight on Zhao Yanyan's body.

"Why are you staring at me like that, are there any flowers on my face? ", Zhao Yanyan asked, seeing Ye Chen staring dazedly at her, Zhao Yanyan smiled softly.

"That's because Yanyan is very pretty" Ye Chen came and hugged Zhao Yanyan's slim waist, Ye Chen wanted to hug Zhao Yanyan's beauty and dragged her to bed, unfortunately that was not possible to do for now.

Receiving praise from Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan's heart was very happy, every woman was happy to be praised beautiful, especially by the man she loved the most.

"Let's go" Zhao Yanyan put her arm around Ye Chen's arm and invited Ye Chen to go to her grandfather's house

Zhao's grandfather's house is in the military district, this district is the safest district in the city, this place is guarded by people from the military, who also wants to look for trouble in the military-owned district.

Zhao Yanyan pointed to the mansion that belonged to her grandfather, Ye Chen immediately drove his car to the gate of grandfather's Zhao house.

Seeing that the one who came was the young lady, the guards immediately let Ye Chen's car inside.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan walked side by side towards the entrance.

This time Zhao Yanyan was a little annoyed when he was about to meet her grandfather, the reason was that Ye Chen had come along with her.

"Ding" Zhao Yanyan pressed the doorbell.

After waiting for a while the door opened, the person who just opened the door was Zhao Jinshan, today Zhao Jinshan was wearing clothes while still in the military.

The reason he was wearing this outfit was because there would be guests coming from the capital, this guest was a good friend of Zhao Jinshan while he was general.

"Zhao's grandfather did not meet for a long time" Ye Chen saluted Zhao Jinshan.

"The future daughter-in-law finally wants to come too, let's go inside." Zhao Jinshan warmly welcomed Ye Chen.

Seeing Ye Chen and her grandfather very familiar made Zhao Yanyan look stupid, the scenario that Zhao Yanyan thought of all was destroyed in an instant.

She did not think that Ye Chen had known her grandfather, Zhao Yanyan hatedbecause Ye Chen had not told her this before.

She thought that if her grandfather did not like her and Ye Chen being related and would separate the two, it turned out that the results were the opposite.

"Yanyan what are you waiting for, quickly enter the house" Zhao Jinshan told Zhao Yanyan to come into the house.

Zhao Yanyan sullenly followed behind Ye Chen and her grandfather.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan sulking was quite cute.

At the table, the food had been laid out very neatly, the servants cooked a lot of food for the many people welcoming Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan.

ext to the table was an old woman whose age was similar to Zhao Jinshang, this grandmother was wearing pretty good clothes, this was Zhao Yanyan's grandmother, her name was Tang Nu.

Tang Nu told the servants to finish everything quickly.

Seeing the arrival of Ye Chen, Zhao Jinshan and Zhao Yanyan, Tang Nu welcomed them with a warm smile "Ye Chen, Yanyan you finally came".

Tang Nu has learned the name Ye Chen from her husband Zhao Jinshan.

"Future daughter-in-law, introduce my wife Tang Nu, she will be your future grandmother-in-law" Zhao Jinshan introduced Tang Nu to Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan who heard this blushed like an apple, she had no idea that her grandfather would bless her relationship with Ye Chen this fast.

"Tang grandmother, the younger generation is happy to meet you," Ye Chen saluted Tang Nu.

"No need to be too formal, we will become family in the future" Seeing Ye Chen too formal, Tang Nu tried to tell Ye Chen not to be too formal with the family.

"Alright grandmother" Ye Chen nodded at Tang Nu.

"You sit down, we still have to wait for an important guest" Zhao Jinshan told Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan to sit first.

When seated, Zhao Yanyan pinched Ye Chen's waist.

"Ouch, Yanyan what are you doing" Ye Chen protested because Zhao Yanyan suddenly pinched his waist hard.

"It was a reply for playing with me" Zhao Yanyan puffed her cheek dissatisfied, she was still dissatisfied with Ye Chen.

"Hehehe, I just want to give you a little surprise, don't be angry okay" Ye Chen tried to persuade Zhao Yanyan not to be angry anymore.

Zhao Yanyan looked into Ye Chen's eyes gently "husband, since when did you meet my grandfather?" Zhao Yanyan asked when Ye Chen knew her grandfather.

"I met with your grandfather while helping Yue to solve the problems in her company" Ye Chen began to explain the beginning of his meeting with Zhao Jinshan.

"So you met Grandpa by chance" Zhao Yanyan who heard Ye Chen's explanation, she now understood why her grandfather's attitude began to change a little.

Grandfather was a very protective person, even Zhao Yanyan had to make a million reasons to get permission from Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi himself would report what Zhao Yanyan wanted to do to Zhao jinshan.

now that she was free, Rouxi's sister also began to let herself do what she wanted.

The reason might be because Zhao's grandfather had fully surrendered Zhao Yanyan's security responsibility to Ye Chen.

After waiting long enough important guests still have not arrived.

"Yanyan actually who is this important guest why that person is so long in coming" It's been almost 1 hour Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan waiting at the dinner table, if by his side there is no Zhao Yanyan who accompanied Ye Chen must have been bored to death.

Outside Zhao Jinshan and Tang Nu were still waiting patiently, until now important guest Zhao Jinshan still hadn't arrived.

A few moments later the roar of the helicopter was heard, there were 3 helicopters flying above the home of Zhao Jinshan.

One of the 3 helicopters descends down, the other two helicopters are watching from above.

Zhao Jinshan's yard was very large, it could accommodate the largest helicopter landing.

After the helicopter landed, the door opened and there were two people coming out of the helicopter.

one was an old man who wore military clothes the same as Zhao Jinshan, the difference between the stars on the shoulders of this old man were five stars and more badges, which showed that this old man was the highest general in the military.

and another there is an adult woman who is beautiful, glamorous and graceful, this woman is at least around 30 years old.