Journey To Become A True God Chapter 144

144 Temptation Under The Table
This beautiful adult woman wears a black dress suit, which adds to the impression of maturity, a face that always smiles makes everyone unable to take their eyes off the adult woman.

This woman was Su Mengxin, the woman Ye Chen had once helped when he first returned to earth.

The old man in front of Su Mengxin was her grandfather, he was named Su Wansen, currently serving as the highest general in the military, despite being over 70 years old, Su Wansen still looked very strong and healthy.

Su Wansen is the highest general in the country, he is still actively leading the military because until now no one has been able to replace him to lead the military in this country

These two people immediately headed towards Zhao jinshan and Tang Nu.

"My old brother Jinshan, long time no see" Su Wanseng gave greetings to Zhao Jinshan.

"Hahaha, we haven't seen each other in a few years, come here" Zhao Jinshan gave a hug of friendship to Su Wansen.

Both of them are friends who have gone through many battles to become a General, unfortunately Zhao Jinshan decided to retire early.

"General Su long time no see" Tang Xu beside Zhao Jinshan also gave a warm greeting to Su Wansen.

"Hello, Sister Nu Nu" Su Wansen replied, Tang Nu.

"Mengxing quickly greets brother Zhao Jinshan and sister Tang Nu" Seeing that Su Mengxin still did not greet Zhao Jinshan and Tang Nu, Su Wansen reprimanded Su Mengxin.

Su Mengxin finally stepped forward and saluted Zhao jinshan and Tang Nu, "greeting Zhao grandfather, Greetings Tang grandmother".

"Oh Mengxin 1 decade did not see you now become a very beautiful woman, a husband who marries you in your future will surely be very lucky" Tang Nu praised the beauty of adult Su Mengxin who is very well maintained.

10 years ago in the eyes of Tang Nu, Su Mengxin was still an innocent little girl, after ten years that innocent little girl had been transformed into a beautiful, glamorous and elegant adult woman.

"Mengxin is honored to be praised by Tang's grandmother" Su said with a warm smile.

"Sister Tang, Mengxin is a stubborn granddaughter, until now all applications from handsome, rich, and have good careers were all rejected by her, I don't know how long she will be alone all the time" Su Wansen is helpless with Su Mengxin who until now has not found a partner.

Su Mengxin's age is already 30 years old, if he does not get married quickly, Su Wansen is afraid that it will be difficult to find someone who wants to marry his granddaughter.

"Brother Wansen you don't need to worry, one day Mengxin will definitely find someone suitable for herself." Zhao Jinshan comforted Su Wansen not to think too much about this.

Hearing this from her grandfather Su Mengxin was a little annoyed in her heart, her grandfather always only mentioned the problems of couples and marriage.

Although annoyed Su Mengxin could still smile in front of Zhao Jinshan, Tang Nu and his grandfather.

"Never mind, let's go inside," Tang Nu's grandmother invited everyone to enter the house.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan were still waiting in their seats patiently, as several people entered Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan simultaneously looked towards the entrance.

Ye Chen saw a familiar woman walking in the back of the group, this woman walked very gracefully.

"Why is she here?" Ye Chen was surprised to see Su Mengxin again.

Su Mengxin looked towards the dining table, when she saw that it was Ye Chen , Su Mengxin's eyes sparkled.

Ye Chen and Su Mengxin's eyes met, Su Mengxin gave Ye Chen a seductive smile.

If there wasn't anyone here Su Mengxin would have hugged Ye Chen since earlier.

"Brother Jinshan, who is this? ", Su Wansen asked who the two young generation were sitting on chairs.

"This one is Zhao Yanyan, my granddaughter, and this one is Ye Chen, my future daughter-in-law." Zhao Jinshan introduced Zhao Yanyan and Ye Chen to Su Wansen.

"I do not regret that Zhao Yanyan will become a beautiful girl after growing up" after hearing from Zhao Jinshen, Su Wansen finally remembered who Zhao Yanyan was.

"Wait, you say this young man is a future daughter-in-law, so you have found a suitable man for your daughter," Su Wansen said enviously.

"In fact Yanyan herself has found her love, I don't want to interfere too much in the problems of young people," Zhao Jinshan told SU Wansen.

"mengxin you see even little Yanyan has found her love, then when will you do it" Su Wansen tried to give encouragement to Su Mengxin to quickly get a partner.

Hearing Ye Chen was Zhao's future son-in-law, Su Mengxin felt deeply lost in her heart.

Su Mengxin looked at Zhao Yanyan with great envy, this young woman was even more beautiful than herself.

No wonder Ye Chen likes this woman.

"Yanyan is the important guest I'm talking about, this is Su Wansen, the great general of the military, and this is Su Mengxin's granddaughter Su Wansen" Zhao Jinshan replaced introducing Su Wansen and Su Mengxin.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan immediately greeted Su Mengxin and Su Wansen.

"Let's start the dinner," Zhao Jinshan decided to start the dinner.

because each other's seats are very empty, everyone immediately looks for their own seats.

Su Mengxin walked and sat on the curb with Ye Chen's side, Ye Chen was currently clenched by two beauties who could overthrow the kingdom.

Su Wansen looked at Su Mengxin quite strangely, not usually her granddaughter would sit next to a man he had just met.

"Let's start with a toast together" Zhao Jinshan took a glass of wine without alcohol and lifted it into the air.

Everyone followed what Zhao Jinshan did "cheers" everyone immediately drank the wine in each glass.

Zhao Jinshan and Su Wansen began to talk about things in the past.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan were joking with each other again, Su Mengxin who was beside Ye Chen was annoyed at being ignored by Ye Chen.

Su Mengxin had the idea of a cunning idea, she let go of one of her Hight heels, Su Mengxin's soft feet suddenly entangled Ye Chen's feet.

Ye Chen felt under the table something gently touching his feet with a tease, he looked down and found Su Mengxin's beautiful feet playing on his feet.

Ye Chen glanced at Su Mengxin with a questioning look, seeing Ye Chen confused Su Mengxin smiled and bolderly teased Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, what's up? Seeing Ye Chen suddenly stop talking, Zhao Yanyan immediately asked.

"It's okay to just choke a little while drinking this wine" Ye Chen made an excuse not to know.

"Stop drinking wine, this is water for you" Zhao Yanyan immediately fetched water and gave it to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled and received this water from Zhao Yanyan.

under the table Su Mengxin's soft legs were dishonestly still trapping Ye Cen's feet

Su mengxin even bolder, she reached out to Ye Chen's thigh and rolled her finger around there.

Ye Chen patiently resisted the temptation of Su Mengxin, seeing Ye Chen still ignoring herself. Su Mengxin increasingly wanted to make Ye Chen look at her.

"Argh" Ye Chen groaned softly, Su Mengxin's hand suddenly squeezed Ye Chen's younger brother with a soft.

Ye Chen had no idea that Su Mengxin was very brave to do something like this.

Su Mengxin was surprised to touch Ye Chen's large object, as a mature woman of course Su Mengxin was already very well aware of this problem, she did not think Ye Chen had this much capital.

Moreover, it is not yet fully awake, if it is fully awake, can it enter a woman's body?

"Ye Chen is actually what's wrong with you" Zhao Yanyan was increasingly worried about Ye Chen, she had never seen Ye Chen behave as strange as today.

"It's okay just a little small problem, where is the bathroom, I want to go to the bathroom for a while" Ye Chen wanted to get away from Su Mengxin's temptation.

"You go straight then turn left" Zhao Yanyan gave directions to the bathroom.

Ye Chen immediately went towards the bathroom that Zhao Yanyan said.

Seeing Ye Chen get up from his seat, Su Mengxin immediately pulled her hand away from Ye Chen's younger brother so that no one would know