Journey To Become A True God Chapter 145

145 The Temptation Of Su Mengxin
Ye Chen immediately went towards the bathroom, while walking Ye Chen tried to hide the tent that was standing on his crotch.

Seeing Ye Chen run away Su Mengxin was not satisfied, where could Su Mengxin have let Ye Chen escape so easily.

"I also want to go to the bathroom" after saying that to Zhao's grandfather and grandfather, Su Mengxin immediately went after Ye Chen to the bathroom.

Seeing this there was a hint of suspicion in Zhao Yanyan's eyes.

When in the bathroom Ye Chen immediately washed his face by using water from the wastefel to calm himself.

He had no idea that Su Mengxin could be that brave, with an adult body that teased where maybe Ye Chen could stand it.

Suddenly someone hugged himself from behind, this person wrapped her arms around Ye Chen's neck.

"Munyuu" Ye Chen felt the sensation of a soft object on his back, without having to turn around Ye Chen already knew what object was pressing against his back.

"Su Mengxing, what are you doing, stop teasing me" Ye Chen couldn't stand the temptation of Su Mengxin.

The two big rabbits of Su Mengxin were slightly bigger than Liu Yue's, moreover this sensation was very gentle.

"Wait don't tell me she's not wearing underwear" Ye Chen felt that the two big rabbits of Su Mengxin were only separated by a thin cloth.

"Call me Mengxin, if not, I will not let you go" Su Mengxin whispered in Ye Chen's ear very gently.

Hearing this, Ye Chen's bones seemed to want to melt, mature women like Su Mengxin truly had fatal temptations for men.

After that incident Su Mengxin tried to find Ye Chen by all means, even Su Mengxin asked for help from the intelligence of this country to find Ye Chen, unfortunately she could not find Ye Chen.

Because she did not find Ye Chen, Su Mengxin felt despair, since the last time Ye Chen saved herself, Ye Chen had already occupied Su Mengxin's heart.

And finally Su Mengxin was very happy to see Ye Chen again.

Since the last time Ye Chen had touched her, Su Mengxin began to feel strange with her body, she felt more passionate than before, every night Su Mengxin dreamed of dirty things together with Ye Chen.

Since Su Mengxin had already reunited would not let Ye Chen go, she did not care even though Ye Chen had a girlfriend or fiance, most importantly she wanted to be with Ye Chen.

"Sister Mengxin can you let me go, I can't stand it like this" Ye Chen asked politely to Su Mengxin.

Hearing this, Su Mengxin finally wanted to release Ye Chen "hehehe, finally I found you too, now you won't be able to run away from this old woman." Su Mengxin said with a very seductive smile.

"Why should I run, this city is my home," Ye Chen said.

"Who ran away from me when I tried to invite you back together?" Su Mengxin pointed at Ye Chen's chest using her fingers.

Su Mengxin was still angry that Ye Chen was hiding when she invited him back together to the capital, if only before she and Ye Chen had returned together, maybe now their relationship had developed very far.

"Well I have no other choice, anyway you know for yourself that at that time I had to go back here, the capital city is your place while this is where I live," Ye Chen said.

The reason Ye Chen didn't want to stay back together with Su Mengxin was because he acted like wanting to get too involved with military affairs.

From the words of Grandfather Zhao, Grandfather Su Mengxin was the highest general, if at that time he went home together with Mengxin there would have been many questions for him.

"Huftt, you tried to dodge, I know you were afraid of my background, so you left" Su Mengxing very cleverly guessed the reason Ye Chen had left at that time.

Ye Chen had no idea that Su Mengxin turned out to be very clever in analyzing.

"Well, it doesn't really matter, so what do you want from me now?" Said Ye Chen, questioning Su Mengxin.

"Giggle, I want you" Su Mengxin said while licking her seductive lips.

Ye Chen felt Su Mengxin's every move was very seductive "don't play with me, tell me what you really want" this time Ye Chen said with a genius face.

Su Mengxin walked towards Ye Chen, her body suddenly leaned on Ye Chen's chest "I did not lie I want you, since I first met I have liked you" Su Mengxin very boldly expressed her feelings to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't know what he had to say under these circumstances, naturally Ye Chen's hand hugged Su Mengxin's willow waist.

Su Mengxin regained a sense of comfort from Ye Chen, this was something Su Mengxin had not felt for a long time.

Time passed very quickly, Ye Chen's hand began to dishonestly touch Su Mengxin's body which had developed very well.

Su Mengxin immediately shuddered as Ye Chen's hand touched her body.

Feelings of numbness began to spread throughout Su Mengxin's body, Su Mengxin's body was very sensitive, just being touched by Ye Chen for a moment the bottom of Su Mengxin's had started to get wet.

Seeing Su Mengxin not fighting Ye Chen get bolder, he moved his hands to Su Mengxin's two big rabbits.

"Ah. . . . . . . "When her large rabbit was touched, Su Meng moaned softly.

"Ye Chen let go of this old lady, I'm just kidding with you" Su Mengxin tried to break away from Ye Chen's evil grip.

Su Mengxin only wanted to tease Ye Chen not to have thought that Ye Chen's reaction would be like this.

"So you've only been playing teasing me all along" Ye Chen was not satisfied with Su Mengxin's words.

"You already have a beautiful little fiance, how can you be attracted to an old woman like me," said Su Mengxin with a sad face.

The age difference between the two is very large which is a barrier for Su Mengxin to start a relationship.

"Who would believe you are an old woman, you still look like a beautiful 20-year-old woman" Ye Chen praised Su Mengxin's beauty.

Su Mengxin was very happy to be praised very sincerely by Ye Chen, Su Mengxin's face turned red with embarrassment.

"Let's get back people might get suspicious" Su Mengxin immediately headed to the bathroom door.

Before leaving Su Mengxin turned around and said something "if you continue to behave properly, in the future I will give you a special gift" Su Mengxin said that while raising the two little rabbits using both of her arms.

After saying that Su Mengxin came out of the bathroom.

Ye Chen didn't really understand what Su Mengxin's last words meant.

Ye Chen was left alone, the bottom part of Ye Chen's still standing because of the temptation of Su Mengxin earlier "that woman seems to be the reincarnation of Succubus" Ye Chen said grumpily.

Ye Chen was very upset because there was no place to confide "Su Mengxin, just look at one day I will definitely make you serve me in bed" Ye Chen swore in his heart.