Journey To Become A True God Chapter 146

146 Try New Things
Ye Chen waited a while to calm his younger brother. After returning to normal Ye Chen returned to the banquet hall.

When Ye Chen returned, Zhao Jinshan and Su Wansen were already very drunk.

It turned out that the two of them were drinking 90-year-old wine.

Tang Nu helplessly tried to stop these two people from drinking wine, if it continued like this they would really not be able to get up again.

On the other side Su Mengxin had changed seats to Zhao Yanyan's side, he was talking to Zhao Yanyan, it seemed that the two of them had begun to get a bit more familiar.

"Ye Chen come here, let's try this wine" Zhao Jinshan invited Ye Chen to join in a drink.

Ye Chen smiled and went to Zhao Jinshan's side to drink together.

"Jinshan how can you give liquor to school students" On the other hand Tang Nu scolded Zhao Jinshan for giving liquor to Ye Chen.

"Come on, don't be too strict, people who dare to drink in their youth will surely succeed in the future" Zhao Jinshan poured 90-year-old wine into Ye Chen's glass.

Ye Chen began to sip the wine in his glass, after an hour, five bottles of wine had been consumed by these three people.

Fortunately Ye Chen's tolerance was quite high, among these three people Ye Chen still had a little awareness.

Zhao Jinshan and Su Wansen could no longer drink, they put their heads on the table, as if these two old men were no longer conscious.

Seeing this Grandma Tang Nu shook her head, Tang Nu tried to prop Zhao Jinshan back into the room.

"Mengxin quickly help your grandfather upstairs, we have prepared a room for him" Tang Nu told Su Mengxin to take care of her grandfather Su Wansen.

Su Mengxin immediately stood up and went to support her grandfather, into the room Tang Nu had provided.

"Yanyan you take care of Ye Chen" Tang Nu told Zhao Yanyan to take care of Ye Chen who might also get drunk.

Now in this place there are only Zhao Yanyan and Ye Chen "wife, where is your room" Ye Chen carried Zhao Yanyan's body like a princess.

"Over there" with a blushing face Zhao Yanyan pointed at the direction leading to her room.

Zhao Yanyan's room was on the 3rd floor, Ye Chen very quickly went up to Zhao Yanyan's room.

To open the door, he kicked using his foot.

Ye Chen threw Zhao Yanyan on the bed, Zhao Yanyan's bed was very fragrant.

Ye Chen immediately pressed Zhao Yanyan under his body, Zhao Yanyan responded by wrapping her arms around Ye Chen's neck.

Because he was used to being with Ye Chen, she was not ashamed as before.

Ye Chen kissed Zhao Yanyan's cherry lips, Zhao Yanyan began to respond to Ye Chen's kiss passionately.

"Yanyan you are very beautiful, tonight I will not let you sleep" Ye Chen began to cry over Zhao Yanyan's dress.

Finally Ye Chen had a place to confide after being tempted to the end by Su Mengxin.

Zhao Yanyan closed her eyes waiting for what Ye Chen would do next.

"Knock. . . . ,Knock. . . . , Knock. . . . , Knock. . . . , Knock. . . . , Knock. . . . ,", Someone knocked on the door from outside this room.

"Ye Chen, wait a minute, that might be my grandmother," Zhao Yanyan frantically got rid of Ye Chen and got up from the bed.

After letting Zhao Yanyan go, Ye Chen lay on the bed.

Zhao Yanyan immediately headed to the door to open the door.

When Zhao Yanyan opened the door she was a little surprised, the person who knocked on the door was not her grandmother but Su Mengxin.

"Mengxin's sister what do you want at this time of night to my room" Zhao Yanyan immediately asked what was wanted by Su Mengxin in her room at this time of night.

Su Mengxin peeked inside, seeing Ye Chen inside, Su Mengxin was excited.

Su Mengxin had changed into a pretty sexy pajamas, she came here because she wanted to try sleeping with Ye Chen.

"Yanyan younger sister, may I sleep with you tonight" Su Mengxin asked gently.

"Mengxin sister, right now I'm sleeping together with Ye Chen, surely you don't want to sleep in my room with Ye Chen" Zhao Yanyan felt strange with Su Mengxin, it was clear that in grandpa's house there were so many empty rooms, why Su Mengxin had to sleep in her room, Zhao Yanyan began to guess whether Su Mengxin had a relationship with Ye Chen.

"It doesn't matter if we can sleep three of us, it will be very pleasant," Su Mengxin said excitedly.

Seeing Su Mengxin not dispute this, Zhao Yanyan invited Su Mengxin to enter her room.

From inside Ye Chen's room had heard Su Mengxin's conversation, it seemed like this woman intended to tempt himself again, he wouldn't let Su Mengxin mess up what he wanted to do with Zhao Yanyan, Ye Chen fell asleep on the bed pretending to be drunk.

Because Zhao Yanyan's mattress was small, it was impossible to accommodate three people, Zhao Yanyan had to fold the mattress against the wall.

Now the three of them are lying on the floor with a base that is quite thick and warm.

The current sleeping position, Su Mengxin was on the far right, Zhao Yanyan was in the middle and Ye Chen was on the far left.

Zhao Yanyan turned off the lights, after the lights went out everyone immediately fell asleep.

After nearly 20 minutes of time had passed, Ye Chen finally acted, he began to hold the body behind Zhao Yanyan's pajamas.

Zhao Yanyan had changed her clothes to silk pajamas that were slightly transparent.

"Ahhhh. . . . Feeling Ye Chen touch her body, Zhao Yanyan groaned.

"Ahhhh. . . , husband. . . what are you doing, Ahhh. . . . . Mengxin's sister later saw what we were doing "while moaning Zhao Yanyan whispered in a very small voice to Ye Chen.

"I don't care what I want is my beloved Yanyan, if she wakes up we just drag her along with us" Ye Chen very whispered in Zhao Yanyan's ear.

Ye Chen could not stand the temptation of Zhao Yanyan, at the crucial moment Su Mengxin really dared to disturb him.

"But husband, are you sure?" Zhao Yanyan was a little hesitant while doing things behind Su Mengxin.

"Yanyan come on" Ye Chen cringed at Zhao Yanyan's ears.

Ye Chen's temptation was truly unbearable for Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan could only nod at Ye Chen.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan agree, Ye Chen was very happy, he turned Zhao Yayan's body then lifted up Zhao Yanyan's pajamas.

The two white rabbits Zhao Yanyan were seen in front of Ye Chen's body, no matter how many times Ye Chen saw her, he never got bored with Zhao Yanyan's. Even though Zhao Yanyan's property was not very large the level of resilience and softness was extraordinary.

Ye Chen buried his head in both Zhao Yanyan's white rabbits, Zhao Yanyan was slightly amused when Ye Chen's hair touched her skin.

Ye Chen opened his mouth and put in Zhao Yanyan's pink cherries.

"Ahh. . . . . "When Ye Chen put in his cherry Zhao Yanyan immediately groaned with great satisfaction.

Zhao Yanyan closed her mouth using her hands so that his voice did not leak, occasionally Zhao Yanyan looked back to check on Su Mengxin.