Journey To Become A True God Chapter 147

147 I Will Teach You
Su Mengxin's current sleeping position was facing right, so Zhao Yanyan could only see Su Mengxin's back.

Su Mengxin was not asleep right now, when she was going to sleep, she heard Zhao Yanyan's moans from behind.

Su Mengxin wanted to see what Zhao Yanyan and Ye Chen would do behind her.

But because of embarrassment Su Mengxin didn't dare turn around to look, she could only hear Zhao Yanyan's moans that made her body start to heat up.

Su Mengxin did not expect these two people to be very brave, how old are these two people, already doing things like this at this age.

Su Mengxin felt she was far away from Zhao Yanyan, at 30 years old Su Mengxin did not even have a relationship with a man at all.

The man who made the closest contact with Su Mengxin was only Ye Chen.

And right now the man is doing things between the man and woman behind her back.

"Ahhh. . . . . , husband don't be too strong. "Zhao Yanyan protested as Ye Chen bit the top of her cherry very strongly.

"Yanyan, your two cherries are very delicious, I really want to bite them" Ye Chen returned to bite the peak of Zhao Yanyan's cherry.

Seeing Ye Chen enjoying it Zhao Yanyan was happy, Zhao Yanyan tried her best to keep her voice from being heard by Su Mengxin.

There was a little bit of excitement when he thought about finding Su Mengxin.

Zhao Yanyan's small moan could still be heard by Su Mengxin, this voice was like a demonic whisper in Su Mengxin's ear.

Su Mengxin's body was very uncomfortable as there were thousands of insects crawling on her body.

Unconsciously Su Mengxin began to touch her lower body using her hands.

Su Mengxin is a lonely woman, once in a while she comforts herself, Su Mengxin's body now needs a man's caress.

"Husband, I want that, quickly enter" Zhao Yanyan could not take it anymore, she wanted Ye Chen's meat stick on her body.

"Then help me take my pants off" Ye Chen lay on his back.

Zhao Yanyan knew what Ye Chen wanted, very carefully Zhao Yanyan moved to the lower part of Ye Chen's body.

Zhao Yanyan started to remove Ye Chen's pants, when the last part was released by Zhao Yanyan, Ye Chen's younger brother bounced and slapped Zhao Yanyan's face.

Zhao Yanyan was quite surprised because of this, no matter how often Zhao Yanyan saw this large object, she could not believe that this object could enter her own body and provide extraordinary pleasure.

Zhao Yanyan touched Ye Chen's younger brother with her hands.

Ye Chen felt very pleasant as Zhao Yanyan's hand stroked his younger brother very gently.

Zhao Yanyan's hand began to descend down to the place of Ye Chen's two punchboxes, "so this is the place where the delicious syrup is made." Zhao Yanyan slightly squeezed the two eggs in the punch box.

Ye Chen's body shuddered as Zhao Yanyan did this, there was a bit of pain mixed with pleasure when Zhao Yanyan did this.

"Your wife must be gentle on that part, if it breaks your husband will not be able to become a man" Ye Chen said to Zhao Yanyan.

"That's actually good, so there won't be a woman whose body is destroyed under this weapon," Zhao Yanyan said playfully.

Zhao Yanyan slightly leaned her head forward and opened her small cherry lips.

Ye Chen's meat stick entered into a warm and moist place.

Among the 3 Ye Chen women, only Zhao Yanyan wanted to help herself by using her mouth.

Liu Yue and Fu Lanling did not want to do this, they were afraid while trying to insert Ye Chen's large object into their mouths.

"Jubo. . . . ., jubo. . . . ., jubo. . . . ., jubo. . . . ., "The friction between Ye Chen's big mind and Zhao Yanyan's mouth sounded quite loud.

Zhao Yanyan had forgotten about Su Mengxin who was next door, she was very focused on serving Ye Chen's younger brother.

Zhao Yanyan licked, raised and spewed Ye Chen's meat stick, Zhao Yanyan kept repeating that

"Yanyan you're extraordinary" Ye Chen moaned in pleasure, he did not expect Zhao Yanyan's technology to be more extraordinary.

Seeing the face of Ye Chen who really enjoyed it, Zhao Yanyan was even more excited.

Su Mengxin could not take it anymore, she turned to try to peek at what was happening.

Su Mengxin was very surprised when she saw what Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan were doing.

Zhao Yanyan was currently under Ye Chen's body and was serving a very large and powerful object.

Su Mengxin first saw male objects in person. she only ever saw anything like this in a small island video on the internet.

Even Zhao Yanyan could put half of this large object into her mouth.

"Is it really delicious? I also want to try it, "seeing Zhao Yanyan really enjoyed it. Su Mengxin wanted to try it himself.

Su Mengxin could not take it anymore, she immediately got up and looked towards Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan.

Seeing Su Mengxin who had awakened ,Zhao Yanyan stop her service, Zhao Yanyan bowed hier head at Ye Chen's groin, she did not dare look towards Su Mengxin.

Zhao Yanyan was very ashamed, pleasant things being shared with Ye Chen being bullied by Su Mengxin.

Su Mengxin said nothing, she crawled to the side of Zhao Yanyan "Yanyan's younger sister may I join".

Su Mengxin's words surprised Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan immediately pulled Ye Chen's object from her mouth.

Zhao Yanyan tried to calm herself "Mengxin's sister may I know why you want to join in doing this? "With a smile Zhao Yanyan asked Su Mengxin.

Su Mengxin's face was red like an apple "It was because I liked Ye Chen, since the first time Ye Chen saved me that time I already liked it" Su Mengxin looked at Ye Chen shyly.

Ye Chen only thought that Su Mengxin only teased himself, not to think that this glamorous and elegant adult woman really liked him.

"So that's how it is, you may join, come here" Zhao Yanyan put away his shame and made Su Mengxin closer.

Su Mengxin shyly approached Ye Chen's younger brother.

"Mengxin's sister, have you ever done something like this before?" Zhao Yanyan asked Su Mengxin.

Su Mengxin shook her head, how could Su Mengxin ever do this with a behavior.

"Good, let me teach you how to make a husband happy" Zhao Yanyan looks like a teacher who wants to teach her students.

The difference is this is a lesson about men and women.

Su Mengxin tried to touch Ye Chen's large object, he felt it was very hot, hard and twitching in his hand.

"Mengxin's Sister how it feels to touch this thing" Zhao Yanyan asked Su Mengxin.

"It feels hot, hard and slightly twitching" Su Mengxin honestly answered Zhao Yanyan.

"Then try moving your hands up and down" Zhao Yanyan taught Su Mengxin how to serve Ye Chen's younger brother.

Su Mengxin started trying to pump her hands up and down.

Ye Chen, who until now had not spoken, felt Su Mengxin's hands were very soft, Su Mengxin's fingers very gently squeezed her things.

"You are quite talented Mengxin, it feels quite delicious" Ye Chen praised Su Mengxin.

Ye Chen had already decided tonight he would make Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin serve him overnight.