Journey To Become A True God Chapter 148

148 Two Unrivaled Beautiful Women Serving Below
Su Mengxin looked very happy when touching this thing, she seemed to have just been given a new toy that she liked.

"Yanyan's younger sister what should I do next" Su Mengxin asked Zhao Yanyan what to do next.

Su Mengxin also wanted to feel what Zhao Yanyan felt earlier.

"Mengxin sister try to lick this thing like you are eating popsicles" Zhao Yanyan instructed Su Mengxin to try to lick this thing.

Upon hearing this, Su Mengxin hesitated a little, Su Mengxin rounded her heart and put her face closer to Ye Chen's younger brother.

"Ahh. . . . , the smell of this thing makes my head a little dizzy. "The aroma of the man that was released from this object made Su Mengxin slightly dizzy.

Su Mengxin stuck out her small tongue and began to lick Ye Chen's meat stick.

Su Mengxin felt that this thing was salty and sour.

Seeing that Su Mengxin was very sexy, Ye Chen couldn't stand it, Ye Chen's younger brother grew bigger.

Seeing this thing getting bigger Su Mengxin was even more scared.

"Mengxin's sister, look at my husband very happy, you have to keep doing it like that," said Zhao Yanyan watching beside Su Mengxin.

Su Mengxin began to be very scared to lick this thing, she felt that licking this thing was quite pleasant, Su Mengxin's hand never broke away from Ye Chen's object.

"Ye Chen, does it taste good" Su Mengxin asked Ye Chen with a very seductive face.

"Excellent, your tongue is very comfortable" Ye Chen honestly answered Su Mengxin.

Su Mengxin was happy to hear this, she then continued to do this.

hao Yanyan who from just looking could not take it anymore, "Mengxin's Sister let's serve her husband together", she joined in licking Ye Chen's object.

Today Ye Chen was very proud, there were two peerless beauties who were licking his little brother.

These two beautiful beauty served him very well, their teasing faces made Ye Chen want to conquer them.

"Chuu. . . . , chuu. . . . , chuu. . . . , chuu. . . . , chuu. . . . Husband, how does it feel that two beauties help you do this? "Zhao Yanyan in a seductive voice asked Ye Chen.

"You two make me very comfortable, I feel like flying to the sky" Ye Chen felt unparalleled pleasure, if it continues like this he can immediately reach the top.

Zhao Yanyan was very happy to hear this, she and Su Mengxin began to work together to make Ye Chen happy.

After almost 10 minutes there was no sign of Ye Chen coming out, Su Mengxin was tired of doing this.

Zhao Yanyan knew that Ye Chen would not come out with just this, Zhao Yanyan whispered in Su Mengxin's ear.

Su Mengxin who heard this immediately nodded at Zhao Yanyan.

Su Mengxin now mounted Ye Chen's body and sat on Ye Chen's stomach.

Su Mengxin teased Ye Chen's body by rubbing her body against Ye Chen's younger brother.

Sensing this Ye Chen couldn't take it anymore, he hugged Su Mengxin's body and turned it under his body.

Ye Chen wanted to get revenge for the temptation of time in the banquet room and bathroom.

First Ye Chen touched the two peaks of Mount Su Mengxin and began squeezing them strongly.

Ye Chen had not touched Su Mengxin's large object for a long time, the last time he had touched these two mountain peaks while saving Su Mengxin from the anfrodisiac.

At that time Ye Chen could only do it in a hurry, but this time Ye Chen would enjoy every inch of Su Mengxin's Body.

Because Su Mengxin's pajamas were very thin, it felt like it was directly in contact with Su Mengxin's skin

"Ahh. . . . . . Ye Chen, please be more gentle. "Su Mengxin felt an electric shock flowing from Ye Chen's hand into her body.

Su Mengxin began to feel extraordinary pleasure, in this life Su Mengxin had never felt this level of pleasure.

"Ahhh. . . . . . ahhh . . . . . ahhh . . . . . ahhh . . . . . "Without leaning Su Mengin groaned in a very soft voice.

Ye Chen began to play with Su Mengxin's body which was very well developed, he caressed, squeezed and sometimes bit into Su Mengxin's sensitive body parts.

Su Mengxin felt she was currently flying in the seventh heaven, this feeling was very pleasant for her body and mind.

Ye Chen stopped his movement, Su Mengxin who was currently in an extended confusion when Ye Chen stopped stroking her body.

"Ye Chen, why did you stop" with a very itchy and uncomfortable body feeling Su Mengxin asked Ye Chen

"You want to be more comfortable? "Ye Chen asked Su Mengxin.

Su Mengxin only nodded at Ye Chen.

"Promise me to be obedient to me and from now on call me a good husband or good brother" Ye Chen whispered in Su Mengxin's ear, Su Mengxin felt the temptation of extraordinary extension.

Su Mengxin was very embarrassed when she wanted to say that, but her body could not stand it anymore, she needed Ye Chen to take care of her body.

"A good brother, a good husband please make Mengxi feel comfortable, Mengxi promised to be an obedient wife to her husband" Su Mengxin promised to dedicate herself to Ye Chen.

"Good, Mengxin, from now on you will be my woman, no one will be able to take you away from me," Ye Chen said dominant words to Su Mengxin.

On the other hand Zhao Yanyan watched the show with great satisfaction, finally Ye Chen began to conquer Su Mengxin's heart, so this sister would increase by one more.

Ye Chen stripped Su Mengxin's pajamas, Su Mengxin was helpless when her pajamas were taken off by Ye Chen.

Su Mengxin's lower body was already very wet, Ye Chen saw that the garden of Su Mengxi was very thick.

Ye Chen had read in a book, the thicker the woman's part was, the stronger the passion that women had in bed.

Ye Chen started to insert his finger in Su Mengxin's honey cave, Su Mengxin felt someone was tearing at the bottom.

When she looked down it turned out that Ye Chen was playing with her hole "Husband don't do it, it's dirty there" Su Mengxin tried to cover her private parts using her own hands, Su Mengxin's face at this time was very red like an apple.

This was the first time that a man had seen her important parts firsthand, even though Ye Chen was her favorite man Su Mengxin was still embarrassed when Ye Chen saw her personal parts.

"Calm down, there's nothing dirty on Mengxin's body, let the husband look at yours, after all you've seen mine" Ye Chen tried to get rid of Su Mengxin's hand from the mouth of the honey cave.

Hearing Ye Chen Su Mengxin's words began to spread her hands.

After Su Mengxin's hand left, Ye Chen returned to serving the bottom of Su Mengxin.

After 5 minutes Ye Chen finally finished, Su Mengxin had come out several times with only Ye Chen's hand.

Now is the time to take Su Mengxin's virgin, after this Su Mengxin will become a completely Ye Chen woman.

"Mengxin, are you ready?" Ye Chen asked very gently.

Su Mengxin had just reached the peak of her entire body was still very sensitive.