Journey To Become A True God Chapter 149

149 Love Both Wives Very Well
"Good husband, I want that, quickly put it in my body" Su Mengxin knew what would happen next.

The virgin career that she had saved for 30 years would finally end too, the person who took it was the man she liked the most

Ye Chen didn't immediately put Su Mengxin's body in, he wanted to tempt Su Mengxin even further, his big stick swiping at the entrance to the Su Mengxin's honey beetle.

Su Mengxin was already very uncomfortable, she wanted to immediately try this thing in her body.

"Good husband, what are you waiting for, I want that thing" Su Mengxin asked Ye Chen.

"What wife do you want, I do not understand, say it more clearly" Ye Chen pretended not to understand what was wanted by Su Mengxin.

Su Mengxin blushed when Ye Chen teased herself "Hate, you made me say things like that" Su Mengxin was very embarrassed when she wanted to say that.

Su Mengxin could not take it anymore "I want your big stick into my body, and make me comfortable." Su Mengxin, the virtuous woman in charge by Ye Chen said such shameless things.

Ye Chen was very happy to hear this from a woman like Su Mengxin, finally he was a little satisfied teasing Su Mengxin.

"Where should I go in wife" Ye Chen asked Su Mengxin.

Seeing Ye Chen like this, Su Mengxin grabbed Ye Chen's very big younger brother and guided him into her honey hole.

With the help of Su Mengxin Ye Chen easily entered Su Mengxin's honey hole.

To minimize the prolonged pain, Ye Chen pierced with one jerk.

"Ouch. . . . . "Su Mengxin whimpered in pain, Ye Chen's too big object almost split into her own body, Su Mengxin shed tears of happiness and pain.

Su Mengxin already knew that for the first time a woman would get sick, she had no idea that the pain would be like this.

Seeing Su Mengxin cry Ye Chen became softer, he did not want to hurt the woman he loved.

After 5 minutes of waiting the pain finally disappeared, now there was only full feeling under Su Mengxin's body.

Seeing Su Mengxin getting used to his possessions, Ye Chen said to Su Mengxin "Wife, I will make sure that night you get the joy of being a woman".

"Husband, hurry up and make Mengxin happy" Su Mengxin began to feel her body feel extraordinary.

Ye Chen started pumping inside Su Mengxin's honey cave

This happiness was even more pleasant than Ye Chen's finger before, Su Mengxin began to sink into Ye Chen's love.

"Ah. . . . . . , ah . . . . . , ah . . . . . , ah . . . . . , Husband, yours is very big, I'm going to die because of this thing. "Su Mengxin shouted because she felt extraordinary pleasure from Ye Chen's object.

Glamorous women like Su Mengxin, screaming under Ye Chen's large object

When Ye Chen's object struck Bungga Su Mengxin's heart it felt extraordinary.

On the other hand Ye Chen felt Su Mengxin's honey cave was very tight and soft, this softness was like being wrapped by thousands of flower petals.

Ye Chen pumped even more rudely, "Husband is slower, I might break, ah. . . . . . , ah . . . . . , ah . . . . . "Su Mengxin can only moan, she can't move her fingers because of the extraordinary pleasure.

Ye Chen ignored Su Mengxin's protest, Ye Chen knew that Su Mengxin really enjoyed this.

women are difficult creatures to guess, sometimes they say things that are against their will, if women say they want to be slow then that means they want to be faster.

Suddenly Zhao Yanyan hugged Ye Chen's body, she pressed her two springy balls to Ye Chen's back.

Zhao Yanyan who had just been watching finally began to join in, she also wanted to feel the pleasure of Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan went to bite Ye Chen's ears, while Zhao Yanyan did this Ye Chen was slightly amused.

Ye Chen took Zhao Yanyan's face and kissed her, Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan began to kiss, the tongues of both of them began to braid each other.

Ah. . . . . . , ah . . . . . , ah . . . . . , ", Su Mengxin at the bottom continued to moan.

After 5 minutes kissing Ye Chen released Zhao Yanyan, he went to Su Mengxin and kissed Su Mengxin, Su Mengxin involuntarily responded to Ye Chen's kiss.

Because Su Mengxin was still clumsy and often bit Ye Chen's tongue, Ye Chen began to guide Su Mengxin in kissing passionately.

On the other hand Zhao Yanyan also began playing with Su Mengxin's two mountain peaks, under the temptation of Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan, Su Mengxin came out many times.

After almost an hour and a half, Ye Chen finally shot at the core of Su Mengxin's Flower "byurrr. . . . . , byrr. . . . . , byrr. . . . . , byrr. . . . . , byrr. . . . . , "Su Mengxin felt hot magma filling her entire body, this felt very warm and delicious.

After he finished making love Su Mengxin was very weak and slept very comfortably, Ye Chen left Su Suxin's body and went to Zhao Yanyan's side.

Ye Chen had to give a gift to Zhao Yanyan, if it hadn't been for cooperation from Zhao Yanyan, Ye Chen might not have gotten Su Mengxin's heart this fast.

"Wife thanks for everything" Ye Chen hugged Zhao Yanyan's naked body.

" Thank you for what ? "Zhao Yanyan did not understand why Ye Chen suddenly thanked her.

"Of course to help get Su Mengxin, you are the most understanding wife of me, you even allow me to have another woman and are not at all angry with this. . "When Ye Chen wanted to continue his words, Zhao Yanyan covered Ye Chen's lips by using her soft jade fingers.

"Husband, you do not need to thank, anyway a wife must always be there for her husband in any situation. I will always be your wife forever, even though you don't want me, I will always be there for you" very gently Zhao Yanyan looked towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was moved to hear the words of Zhao Yanyan "my wife will always want you, even though you have changed to be different I will always want you".

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan's faces suddenly approached each other, both of them doing adult kisses and rolling on the bed mat.

Ye Chen turned Zhao Yanyan's body and told him to kneel in front of him, because the lubricant was already pretty much no need to do ForePlay anymore.

Ye Chen's large meat stick pierced Zhao Yanyan's honey cave from behind.

Zhao Yanyan felt ashamed because this position was similar to the animal's position, but the fun of this position Ye Chen was able to get very deep into the core of Bungga Zhao Yanyan.

"Ah. . . , Husband, you are amazing, your big stick randomized my body and made me go crazy "Zhao Yanyan groaned without your slightest restraining of her voice.

Because this room has very good isolation, Zhao Yanyan doesn't need to worry about being heard by people outside.

Zhao Yanyan had often done it with Ye Chen, Ye Chen did not hold back when pumping inside Zhao Yanyan's honey cave.

The shout inside Zhao Yanyan's room lasted all night, after Zhao Yanyan was tired Ye Chen would change to Su Mengxin's body.

When Ye Chen touched Su Mengxin's body, Su Mengxin immediately regained consciousness and made love to Ye Chen again.

Tonight the two beautiful women who were matchless served Ye Chen until morning.