Journey To Become A True God Chapter 150

150 Su Wansen Made A Be
The next day Ye Chen woke up feeling very fresh, his arms were used by Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin for sleep awareness.

When Ye Chen moved Zhao Yanyan was immediately awake "husband good morning" while yawning Ye Chen gave a good morning greeting to Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan was still a bit exhausted from having served Ye Chen all night, if it wasn't for Zhao Yanyan having become a cultivator she would have died under the Great Chen object.

"Husband, I will go take a shower first, you try to wake the sister mengxin first" Zhao Yanyan gathered clothes and entered the bathroom.

Ye Chen then turned to look at Su Mengxin.

Su Mengxin herself was still fast asleep, she looked very exhausted from the activity last night.

Su Mengxin now looks much prettier than before, the quality of the jade is now much more springy and healthier.

Ye Chen pinched Su Mengxin's cheek "Mengxin woke up, it's already morning" Su Mengxin very lazily tried to get up.

he looks like she still wants to sleep longer "husband let me sleep a little longer, I'm still very sleepy" after saying that Su Mengxin lay back and closed her eyes.

"Geez, you look like a lazy beautiful swan" Ye Chen helplessly said to Su Mengxin.

"Huft, who is this whose fault, isn't that your fault for being too strong in that part" With Su Mengxin's eyes still closed, she complained to Ye Chen.

"Then, sleep longer, then I'll go down" Ye Chen took a new set of clothes and put it on his body.

After everything was installed properly Ye Chen went down, on the lower floor Zhao Jinshan and Su Wansen were playing a chess game.

Both of them were comparing their strategic skills, as generals on the battlefield both of them must have mastered great starategic skills.

The battlefield and chess are almost similar, on the battlefield the pawn is tamed, to be able to win the battle some soldiers must be sacrificed or become victims.

Ye Chen saw that Zhao Jinshan's grandfather was slightly pressured by Su Wansen's grandfather, if Zhao Jinshan's grandfather made a mistake, then Su Wansen's grandfather would easily defeat Zhao Jinshan, meaning that Zhao Jinshan's grandfather would be very susceptible to the checkmate of Su Wansen's grandfather.

Zhao Jinshan racked his brain trying to win over Su Wansen.

Seeing Ye Chen coming down the stairs there was a hint of happiness in Zhao Jinshan's eyes.

"Ye Chen come here" Zhao Jinshan told Ye Chen to come to his side.

"What's wrong grandfather? Ye Chen walked closer to Zhao Jinshan and Su Wansen.

Because Zhao Jinshan had approved of his relationship with Zhao Yanyan, it didn't matter if Ye Chen called Zhao Jinshan like his own grandfather.

Zhao Jinshan stood up from his chair "Ye Chen please help Grandpa defeat this old monster in a chess game" It turns out Zhao Jinshan only wanted Ye Chen to help him defeat Su Wansen.

because Zhao Jinshan hasn't played chess for a long time, his skills have started to rust, now he has enough difficulty fighting Su Wansen in this game.

"Jinshan suadara how can you ask for help from the younger generation, I'm afraid he won't last long enough against me" Su Wansen said to Zhao Jinshan not to let Ye Chen play with him, Su Wansen's Zhao Jinshan continued to play.

"Don't underestimate my daughter-in-law, Ye Chen quickly defeated this old grandfather, if you can't win I won't let you marry Yanyan" Zhao Jinshan threatened, if Ye Chen could not defeat Su Wansen, then Ye Chen could not marry Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen knew that Zhao Jinshan was teasing him, even though Ye Chen knew that Zhao Jinshan only teased him, he could not lose to Su Wansen or his face would be smeared in front of Zhao Jinshan.

Ye Chen helplessly sat on the chair that Zhao Jinshan had just sat on.

"You do not worry, if the old man does not allow you to marry his granddaughter, you can try to marry my grandson Mengxin" Su Wansen teased Ye Chen.

Hearing this, Chen Chen only smiled, Su Wansen's grandfather did not know that Su Mengxin's Granddaughter last night had been completely conquered by him, just waiting for the right time to publicize this relationship to Grandfather Su Wansen.

"Hey who are you calling old, it's clear you're a decade older than me, anyway how could I let you take my future daughter-in-law?" Zhao Jinshan argued with Su Wansen.

From the beginning these two people were like this, every time they met they would always argue about problems they always liked.

Even so they will get along when facing a serious problem.

On this chessboard Ye Chen saw that Zhao jinshan had only a few left, the queen, one bishop, two fortresses, 4 pawns had also disappeared.

As for Su Wansen's grandfather he only lost two horses, one bishop and 6 Pawn, in a situation like this it was clear that Ye Chen was less fortunate.

Ye Chen began to rack his brain how he could win against Grandfather Su Wansen, the only weapon that Ye Chen relied on was his two horses.

Ye Chen started to move one horse to contact Pawn so that he could progress easily, Ye Chen wanted this Pawn to promote himself.

Seeing this, Su Wansen's grandfather did not leave Ye Chen alone, he used 1 fortress to guard the backmost area, so if Ye Chen's pawn did a promotion, Su Wansen's grandfather would easily devour Pawn.

Ye Chen's plan finally began to work, he first gave Su Wansen's grandfather a victory, defeating a bitter enemy was the easiest thing to do.

Seeing that Ye Chen was not very good at playing chess, Su Wansen's grandfather was not too serious when fighting Ye Chen.

On the other hand Zhao Jisnhan paid attention to how Ye Chen's chess game, this time the situation became even more chaotic, Ye Chen's pieces were really pressed firmly by Su Wansen.

"Young man, if you can win against me, I will let you marry my granddaughter Su Mengxin" To make Ye Chen as serious as playing, Su Wansen made a bet.

Ye Chen only smiled after listening to this, Su Wansen's grandfather was still trying to tempt himself

"You shameless old geezer, it's obvious you want to win, how can you bet at a time like this?" Zhao Jinshan strongly cursed Su Wansen.

looking at the chessboard at the bottom it was clear Ye Chen's victory rate was less than 1%, if Ye Chen could win under these conditions then he was worthy of being a chess god.

"Hehehe" Su Wansen laughed happily

After waiting patiently the opportunity finally appeared, from Ye Chen's target was to devour the enemy king.

Su Wansen had no idea that with very minimal troops Ye Chen could suppress his king.

"CheckMate" finally the enemy king has no way to run anymore.

"Damn how can I lose, I should have won that earlier" Su Wansen could not believe that he could lose like this.

"Hahaha, you see you were really beaten by my man-in-law." Seeing Su Wansen losing, Zhao Jinshan was very happy.

"Your grandfather Su is indeed great, unfortunately you are underestimating and overly lustful when fighting me, that is what made Grandpa Su Wansen lose" Ye Chen told the reason for Su Wansen's defeat.

"I understand, then let's play one more time, this time I will be serious and win from you" Su Wansen did not accept and wanted to challenge Ye Chen again.

"Hey old man, you haven't given your bet to my son-in-law, how do you want to play again" Zhao Jinshan interrupted Su Wansen.

he would not let go of this problem so easily, it was very rare to see Su Wansen lose a bet, this time he had to pay the price because he would bet with his son-in-law.

"Calm down you are a great general, I will definitely keep my promise" Su Wansen said that he would keep the bet he agreed with Ye Chen.

"Then you do it quickly" Zhao Jinshan urged Su Wansen to do it immediately.

Ye Chen was thinking of ways to find an excuse to get away from the debate of the two grandparents.

"You all hurry to the dining room, breakfast is ready" Tang Nu's grandmother loudly called from the dining room.