Journey To Become A True God Chapter 152

152 Bribe Grandmother In Law
" wife calm down, don't make me ashamed in front of future Daughter-in-law, and brother Wansen", Zhao Jinshan tried to convince Tang Nu not to be angry anymore.

"I don't care, hurry and explain everything to me" Tang Nu was getting angry because Zhao Jinshan kept spinning.

Zhao Jinshan was helpless when fighting his wife, on the other hand Su Wansen did not want to interfere in the problems of other people's spouses, so Su Wansen just kept quiet and did not want to help Zhao Jinshan.

Tang Nu's grandmother finally calmed down and waited for Zhao Jinshan's explanation

After a fairly long explanation, Tang Nu finally calmed down and released Zhao Jinshan.

Tang Nu then looked at Ye Chen with a sharp look "Ye Chen, tell grandma how many women you have outside" Tang Nu immediately interrogated Ye Chen.

Grandmother Tang Nu's woman intuition said that out there Ye Chen still had another woman.

"There are still two more living in my house" Ye Chen answered very honestly.

"What? !!!" Tang Nu could not believe that out there Ye Chen still had 2 other women, whether Ye Chen was a playboy.

"How can you look for another woman, even though you already have my beautiful granddaughter Yanyan" Tang Nu angrily pointed at Ye Chen using her finger.

"That ..., I'm sorry, Grandma" Ye Chen apologized to Tang Nu.

"Don't call me grandma, I'm no longer your grandmother" Tang Nu was already very angry at Ye Chen.

"Grandma, calm down I am the one who allowed Ye Chen to find a woman outside." Zhao Yanyan immediately helped Ye Chen calm her grandmother.

Tang Nu's grandmother could hardly believe what she just heard "Yanyan how can you do such a thing, don't you feel hurt when you see something like that" Tang Nu's grandmother increasingly questioned how Zhao Yanyan could do such a thing.

"Ye Chen, what soup did you give my granddaughter, until she wanted to do something like that" Tang Nu's grandmother took the knife from the table and headed for Ye Chen.

"In order to save Yanyan, I will cut you into several parts" Grandma Tang Nu wanted to use a fruit knife in her hand to cut Ye Chen.

"Grandma, calm down if you are like this, you can hurt someone" Zhao Yanyan ran in front of Ye Chen, she was blocking her grandmother from doing crazy things.

"You two move aside, I want to give a lesson to this playboy" Tang Nu's grandmother still insisted on cutting Ye Chen.

"Grandma, I really love Yanyan, to prove to you I am willing to accept that knife" Ye Chen said sincerely with all his heart.

"If, you really love Yanyan, then you have to leave all the other women, can you? "Tang Nu's grandmother wants to test Ye Chen's determination.

"I'm sorry Grandma, I can't do that, I love all my wives, if the other women want me to leave Yanyan then my answer will remain the same as this" Ye Che stood still in his stance, he would not let go of the woman he loved.

"Grandmother, I also like Ye Chen, if you separate us it would be better for me to die." Zhao Yanyan now looked almost in tears.

"You. . . . ! , looking at the determination of Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan, Tang Nu's grandmother's heart sank "Tang Nu tried to calm herself.

After returning to calm, Grandmother Tang Nu finally could think clearly again.

"You two really can't be helped anymore" Tang Nu said helplessly "Ye Chen you want these words to be fine, if in the future you dare to bully my granddaughter Yanyan, I myself will come to you and cut you into pieces" Tang Nu gave a warning to Ye Chen to always be kind to Zhao Yanyan.

"Yanyan I allow you to continue relations with Ye Chen, but if Ye Chen dares to bully you in the future, just tell me right away," Tang Nu said to Zhao Yanyan.

"Grandma, you really are the best" Zhao Yanyan went to embrace Grandmother Tang Nu.

Finally, Tang Nu's grandmother would compromise with Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan.

"Oh yeah, I have a present for Grandma-in-law." Ye Chen took out a glass jar bottle, inside this bottle there were dozens of ageless pills.

If someone takes this pill, then that person will be much younger, all the impurities in the body of the person taking this pill will be removed.

Ye Chen handed it to Grandmother Tang Nu as a gift, in fact Ye Chen had prepared this gift for quite a long time, last night he wanted to hand it to Grandmother Tang Nu, unfortunately the timing was not right.

Ye Chen still had one more to give to Situ Rui's grandmother, now Situ Rui's grandmother was her in-law's grandmother too, Ye Chen shouldn't be stingy to family members.

Tang Nu's grandmother received this pill from Ye Chen "What is it? "She asked what little balls like candy were in this glass jar bottle.

"This is a youthful pill, if you take this pill regularly every day, then you will look young again like you used to and will not age forever" Ye Chen explained the benefits of taking this pill.

Hearing this benefit Grandma Tang Nu's eyes shone, Grandmother Tang Nu was still a woman, she also loved beauty.

Tang Nu's grandmother immediately hid her excitement "Ye Chen, you won't lie about the benefits of this pill, right? "Grandma Tang Nu asked seriously.

"Grandma, you don't need to worry, the benefits of this pill are very effective" Zhao Yanyan who was next to Grandma Tang Nu, immediately testified to reassure her.

"Huft, you young man who is very smart. You are trying to bribe me with a pill like this so that I approve your relationship with Yanyan," Tang Nu said, suspecting that there was another intention Ye Chen gave this precious pill to herself.

"Grandmother, this is what I prepared before coming here, this is a special gift from me," Ye Chen said reassuringly that there was no other purpose in this matter.

"Alright I will take this, if there is no visible effect I will look for you" Tang Nu put a glass jar bottle into her pocket.

"Let's continue breakfast" Grandmother Tang Nu returned to her seat.

"Ye Chen, where is this gift for your grandfather?" Zhao Jinshan complained that Ye Chen had never been given a present.

"What does grandfather want? "Ye Chen asked.

"Future daughter-in-law, do you have a very good wine for this grandfather? "Zhao Jinshan asked whether Ye Chen had a delicious, rare drink.

Hearing this, Grandmother Tang Nu looked at Zhao Jinshan with a sharp flash.

, Zhao Jinshan ignored the glint of dissatisfaction with his wife. In the past when Zhao Jinshan was still active as General, an acquaintance once gave him a wine that was extraordinarily delicious, the wine he said was made by a cultivator in a very special way.

The price of 1 bottle of wine made by the cultivator almost touched tens of millions of dollars.

"I don't have wine" Ye Chen rarely drank, he did not collect things like wine on his compartment ring.

Hearing this, Zhao Jinshan was disappointed.

Seeing Zhao Jisnhan's grandfather disappointed Ye Chen felt uneasy, he immediately said to Zhao Jisnhan "even though I don't have good wine, I have something far better than the best wine in the world".