Journey To Become A True God Chapter 153

153 Spring Palace
Ye Chen took out some heaven peaches from the fairy gate storage room, because he didn't sell this item anymore, the stock of heaven peaches that Ye Chen had was quite a lot.

at most Ye Xiu's little fox who would often eat this fruit

He immediately took out 20 heavenly peaches, all appearing on the table, seeing that the grandmother Tang Nu and Su Mengxin were shocked.

in the eyes of Grandma Tang Nu and Su Mengxin, what Ye Chen did was like magic.

Among all these people only Zhao Jinshan and Zhao Yanyan knew that Ye Chen was a cultivator

"Ye Chen don't tell me you are a cultivator" Su Wansen immediately stood up from his chair.

Su Wansen was a very influential person, he must have been accustomed to seeing events like this, which only cultivators could do.

In terms of the rank of the secret army of Dragon Army still under Su Wansen, that's why Su Wansen can command the secret army of Dragon army when searching for the lost Su Mengxin.

"Yes, I am indeed a cultivator," answered Ye Chen, Ye Chen had no intention of hiding this from everyone.

"Hahahaha, I did not think that you were a cultivator," Su Wansen laughed with pride, after stopping laughing he asked Ye Chen again "Then what stage are you at now? ", Su Wansen knows little about the level of a cultivator.

"Grandfather-in-law too praises me, my level is still quite low, I don't dare to be too arrogant" Ye Chen wanted to be low profile, he didn't want to boast about the strength he had.

"You are still young, your path to practice is also still long, one day you will definitely be able to climb a fairly high stage." Su Wansen gave encouraging words to Ye Chen to always be diligent in practicing, so that one day he could reach a very high stage.

"Thank you for the advice, I will remember it" Ye Chen smiled at Su Wansen.

"Ye Chen is not this just a peach, what is delicious about it" Zhao Jinshan was used to eating peaches.

"Grandfather, why don't you just try it" Ye Chen suggested Zhao Jinshan to try the peaches of heaven.

Zhao Jinshan told his wife to cut the peach in front of Ye Chen.

Tang Nu's grandmother very quickly cut some of the heavenly peaches and placed them on a plate very neatly.

Zhao Jinshan's grandfather, Su Wansen's grandfather, Tang Nu's grandmother, and Su Mengxin who had never eaten this fruit, they looked at the peach on the plate curiously.

They wanted to know how good this thing was, Ye Chen said this fruit was even tastier than the best wine in the world.

These four people immediately took one piece and put it in their mouths, when they started to chew heaven peaches they felt a very sweet sweet taste, this has never been felt by these four people.

After the peaches of heaven entered the stomach, they all felt a fresh taste throughout their bodies.

"Not only does it taste very good and delicious, but it also makes the body feel fresh," Zhao Jinshan praised the taste of peaches in heaven.

"You're right the taste of this fruit is extraordinary" Grandmother Tang Nu must also admit that the taste of this fruit is truly extraordinary.

In an instant everyone finished the peaches that were on their plates, because in front of Ye Chen there were still many, Zhao Jinshan, Tang Nu and Su Wansen took some to eat later.

Ye Chen could only smile at the greed of Zhao Jinshan, Tang Nu and Su Wansen.

"Yanyan, let's go to school", Ye Chen invited Zhao Yanyan to go to school.

Zhao Yanyan was ready to go to school "grandfather, Grandma, we go first" Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan said goodbye to everyone.

Su Mengxin escorted Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan to the door in front.

"Mengxin, later I will pick you up after school" Ye Chen promised Su Mengxin to throw her back to his villa.

"Well I will wait here, you are also careful when on the road" glamorous adult woman Su Mengxin obediently obeyed Ye Chen's words.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan left Zhao's grandfather's house,

Su Mengin returned to Zhao's grandfather's house.

"Mengxin, grandfather will return to the capital, do you want to come or stay here?" Su Wansen asked if Su Mengxin wanted to come home or stay in this city, he must return to the capital for work that was still piling up.

"Grandfather, you can go back alone, I will live in this city with Ye Chen" how could Su Mengxin want to return to the capital, there Su Mengxin will be very lonely because everyone in her family is very busy with work, so Su Mengxin is always alone.

Here there was Ye Chen who could make her happy, of course she would stay here forever.

"If that's what you want, I'll go back myself" Su Wansen's grandfather already knew that what he would get was an answer like this.

"Jinshan brother, Sister Tang, I say goodbye first, in the capital I still have a job that is still very piling up, I'm happy to meet you even though only briefly" Su Wansen immediately said goodbye to Grandfather Zhao Jinshan and Grandma Tang Nu.

Outside was the sound of a helicopter engine ready to take Su Wansen back to the capital

"Are you sure you don't want to stay any longer? "Said Zhao Jinshan.

"No thanks, I have to go, please look after my granddaughter well" after saying that Su Wansen went out of the house to the helicopter.

Zhao Jinshan, Tang Nu and Su Mengxin drove Su Wansen's departure.

After waving at Zhao Jinshan, Tang Nu and Su Mengxin He entered the helicopter, the helicopter went up and flew out of the city.

After Su Wansen left, everyone went back into the house, Su Mengxin took the upper floor to Zhao Yanyan's room to take a nap, she was still a bit exhausted from exercising too much with Ye Chen last night.

After traveling for ten minutes using a car, Ye Chen arrived at the school parking lot.

After the car was parked, Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan immediately got down and headed to class.

While on the way, Ye Chen saw a figure with an appearance he had not seen for a long time, this was Yu Ting with a cute appearance, an appearance that Yu Ting was using right now like when she was dating his.

Today Yu Ting did not wear the open clothes as before, Ye Chen wondered why Yu Ting returned to her usual appearance.

Seeing Ye Chen next to Yu Ting hurriedly tried to avoid Ye Chen.

Because of yesterday's incident she and Hu Ji broke up ,all items that had been bought were taken back by Hu Ji.

At the moment Yu Ting again has nothing, in the past few months she has become accustomed to a very luxurious life, when all of that is gone Yu Ting feels very hopeless.

Yu Ting recalls what happened last night.

Last night Yu Ting wept in despair, suddenly there was a woman in a white robe appearing in front of Yu Ting.

"Ready for you? "Seeing that there is a stranger in her room, Yu Ting is very panicked, she believes that if he has locked the door, how can this person enter this room.

"Calm down, I won't do anything bad to you" the woman in the white robe tried to calm Yu Ting, this woman's voice was very gentle.

Seeing this woman in a white robe not wanting to reveal herself, Yu Ting began to feel relieved.

"Then what do you want from me?" Yu Ting asked what this mysterious woman wanted from her.

"Then what do you want from me?" Yu Ting asked what this mysterious woman wanted from him.

"Chuckle, I'm interested in you" this woman laughed with a lot of teasing, the man who heard this woman's laughing voice would immediately be gentle.

"Why are you interested in me" Yu Ting asked the mysterious woman in a white robe again.

"You are losing everything you have isn't, I came here wanting to offer you something, as long as you want to join our spring palace, I will give you the power that makes all men bow their knees under your pomegranate skirt" the woman in white robes reached out and offer a strength to Yu Ting.

Yu Ting did not understand what this mysterious woman in white robe meant.

Seeing this girl not understanding by his intentions, the mysterious woman sighed.

"Don't you like being a rich woman? "Asked the mysterious woman in a white robe.

Hearing the mysterious woman mention this, Yu Ting gave a fierce nod.

"If you want to join our spring palace, you can get all that, how are you interested? "A mysterious woman in a white robe simplifies it so Yu Ting understands.

Yu Ting was still unsure of what this mysterious woman was saying, was it true that a woman in a white robe could grant her request to be a rich woman.

Seeing Yu Ting still doubt the woman in white robes gave Yu Ting time to rethink "I don't need an answer from you for now, tomorrow night I will come back again, this is only a one-time opportunity in a lifetime, so don't waste this opportunity" .

"Chuckle" with laughter still echoing in this room the woman in white robes disappeared from Yu Ting's view.

Yu Ting who saw this felt scared, "whether the woman was a ghost" Yu Ting began to be afraid and pulled a blanket over her entire body.

And today Yu Ting has decided to try to go with a mysterious woman in a white robe, she does not want to live a life of poverty like this forever.

She did not know what would happen if after following the mysterious woman, this time Yu Ting tried to bet to change her current life.