Journey To Become A True God Chapter 154

154 A Beautiful Woman Looking For Ye Chen
Seeing Yu Ting leave in a hurry Ye Chen did not say anything, between himself and Yu Ting there was no longer any relationship.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan went to their class, because it was still morning some people still hadn't arrived.

When Ye Chen reached the front of the class, he saw Zhang Liao standing by the window. Zhang Liao coolly received a telephone call from someone.

Seeing Zhang Liao busy, Ye Chen entered the classroom together with Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan went to their seats.

After getting to his seat Ye Chen immediately slept on the table, while Zhao Yanyan was reading a book to increase the knowledge she had.

"Ye Chen, there is a beautiful girl who is looking for you" Zhang Liao entered the room and told Ye Chen that a beautiful woman was looking for him.

Ye Chen immediately got up from his seat and headed out of the classroom to meet this beautiful woman.

Zhao Yanyan was curious who was the beautiful woman who was looking for Ye Chen "hey Zhang Liao, who is the beautiful woman who was looking for Ye Chen" out of curiosity and curiosity Zhao Yanyan asked Zhang Liao.

"The woman looking for Ye Chen is Cheng Mengyan's school interest, I don't know why that beautiful and smart woman is looking for Ye Chen," Zhang Liao said that the beautiful woman looking for Ye Chen was Cheng Mengyan.

" What ! ! ! ", Zhao Yanyan was surprised to learn that the person who was looking for Ye Chen was Cheng Mengyan, there was a strange smile on Zhao Yanyan's lips, no one knew what Zhao Yanyan was thinking right now.

Ye Chen came out and saw who was the beautiful woman who was looking for him, he saw a beautiful woman who was looking for him turned out to be Chen mengyan.

This was beyond Ye Chen's estimation, he thought the woman who was looking for him was Li Qingzu.

"Cheng's school friend, why are you looking for me? "Ye Chen doesn't know what this beautiful woman wants from him.

"I came here because you need a little help to move some things to the warehouse", it turns out Cheng Mengyan wanted to ask Ye Chen for help moving the goods to the warehouse.

"Why should I, there are still many male students you can ask for help," said Ye Chen, Cheng Mengyan is a strange woman, with her reputation as a school flower, she should easily find someone to be interested in help.

"I tried to ask some men for help, they all refused to help me, I was just a woman how can I move such heavy objects" with a sad face Cheng Mengyan said to Ye Chen.

In her heart Cheng Mengnyan was very angry, this was the first time, there was a man who dared to refuse requests from her.

"Lie, you think it can deceive me" Ye Chen cursed Cheng to cringe in his heart, Ye Chen couldn't possibly say it openly to Cheng Mengyan.

Cheng Mengyan was a cultivator whose strength was only slightly below that of Zhao Yanyan, it was impossible for a cultivator like Cheng Mengyan to not have the power to move goods to the warehouse.

Ye Chen felt there was another intention from Cheng Mengyan.

"But I'm busy right now" Ye Chen made an excuse not to be close to this woman, if this was a normal woman Ye Chen would have been happy to help her, unfortunately this woman was very mysterious, Cheng Mengyan mastered a charm technique that could captivate someone so that he could submit to her orders. Moreover Zhao Yanyan had already warned Ye Chen not to get close to Cheng Mengyan.

"Hik. . . . hik . . . , why does everyone reject my request, do I also hate me? "Cheng Mengyan who was in front of Ye Chen suddenly cried.

The tears released by Cheng Mengyan were truly original.

The people who were in the corridor all looked at Ye Chen and Cheng Mengyan.

Some boys and girls looked at Ye Chen with sharp eyes, how handsome men like Ye Chen were bluffing Cheng Mengyan.

Ye Chen could feel the piercing stares of the men and women in the corridor.

Here Ye Chen looked like a bad man who was bluffing a beautiful woman.

"Alright, I'll help you, so don't cry anymore" Ye Chen helplessly had to accept Cheng Mengyan's request, he couldn't bear to see a woman cry, moreover it was still a beautiful woman.

Cheng Mengyan immediately stopped crying, "Really, then come with me," she was very happy to pull Ye Chen away.


"Damn, I was tricked by this woman" Ye Chen cursed in his heart.

Cheng Mengyan brought Ye Chen to an empty room in the school building.

"Come on in, in this room there are things you must move to the warehouse." Cheng cried to push Ye Chen into the room immediately.

After entering into Chen Chen felt confused, inside here was empty, there wasn't a single item that had to be moved.

"Clik" from behind came the sound of the door being locked.

Hearing this Ye Chen immediately looked back, Cheng Mengyan was currently standing in front of the door, Cheng Mengyan's small hand suddenly began to unbutton some of the buttons on the top.

Seeing what Cheng Mengyan did, Ye Chen was a little surprised, "what does this tempting woman want to do?" Ye Chen began to guess what Cheng Mengyan wanted from him.

After the two buttons on her shirt were opened, Ye Chen could see Cheng Mengyan's gap, the size of the large F Cup made the two Cheng Mengyan mountains look very comfortable to the touch.

Cheng Mengyan used a high-level charm technique to steal Ye Chen's soul, if Cheng Mengyan could steal Ye Chen's soul, then she could control Ye Chen at will.

Seeing Ye Chen staring at her with a passionate look, Cheng felt excited, it seemed that this time her charm was successfully used on Ye Chen.

Cheng Mengyan couldn't wait to see Zhao Yanyan's face after her favorite man was stolen by her.

"Ye Chen come and kneel before me" when Cheng Mengyan called the name Ye Chen, her voice was very soft and seductive, Cheng tried to try whether Ye Chen obeyed her orders.

Ye Chen walked closer towards Cheng Mengyan, he stood in front of Cheng Mengyan.

Seeing Ye Chen being obedient to her charm, Cheng Mengyan was very happy, "Yanyan from now , your favorite man will be my slave." Cheng Mengyan laughed with satisfaction, she waited for Ye Chen to kneel before her.

Cheng Mengyan waited for a few seconds, but Ye Chen had not knelt before her "why did you just stand up quickly get on your knees" Cheng Mengyan shouted at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not listen to Cheng Mengyan's command at all, he reached out and grabbed Cheng Mengyan's upper arm.

"You think with your weak charms can make me obey you" Ye Chen said to Cheng Mengyan, from the beginning Ye Chen was completely unaffected by Cheng Mengyan's charm technique, from the start Ye Chen only pretended to fall into Cheng Mengyan's hands, Ye Chen wanted see what this woman wants from him.

After learning that Cheng wanted to want him to become a slave, he was very angry at Cheng Mengyan.