Journey To Become A True God Chapter 155

155 Looking Problems With The Wrong People
Cheng Mengyan was surprised to see that Ye Chen was not affected by her charm technique, for fear of seeing Ye Chen's angry face, she tried to break away from Ye Chen's grip.

Cheng Mengyan could not escape Ye Chen's grip, she felt he was being held up by something very strong, even with Cheng Mengyan's current base, she still could not escape Ye Chen's grip.

With her current strength Cheng Mengyan should be able to easily escape from Ye Chen, "quickly let me go, who exactly are you?" Cheng Mengyan was still trying to rebel so that she could escape from Ye Chen.

"You thought I would let you go, after you tried to make me a slave," Ye Chen said angrily.

Ye Chen tore Cheng Mengyan's clothes, Cheng Mengyan's black lace underwear was clearly visible in Ye Chen's vision.

Cheng Mengyan was very afraid to see Ye Chen tearing her clothes "what do you want to do?" Cheng Mengyan was afraid to see Ye Chen do this.

Even though Cheng Mengyan has teased many men, her body has never been touched even by a man.

At the moment Cheng Mengyan looked like a rabbit that had been cornered by a predator, she tried to cover her body parts by using her hands to avoid Ye Chen being seen.

Unfortunately Ye Chen did not allow that, he held Cheng Mengyan's hand up, because her hand was held by Ye Chen, Cheng Mengyan could not cover her body.

now it was time to take revenge, Ye Chen intended to drive Cheng Mengxin crazy by using the king's heart technique.

Ye Chen's hand began to touch Cheng Mengyan's smooth and smooth body.

When Ye Chen touched her body part, Cheng Mengyan felt her body begin to heat up, there was a special feeling carried by Ye Chen's hands.

Ye Chen rattled his hands dishonestly on Cheng Mengyan's body.

"Ah. . . . ,Ah. . . . ,Ah. . . . , what are you doing to my body? . . . "Why does my body become like this?" Cheng Mengyan felt an itchy feeling and a pleasure she had never felt before.

Cheng Mengyan's body became very passionate

she was uncomfortable shaking her own body, Cheng Mengyan's mind began to be chaotic because of this pleasure.

Ye Chen began to be even bolder, he removed Cheng Mengyan's black lace bra.

Cheng Mengyan, who was currently half-conscious, felt that her chest had become windy, when she peeked, Ye Chen had removed her black lace bra.

Ye Chen saw that Cheng Mengyan's pink cherry looked very beautiful, Ye Chen was eager to bite Cheng Mengyan's easy red cherry.

Ye Chen squeezed and pinched Cheng Mengyan's mountain peak, it felt very soft, it seemed like Cheng Mengyan was taking care of her body very well.

"What does he want, does he want to rape me, no I can't let this happen" Cheng Mengyan tried to use a technique to absorb Yangqi energy.

She wanted to drain Ye Chen's Yangqi energy, so Ye Chen became weak and dry.

Ye Chen felt that Yangqi energy in his body began to flow into Cheng Mengyan's body.

Ye Chen did not stop Cheng Mengyan from absorbing his Yangqi energy, Ye Chen wanted to see how great the cultivation techniques that Cheng Mengyan cultivated.

Cheng Mengyan didn't expect that Ye Chen's Yangqi energy was very pure, she was eagerly absorbing Yangqi Ye Chen's energy at top speed.

currently Cheng Menyan cultivates women's heart-silk techniques

Because it was only through touch, Cheng Mengyan needed a long time to absorb Ye Chen's Yangqi energy.

Cheng cranky looked at Ye Chen with a cunning look, she held Ye Chen's hand so as not to leave her body "ah. . . . . . "Cheng Mengyan shouted because the Yinqi energy in her body was suddenly absorbed by Ye Chen very quickly.

In this world almost no one can defeat the King's heart technique in everything about dual cultivation.

"Wait, I know I'm wrong, I beg you to stop absorbing my Yinqi energy," Cheng Mengyan tried to beg Ye Chen to restore the Yinqi energy she had.

"It's over, all the results of my cultivation over the years will disappear" Cheng Mengyan cried seeing her strength gradually go to Ye Chen's body.

Seeing this beautiful woman cry, Ye Chen returned Cheng Mengyan's Yinqi energy, now it was purer because it had been refined by Ye Chen.

Cheng Mengyan was surprised to see Ye Chen return her Yinqi energy, this time the energy returned by Ye Chen was very pure, immediately Cheng Mengyan's power surged.

Ye Chen removed his hand from Cheng Mengyan's body, he took his cellphone and photographed Cheng Mengyan's half-naked body several times.

"Remember to no longer look for trouble with me or Yanyan, otherwise this photo will soon be spread throughout the world" Ye Chen showed a picture of Cheng Mengyan half-naked.

Cheng Mengyan only lowered his head not daring to look at Ye Chen

Ye Chen approached and gripped Cheng Mengyan's chin, Cheng Mengyan was very embarrassed when Ye Chen saw her face.

"I really want to know what kind of face you have under this leather mask." Ye Chen was a little curious about what kind of face was hidden by Cheng Mengyan behind this leather mask.

Ye Chen wanted to remove Cheng Mengyan's skin mask

"Ding. . . . , ding. . . . , ding. . . . , ding. . . . . . . . "The entrance bell rings.

Hearing the bell was ringing Ye Chen let go of Cheng Mengyan "remember well what I said earlier".

After saying that, Ye Chen came out of this room, he used his strength to make the door forcefully.

Cheng Mengyan looked at Ye Chen's direction, her eyes were currently fixed on Ye Chen.

Cheng Mengyan felt that if Ye Chen's soul was drawn into her own soul, Cheng Mengyan felt that in this life he would not be able to forget Ye Chen

Initially Cheng Mengyan only wanted to play with Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan, she had no idea the outcome would turn out like this.

Cheng Mengyan had no idea that Ye Chen was a great cultivator, he was really looking for trouble with the wrong people.

Cheng Mengyan's soul and body were completely conquered by Ye Chen.

Cheng Mengyan took a new set of clothes from the storage ring, she immediately put on the new set of clothes, after tidying herself, Cheng Mengyan went to her class.

When on the way to the classroom, Cheng Mengyan always thought of the handsome Ye Chen, when Cheng Mengyan thought of Ye Chen suddenly her body began to heat up.

Cheng Mengyan repeatedly tried to erase her thoughts about Ye Chen, unfortunately she could not do that.

"What happened to me, why did my body and mind become so obscene" Cheng Mengyan began to feel a change in herself.

"This is all the fault of the man named Ye Chen, he must take responsibility for this" Cheng Mengyan could only blame Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't know that his soul had been embedded in Cheng Mengyan's soul, not only was Cheng Mengyan benefited, Ye Chen also benefited while managing Cheng Mengyan's Yinqi, with this Ye Chen could break through to the next level tonight.

As Ye Chen sat down, Zhao Yanyan immediately approached towards Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan took Ye Chen's hand and sniffed it.

"Beloved husband, it seems like you have enough fun with my enemy" Zhao Yanyan could smell Cheng Mengyan in Ye Chen's hands.

"Yanyan dear, calm down, I can explain it to you" Ye Chen tried to explain it to Zhao Yanyan.